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About me

I am a passionate writer, though non of my books are for minors. I love writing explicitly, to create a visual imagination in the minds of readers, so they can relate with the story.


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  • Author: Brown
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 67
  • 3.0

SYNOPSIS. He was born by a witch, fathered by a wolf and raised in an orphanage home. Because of past incidence, his mother magically prevented him from being either a wolf nor a wizard, but having inherited such great power, it could only be a matter of time, before the witches power, would no longer be able to hold him at bay. He found himself walking away from a life he had built as a human, when he started feeling his nightmares, were being too real. On the day he was supposed to tie the knot with Blair Fire, the love of his life, he could not show up, for he was in the woods, shape shifting for the very first time. He went to seek answers, wanting to go back to the orphanage home where he grew up. He found out, he is the successor of a powerful Alpha, and his mother, is the most powerful witch, who controls the twelve witch kingdom in the entire federation. His father wants him back, as he is the one, whom the prophesy spoke about. That a great Aplha would succeed him, and destroy their enemies, and his Luna have already been chosen for him, by the moon goddess, while his mother also wanted him back, as the Queen of all witches have chosen a bride for him, but he could only love Blair Fire, his human mate. What will he do, since he is obligated to be with all three? How will he protect her, when the witch and the wolf sees her as a threat, to getting the love of their Alpha? Find out, in this mind blowing story.


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