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Marked By The Alpha's Son

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** When it's full moon and he lost control of himself "You have got no idea how loudly you will scream" ** He was described to be ruthless, merciless, cold and everything bad but he was handsome, hot and ridiculously rich. Also. He is our Alpha's first son and the next Alpha of Night Pack, Also a well known business man but I suspect that he has a dark secret life, a dangerous life. He was unfortunately mated to me, maybe it wasn't a misfortune but he broke me! He left me after breaking my virginity, he never gave a reason for leaving… He just dumped me. Now, I am healed from his hurt but he is back and wouldn't stop stalking me, he kills or hits any man he sees around me. He came back with a part of him I never knew of, he is Possessive, overprotective and obsessed with me.


Tammy Conley

Review after the novel completion

I enjoyed the basic story line. I feel the grammar an a lot of the wording is way off. It really needs better editing. It almost seems like it was written by a very young person who didn’t know the English terms for some things. As I said earlier I liked the story line. But it needs lots of work an for that reason the chapters need to be a little cheaper to purchase. It really does cost too much for the the quality.

December 9, 2023

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