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Lucifer's Alpha Slave

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Minja
  • Chapters: 125
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 1.8K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 15


*Warning* Please this book contains explicit, BDSM, and matured erotica content. Read at your own risk! "But I also have my condition for you if I win," Dark said to her. "If I win you, you will become my slave till you die, and I will f*ck you whatever way I want. I will f*ck every hole you have, Raziah," he added leaning closer to her face. "You should have knelt when I asked you to. You shouldn't have challenged me," He is a legend. A name Forbidden. Heartless and Darkness itself. He is an Alpha God. She is a proud Alpha Princess who ruled all kingdoms with an iron fist. Men and strong men tremble at her presence. But how did she become a Slave and a Mate to this heartless man? A man who hated her very existence.



Once Upon a time, three best friends, Barwolf, Gerwulf and Zelina, went in search of powers until they arrived at the River of Darkness. There they met one of the Princes of Hell; Belphagor, who offered them powers greater than the Creator but in exchange for Zelina who is a beautiful Dragon Queen. Barwolf and Gerwulf fought and defeated Zelina and offered her to Belphagor and he fulfilled his promises. After they left, Belphagor summoned his remaining four brothers and they rap.ed Zelina for six days and then they threw her into the River of Darkness.

But Zelina didn't die, when she woke up, she saw herself at the bank of the River of Darkness on the other side. Feeling disgusted with herself and what the Princes of Hell has done to her, Zelina killed herself. But the child growing in her womb didn't die.

Out of greed for more powers, Barwolf killed Gerwulf, stole his powers and ruled over his kingdom.

The other Kingdoms heard of him and secured their Kingdoms.

100 years has passed and Barwolf noble wives all gave birth to still-born children until a maid he had r*p*d bore him a girl child, Raziah, who started conquering other Kingdoms at a very young age.

Raziah, just like her father, became greedy for power and wealth. She became Ruthless, Proud and Powerful….. very, very powerful .

"Listen, little princess. I'm your King. You have three rules. Bow. Break. Bend the knee." There was so much hatred in his voice. "I will destroy you. The name you've built , I will crumble it. You belong to me. You are now my SLAVE."

Raziah wasn't thinking straight when she provoked him and now her Wolf has marked him as their Mate. Everything about him is dark.

Dark mind.

Dark heart.

Dark soul.

Being hated by Him is dangerous. But being wanted by Him is lethal.

Get ready for a wild ride.

Demon's Attack

He has a visitor early this morning and he knows why she is here.

"Where is Raziah?" Barwolf Omar asked one of his wives.

Faith, who was the first wife, pointed in a direction with shaky hands.

"You know where she is, why are you asking us?" she whispered to him. She was eating at the table with two other women.

"Or do you want to force words inside our mouths and have us killed just like she has done with the others?" Kate, Barwolf's second wife said.

"Don't mind him, he is pretending as if he doesn't know what his daughter can do." Ama, his third wife, spoke.

Faith, Kate, and Ama are the only surviving wives of Barwolf. Raziah had made sure she had killed the other wives against any little argument. They had both learned how to shut their mouths and not throw insults whenever Raziah was around.

Heaving out a deep sigh, Barwolf headed toward the direction Faith had pointed.

Walking out of the Palace building, he heads for the earth-bermed building at the far end of the palace compound, behind the Palace building.

Opening the door without knocking, he walked inside the large room which has only a bed and a chair, and paused in his movement when he saw his daughter.

Raziah Omar was seen cleaning a pale body with care, a female body, and afterward carrying her to the bed. The female didn't make a sound or move any part of her body. She just lay still.

"You do realize my dear child that, that's your mother who died fifty years ago. Taking care of her dead body won't bring her back Raziah you have to let the dead go so that she can rest in peace." Barwolf told his daughter even though he was scared. The only person who wasn't scared of Raziah was her mother, Mary, but she is gone.

Raziah growled but didn't reply to her father. She covered her dead mother with a duvet and leaned forward to kiss her forehead.

