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Mated to a three.

Mated to a three.

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Brown
  • Chapters: 10
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 3.0
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SYNOPSIS. He was born by a witch, fathered by a wolf and raised in an orphanage home. Because of past incidence, his mother magically prevented him from being either a wolf nor a wizard, but having inherited such great power, it could only be a matter of time, before the witches power, would no longer be able to hold him at bay. He found himself walking away from a life he had built as a human, when he started feeling his nightmares, were being too real. On the day he was supposed to tie the knot with Blair Fire, the love of his life, he could not show up, for he was in the woods, shape shifting for the very first time. He went to seek answers, wanting to go back to the orphanage home where he grew up. He found out, he is the successor of a powerful Alpha, and his mother, is the most powerful witch, who controls the twelve witch kingdom in the entire federation. His father wants him back, as he is the one, whom the prophesy spoke about. That a great Aplha would succeed him, and destroy their enemies, and his Luna have already been chosen for him, by the moon goddess, while his mother also wanted him back, as the Queen of all witches have chosen a bride for him, but he could only love Blair Fire, his human mate. What will he do, since he is obligated to be with all three? How will he protect her, when the witch and the wolf sees her as a threat, to getting the love of their Alpha? Find out, in this mind blowing story.

Chapter 1 The missing Groom

Blair Fire, stood waiting for her groom of five years, but he was no where to be found.

His friend Fredrick Stone, kept looking back and forth, he just didn't know what to say to her, or anyone else, whom had last seen the both of them together.

The murmuring was getting louder, she could hear what every one was saying, and her eyes welled up in tears, that it blinded her.

Her mother Hilther Fire, could not hold herself anymore, she rushed to her, but when she got close to her, she didn't know if holding her, was the right thing to do at that time, but her instincts couldn't be wrong, after all, she is her daughter.

Whenever she was feeling sad, she would hold her, and sing her a lullaby.

She grew up too fast, but she could never outgrow her hold.

She held her, as everyone could see that she too was crying along side her daughter.

She kept thinking of all the right phrase to come up with, to soothe the excruciating cry, that was warming up to explode.

"I think he will still come, Jayden isn't like that, he had wanted you for so long, there is no way he would just leave you on your wedding day? She didn't sound convinced herself, as her voice gave her away.

That was the same thing everyone had in mind.

Jayden had wanted Blair all his life, from High school, and he didn't even have the balls to say anything to her, when he finally did, she accepted immediately, for she had been waiting for him to tell her everything his eyes says to her.

Jayden was everything a woman could ever ask for in a man, and she didn't hesitate to say yes when he proposed, but few weeks to their wedding, Blair could attest, that she had noticed he was drifting away from her, he avoided her on most cases, but she only thought it was one of those feelings that comes with getting married, but now that she is standing, waiting for him at the alter, when he should be the one standing and waiting for her, she didn't know what to think.

Her heart was aching terribly, she finally looked up into the eye of her mother, and broke down into her arms.

The tears she had been holding, could no longer fit in her chest, unless it comes out, like a bomb.

"How could he do this to me? She cried.

Her mother didn't have the answer to her question, but she is more willing to bring back happiness to her daughter, than anything else.

She wanted to cry, just seeing her daughter cry like that, but she needed to be strong for her.

"If he chicken out, at this time, then he probably isn't worth it". That was supposed to make her feel better, but it made her feel worse.

She broke down even more, pulling off the veil, exposing her crystal eye colour, that was gradually turning to red from crying so much.

Her tears was so intense, that the priest that was supposed to officiate the wedding, couldn't hide his own tears too, he rushed out of the hall, through the back pushing the tall mahogany door open.

Blair looked behind her, and all she could see, were teary eyes.

It felt as though she was the only one there, she was sinking, she was bleeding, she had to hold on to her heart, it almost felt like it would come out of her mouth.

She should leave, but before leaving, she needed to know from Fredrick.

She turned to Fredrick, who was probably trying to be strong, for his face, held no emotion, whatsoever.

"Is he seeing someone else? She asked, but the way Fredrick raised his brows, she could tell, that she just asked the wrong question. But that was the only logical thing, she could come up with.

"How can you even ask that? Jayden loves you". He defended his friend, whom he doesn't also know where he is.

"Then where is he? She yelled. holding Fredrick by the collar.

He allowed her vent, if holding his collar, and ruffling his shirt, would make her feel better, then he would gladly let her.

"There must be a perfect explanation for all this". Was all Fredrick could say.

Blair gently removed her hands from his collar, she even arranged his gray suit, that she had rumpled, but she had more questions.

"He was with you earlier today, where did he say he was going? She couldn't believe Fredrick wouldn't know where his friend went.

They've been best friends since like forever.

They share secrets together. They could be called brothers

"He excused himself, saying he wanted to go out for a few minutes in the woods to clear his head, and he said he wanted to be alone, I allowed him, but his few minutes, have turned to hours, I guess I would have to go into the woods to look for him". Fredrick didn't wait for her approval, or disapproval, he just raced out, while the congregation turned to look at him.

Jayden didn't have any family members at sultan district, so there was no one to ask about him.

Right from time, it has always been just him, no family, no one.

Blair had always wondered where he came from, but whenever she asks him, he would say, he left the orphanage home, where he grew up, saying they didn't treat him well, and he wouldn't want to go back there, she didn't probe further, as questions, regarding his family, usually hurt him a lot.

Gradually, everyone that came for the wedding, started leaving one after the other, until Blair, was left with her mother alone.

Even her best friend Britney left her to figure out what is happening to her alone.

"It is going to be fine". She heard her mother's encouraging voice, but she nodded in disagreement.

"It is never going to be fine, especially if I find out that Jayden left me for another woman, it would never be fine". She cried, but her mother nodded her head, as she doesn't believe that Jayden left with a woman.

"He isn't like that, I believe something must have happened to him, and I think, instead of sitting here and crying, we should be looking for him".

Her mother pointed out, and she looked up at her.

Truly, Jayden , isn't a man to just chicken out of what he had worked towards for so long. Maybe something had really happened to him, and she should be more worried about finding him, instead of crying.

"You are right mother. What if he was attacked by some thieves in the woods?

She covered her mouth with her palm, as she had another thought of what might have likely happened to him.

Ahh! What if a wolf or a wild animal got him?

Jesus! She exclaimed, She was so scared, she held her mother by the arm, looking into her eyes, to see if she looks as scared as she does, but she looked really calm.

"Don't think of such things, but we should look for him, I will call your uncle Badmus, he should send out a search team around the woods immediately". Blair was so happy she has her mother around.

Even if Jayden really did leave her, she would be very happy, to know that he is okay, and if being okay, doesn't include her in it, she would still understand. That is how much she loves him.

After the call to uncle Badmus, her mother held her by the waist, and led her home.

Chapter 2 confused in the woods

Jayden stood in the middle of a meadow, after watching Blair for a long time from a high roof top.

How he even got to the roof was still a mystery to him.

It broke his heart into million pieces to see her looking so beautiful in her wedding dress, yet very sad.

How could he tell her the truth? worst of it all, he doesn't even understand anything.

It all started like a dream, but then, it generated to something that controls his reality.

In his dreams, he is usually chased by a wolf, but after running, he faces the wolf and defeats the wolf in his human form, but after the wolf is defeated, he ends up shape shifting to a heinous wolf, which usually scares him, and he always ends up waking up in a sweat.

He remembers the first time he felt his dream so real, He had been on the bed with Blair, they usually just lay side by side, enjoying each other's company, without getting too intimate, as she is from a strong christian background, and


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