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Love After One Night stand with The Werewolf CEO

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I’m a recent graduate Human in huge debt and cheated by my Omega boyfriend. I didn't anticipate having the greatest s*x ever when I got wasted in a club. I also didn't anticipate waking up the very following morning to discover that my One-Night-Stand hookup was my ex-boyfriend's Alpha wealthy BOSS. How will things work out now that I unintentionally took on the role of live-in Nanny for his 5-year-old daughter? How did this happen? How did I manage to land a job at all, just to find out two nights ago that my new boss was the same person I had a one-night stand with? "I was unaware that you were going to be the boss. I wouldn't have applied if I had known. "No worries. When I hired you, I knew it was you. I intentionally did it. My eyebrows furrowed together. How do you mean?

Chapter 1


It was a sweltering summer evening, and I had just finished my whole work search. 

It was difficult for humans to find employment in a werewolf-dominated society, particularly in the middle of the bustling city. I possessed an Early Childhood Education degree, but because I was a human, no school wanted to hire me. The idea of a "worthless human" instructing their kids as if my abilities, motivation, and knowledge were insignificant infuriated werewolf parents. 

 My options were now restricted to service positions, which were regrettably few due to the overabundance of job seekers who were similarly in need of money. 

I would lose my apartment, though, if I didn't get a job soon. I already received a thirty-day notice period from my landlord. He threatened to evict me at the end of the thirty days if I didn't pay my rent and the three months' worth of rent, I already owed. 

 I still had Alex as a boyfriend, at least. Despite being a werewolf, he wasn't very wealthy either, but at least he could afford his rent and had a job. We'd known one other for five years and been together for three, so perhaps it was time to discuss moving in together soon. 

I realized how hungry I was as I was making my way down the crowded downtown street, a thin film of sweat caked to my forehead from rushing from business to business all day in search of a job. My mouth started to water at the mouthwatering smells emanating from the restaurants I passed, even though I couldn't afford to eat out. 

I was drawn to a certain restaurant across the street, but not because I could smell the cuisine. 

 I came to a halt and my eyes widened. 

 Alex was standing in the café window. He was with another woman, and they were sharing a kiss, so he wasn't alone. 

I shouted aloud, "You've gotta be fucking kidding me," which had a few others turn to stare at me strangely. 

Alex had already informed me of his recent busyness and volume of work. Was he acting in this manner? Having an affair with another woman? 

 My anger surged within me, and I impulsively dashed across the road and in the direction of the eatery's window. I got closer, and my gut twisted. The fact that this woman was stunning—a supermodel—didn't make me feel any better about the circumstances. Not only was Alex unfaithful to me, but he was also unfaithful to me with someone who shared that same appearance. 

She had long legs, was slender, blonde, and tanned, and was dressed in a tight evening gown and high heels. I do get praise for my figure, my beautiful red hair, and my beauty, but when I stood there staring at Alex and his mistress, I felt so unworthy. 

 How could he subject me to this? 

I came to a stop by the window. They were both so engrossed in their make-out session that neither of them even saw me standing there. 

 I rapped on the window as a result. 

The moment they saw me, Alex and the mysterious woman both jumped and widened their eyes. Ignoring the unusual looks from patrons and restaurant staff, I went up to the entrance and ran inside, up to where the woman and Alex were sitting. 

"How fucking dare, you?!" I cried out, bawling my fists at my sides. "We've been together for three years and you're cheating on me?" 

The restaurant was silent, and the woman turned to face me and Alex back and forth, an ashamed expression on hers; on Alex's face, however, there was only bitterness and wrath. Alex rose and took hold of my arm, taking me out of the restaurant without a word. I couldn't hold back from him, so I trailed him and staggered back out into the crowded street, tears running down my cheeks. 

Once we got outside, he hissed, "You're making a fool of both of us, Maria." 

"I'm making a fool of us?" With a high voice, I answered. "You're making out with another woman in public!" 

All Alex did was roll his eyes and yank me farther from the door. His face was twisted with rage, and his werewolf eyes burned a vivid orange. 

He hissed, "Control your temper," and pushed me hard into the building's side. "You're simply a regular person. I should consider myself fortunate that I was able to amuse you for three years." 

