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Mated to my human best friend

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KATE: One of the benefits of being an Alpha's daughter is the opportunity to study in the human realm. And it was there that I met my best buddy, Kyle. We were inseparable; not even his sassy girlfriends could stand between us and what we had. It was meant to stay that way forever. But then I realized that my best friend was my fated partner. Isn't it bizarre? I know. And from there, things went bad. Especially since Father had pledged never to accept my closest friend as a mate. KYLE: Kate has always seemed like my soulmate. I had my girlfriends and my parties, but there was one thing I never messed with: 'Her.' I've always been rooting for her. Until I understand there's more to her. It was terrifying when I discovered she was a werewolf. It was thrilling when I discover I am her mate. It was heartbreaking to realize that I would have to struggle to keep her as my partner. To keep Kate by my side, I had to go against the cosmos.

Chapter 1

Mated to my human best friend.

Chapter one.


“I warn you to stay away from my girlfriend,” Kyle states, punching the school’s biggest bully and playboy, Terry. “Stay the f*ck away from what’s mine. She’s my woman,“

“Yes, punch him harder,” Tina said, motivating Kyle, “He said he was going to gang r*p* me if I refused to be his girlfriend. He’s a jerk who deserves to be thrashed,“

Terry’s mouth was full of blood. The sight was horrible. None of the students separated them. Kyle refuses to listen to me when I try to stop him from hitting Terry.

Terry smirks when Kyle finally lets go of him. “Do you think that b*tch beside you is innocent? She’s holy in front of you but goes ahead to seduce me when you're not close to her. I even get to f*ck her in the female toilet. Her c*nt is not something worth fighting for. If I were you, I wouldn’t let that cheap sl*t play with my intelligence. She doesn’t love you, and I’m not the only dude who fucks her in this school. She has a lot of them. There is a lot of d*ck that she gets to f*ck her p*ssy every day,“

He provoked Kyle with his words. My gaze drifts from Terry to Kyle. He was fuming with resentment.

“Hey, baby. Don’t mind him. He’s only jealous of the love we share. He’s lying against me,” Tina said in a whimpering tone, rubbing her hand on his chest, ”Trust me, baby. That guy is a manipulative *ssh*l*,“

“Really?“ Terry asks, “Is that coming from you, sl*t? You seem to forget so quickly. I remember you begging me in the toilet a few minutes ago to thrust deep into that stinky c*nt of yours. You moan under me and keep saying how Kyle was useless to you. You even told me you love me. I guess you’re denying me now because your boyfriend caught us making out in the school hallway. He never knew you were thanking me for satisfying you in the toilet,” He ended in mock laughter.

I know Terry is the school's bully and a playboy, but he doesn’t seem to be lying right now. I’ve always known that Tina is a b*tch, but Kyle has been too blind to see her for who she truly is. In his eyes, she was the most innocent and decent girl.

“How dare you?!’ Kyle attacked him once again. This time, Terry didn't hold back.

“Is this what you want? Then I’m going to play with you!” He punches Kyle hard in the face. The two guys fight dirty.

“Stop!’ I scream. They immediately stopped fighting.

“You are grown-up guys, for god's sake! Can you stop fighting all because of a girl?“

“What do you mean by that, Kate?” Kyle asked, “I don’t understand you. We are talking about my girlfriend, not just a girl,“

“Look here, Kyle. I don’t think it is worth the fight. Don’t you see it? He must be telling the truth. She must have seduced him in the first place,”

“Are you working together to tarnish Tina’s name?” He asked furiously.

“No! I just feel like he’s telling the truth, and I want you to see who she is,“

“He isn’t telling the truth, but tarnishing her name. This m*th*rf*ck*r here is f*ck*ng lying against her. I saw him forcing a kiss on her,“

“You might be seeing things incorrectly, you know,” I let out, eyeing Tina. She was staring daggers at me. Who cares? I just don’t like her. I’ve always suspected she’s a gold digger. She’s only dating Kyle because of his money.

“I know you don’t like me because I am dating your friend,” Tina began in her fake, innocent tone, “but I won’t tolerate you saying all this to me. I’m not a two-timer. My Kyle is not being cheated on. Terry just wants to end my sweet relationship with Kyle and you seem to also have the same agenda, Kate. I know what’s wrong with you. You are jealous of me. You are jealous that I have a handsome guy as my man,“

“You left out the rich behind the handsome,” I sneered, “I know you are with him because of his money. Will you ever date him if he’s poor?”