"Mother, what should I do to the one who had caused you so much grief and pain?" Raziah asked aloud to the hearing of Barwolf and placed one of her ears to her mother's mouth and started nodding her head. "That is a good idea, I will punish him," She turned around and stared angrily at her father, her eyes narrowed.

Barwolf clutches his throat as he begins to fight whatever invisible hold that was holding his throat. Then slowly, he was being lifted.

"You have no right to tell me what I should do for my mother," Raziah said to him, tilting her head to one side. "Remember I am the King."

"I am sorry." Barwolf choked out with difficulty and he fell down in a thud.

"Why are you here?" she asked, still angry.

Getting up to his feet and coughing. His daughter always finds a way to disgrace him. If he had known that she would turn out to be this evil he would have killed her when Mary gave birth to her but no, he needed a child and it seems like the Creator had his prayers and gave him Raziah probably to punish him. He is reaping from his sins.

"She is here, the Queen of the Hobgoblin Kingdom is here," he answered. Delaying his daughter's question might bring another wrath on himself.

That brought a smile on Raziah's face and she hurried out of the room followed closely by her father.

Raziah Omar, a hundred-year-old she-wolf, was a tall lady with shoulder-length hair. Her dark eyes and brain are always calculating when next to do evil. Standing proudly at six feet and taller than all the whole she-wolves combined. Raziah was beautiful and even though people were scared of her, those who have been opportune to see her face would have referred her to as an Angel if her heart weren't as dark as darkness.

"Well well well, if it isn't the Hobgoblin Queen in my Palace. If I remember your words correctly you told me to go to hell. Well, hell is too busy to accept someone like me and unfortunately for you and your shortness I have a very long life to live." Raziah taunts the shorter woman.

The Queen of Hobgoblin closed her eyes as she remembered when Raziah had paid her a visit to her kingdom two weeks ago. Her warriors had blocked her at the gate of her kingdom before she was informed of Raziah's presence. Raziah had told her she wanted her kingdom and when she refused Raziah laughed her insane laughter and left.

"Two weeks. I am giving you two weeks for you to change your mind or face my wrath."

The Queen of Hobgoblin had scoffed at her words even when she was shaking with fear on the inside. She has heard the story of what Raziah had done to the Gnome Kingdom (they are the creatures who are physically deformed; usually hunchbacked, resembling a dry, gnarled old man.) and the Giant kingdom and didn't know her kingdom would be next.

That night after Raziah's visit the demons attacked.

If anyone had told her she would come crawling back to Raziah she would have laughed to the person's face.

"Are you ready to hand over your kingdom to me peacefully or should I send the Gnome and the Giant to do that for me?" Raziah said. "Cause believes me if I attack your kingdom myself, I will pluck out one of your eyes and keep it as my trophy."

"No, I am not here for war, my King. I came here because my Kingdom is under attack by demons. You know we hunt our food at night but ever since the demon attack started two weeks ago, my people are going hungry and would starve to death if nothing is done." The Queen of Hobgoblin told Raziah, bowing her head at the taller girl.

"The demons are back?" Raziah asked.


She wasn't expecting the demons to return after she had killed one thousand of them when they attacked her kingdom and the other kingdoms. She was the only wolf, the only one who could kill them.

"They are back my King." The Queen of Hobgoblin answered.

That's strange. If they are truly back then where are they coming out from? Where are they hiding?

"And you didn't bother to inform me of their attack when it happened the first time?"

"I'm sorry my King, I thought we could-"

Interrupting her.

"You could what? Kill them? You can't kill them, they are strong and fast and nothing can kill them, no magic can kill them. The only person who can defeat them is me." Raziah told her proudly. She wasn't lying.

The first time the Demons had attacked them, no magic or sword could penetrate them except her Wolf.

"I am sorry for not informing you, my King." The Queen of Hobgoblin apologized.

"How much will you pay me to get rid of the demons f


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