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Rare Emerald

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Writing is not just about books, it is about expressing yourself in the right way.


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  • 👁 1.2K
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Please note this novel has two stories, the main character and the side character. They both passed through similar experiences in life. Happy reading! .............. The Alpha rejected her as his lover, but his best friend accepted her as his woman. Stuck in the middle of a love triangle, will she be able to avenge her brother's death? Will she make him regret his actions, or will love prevail? ......... Alpha Bergen's eyes turned as cold as ice, his jaw clenched, and his chest heaved with suppressed anger. He took a step closer to me, his voice a thunderous declaration, 'I, Andrew Bergen, Alpha of Shadows clan pack, reject you as my mate." It was like the world stopped for an hour, and I continued to stare into his unmerciful red eyes, tears streaming out of my eyeballs. Tears welled up in my eyes as Alpha Andrew's words hit me like a sledgehammer. I clutched my chest, trying to contain the storm of emotions inside me. The world around me faded into a blur, and I whispered, "I am alone in this world." "What is your name, pest?" He asked with a carefree voice, acting like he was not affected by the broken bound. I kept mute, wondering if he was going to force my name out of my mouth. On noticing my hesitation, he smirked. "Answer me, and I will give you my signature and enough money to pay for your brother's surgery. I am definitely sure you don't have money!" "I don't need your money! ....... Well, I need money. But why did you reject me?" I asked, I really wanted to know what I had done to deserve being abandoned for life. "You are a weakling, my pack needs a strong Luna, and you are not worthy of being the one!" He confessed, and his confession rendered me powerless.


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