I stare at the speechless Tina in front of me. I got her. She gave me no answer to my question.

“Enough! Enough, Kate”, Kyle warns. “When you talk about my girlfriend in a bad way, I won’t accept it. I love her, and I trust her as well. I won’t choose a stranger’s word over hers. Stop saying bad things about Tina. I won’t tolerate it anymore, not from you, and not from anyone. Do you understand?!”

Wow! I was left speechless by what he just said. Love really blinds people. Look at Kyle, all smitten by her.

“Okay,” I mutter in defeat, “I’m sorry about that. I won’t talk badly about her next time. You can keep fighting,“

“Even your friend knows she is a b*tch,” Terry said, “I wonder why you are so blind. And as for you, Tina. I promise to make you pay for everything you've done,“ Terry finalizes and walks out on us.

“Did I allow you to go?” Kyle screams, still itchy for a fight.

“And who are you to make me stay?” Terry snapped, “Do you think I have nothing better to do than argue with you about something insignificant? I warn you, loverboy. Keep your b*tch on a leash. I'll cut her legs off if she comes wandering into my path again,“ He left after saying all those words.

“I don’t think you need me here,” I whisper. I start packing my books into my bag. I was about to leave when he spoke.

“Where are you going, Kate?“

“Do I need to tell you where I’m going?” I ask. “I'm not your girlfriend, remember?“ I didn't wait for a reply and just walk out of the classroom.

“Wait, Kate,” he calls after me, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me for my rudeness,”

“Don’t mind her, baby,” I hear Tina say. “You don’t need her. I will always be here,“

I can hear everything that she says because of my werewolf hearing.

That Terry guy isn’t lying. She must have seduced him to get her p*ssy f*ck*d. Well. I should not have to say all those bad words about her, since I know how crazy Kyle is about her. He’s ready to kill anyone who messes with her. True love exists, but she didn’t deserve his love.

But then again, I shouldn't be so affected by it. After all, she’s his girlfriend, and I'm just his friend. I should stop worrying about our friendship being broken. It was broken the day he introduced Tina to me as his girlfriend. She sees me as a threat and a rival in love. I never loved Kyle. I see and treat him as a friend. He was the first person to make friends with me when I first arrived here from the werewolf realm.

I’m Kate Fallon. I’m 17 years old. I was born a special werewolf. I live with my father in his pack. My father, Harlow Fallon, is the alpha of the Nightwalker pack. My father adores and cherishes me. as his only daughter and the heir to his throne. I never lack any goodies or good things in life, except for my mother’s love. I had no mother, and I didn't know anything about her. I try asking my father to tell me about her, but he refuses. He never told me. I even begged him to show me her photo if he wasn’t interested in telling me about her. Anytime I ask him, I always see the sadness in his eyes, so I have to force myself to stop asking him. I was forced to pretend everything was alright and that I am fine without my mom, while deep down in me, I was dying to get to know her. When I was 15, I was forced by my father to go to school in the human realm. No one knows about my identity, not even my best friend, Kyle. He thought I was a human. I will be 18 in a month. I will be able to get to know my wolf and my fated mate. I can’t wait to meet my wolf. I can only hear her voice.

Kyle and I share a strong bond, and it's something I respect and intend to keep unbroken until I meet my mate.

But with all that's happened between Tina and I, I'm not so sure anymore.

Well, enough thinking for the day. I'm exhausted from all the fighting and arguing. I should head home.

Chapter 2

Mated to my human best friend.

Chapter two.


"Hi, my darling Kate," Kyle greets me. He hugs and kisses me on my cheek. "How are you?"

"Hey, dude. Can you stop hugging and kissing me?"

"Why?" He asks, still trying to kiss me. "Are you still angry about what happened?"

I gave him no response. Why should I answer that when it's pretty obvious?

"But I thought I already apologized to you yesterday. I’m sorry, Kate. Please, forgive me. I'm just too possessive of Tina and I can't help it. Please, try to understand,"

"I‘m not mad at you, dude. I just don’t want your crazy girlfriend to attack me, because I won’t fold my hands when she attacks me because of you, and I trust you are going to support her like you always do, and forsake your friend," I mutter, pushing him away.

"I still don't understand why you seem so irritated, darling,"


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