 His comments cut deep, and tears began to blur my eyes. 

"Why her?" A s*b got stuck in my throat and I croaked. 

 The man who had declared his love for me three years ago, Alex, just laughed.  

He growled, "You're useless to me." "She is a novice. I have a new job at WereCorp starting next week, owing to her and her extremely powerful and wealthy family." 

The largest company in the world was WereCorp. In addition to controlling every bank, they created WCoin, the most recent and popular cryptocurrency of the twenty-first century. I never used it (humans weren't permitted to use it), but when it was initially released, it made a lot of werewolves incredibly wealthy. 

He went on, "You can't even obtain a job of your own, so what have you done for me other than mooch off of me? In comparison to her, you are nothing. You have no right to even question my choice to move on." 

Other than running the hell away from him, there was nothing more I could say or think of to say. Finally, I pushed Alex aside and moved away from the wall. "Fuck you," I snarled, my anger gaining over as I lifted my hand and gave him a forceful face slap. Now that people were observing us, I didn't mind. 

I snapped out of it, saying nothing more, turning on my heel and walking quickly away. 

 I thought about what Alex was like when we first met, a bullied Omega in high school with no prospects, no confidence, and no friends. I went numbly along the street and wiped the tears from my eyes. This was his way of repaying me for my love and support, which had helped him acquire confidence. To abandon me for a blonde, just to get a position at WereCorp? 

Knowing that my three-year boyfriend and five-year best friend had abandoned me so easily due to money and power infuriated me more than anything else. 

 I was too numb to look carefully before crossing the street, so I was still furious when I got there. I turned to see a fancy car heading directly toward me when I heard the sound of a car h*nking. I cursed to myself as I staggered back and narrowly avoided getting hit by the automobile by falling into a puddle. 

The person who was sitting inside the car when the window slid down shocked me even more. The automobile came to a screaming halt next to me, which astonished me because I had believed they would just drive away after almost hitting me. 

 Nathan Brooks, WereCorp CEO. 

Although I was extremely hurt and angry about everything that had happened that day, I couldn't help but notice Nathan's strong jawline, his muscular shoulders and arms, and his incredibly handsome face. Nathan was not only known for being the youngest CEO in the company's history and the heir to the largest fortune in the world. 

I started to say something about how he almost hit me, but before I could get a chance, he gave me a sidelong glance, threw a wad of cash out the window, and drove off with a rev of his motor. 

 WereCorp CEO Nathan Brooks almost ran me over with his car and threw me cash like I was a panhandler. 

Every werewolf was a haughty bastard. 

 I flung the money onto the floor and got up, swearing quietly to myself when I saw how drenched and filthy my clothing was. Honestly, all I wanted to do was drown my sorrows for the moment, but tomorrow I'd have to go home and see if I could scrape up some coins to take them to the laundromat so I could resume my job search. 

After a few blocks of walking, I eventually came to a quiet, pleasant-looking bar. After inhaling deeply and straightening my soiled shirt, I entered the building and went up to the bouncer. 

 The bouncer sniffed the air in front of me and narrowed his eyes as he examined me from head to toe, taking in my filthy appearance. 

"Any human entering without a member escort is prohibited," he snarled, crossing his arms. 

I scowled. "Remember?" I enquired.  

"I'm a client that pays. Please let me purchase a drink. 

The bouncer shook his head and started guiding me in the direction of the door as if I were a bothersome person. 

My voice went up as I asked, "Is this even legal?" "This kind of discrimination against people is not acceptable! Is my money useless in this place just because of it? 

Suddenly, a firm and distinct voice said, "She's with me," from behind. 

Both the bouncer and I turned to find a man standing on the steps dressed in a suit. 

Brooks, Nathan. 


Chapter 2

"She's with me." 

The man on the stairs caught the bouncer's attention as he spun around. Standing there with my eyes open, I realized that the man assisting me enter the pub was none other than Nathan Brooks, the CEO of WereCorp, the same man who had almost run me over with his car on the street before hurling a wad of cash at me like I was begging. I thought about just walking away, but before I could, Nathan appeared on the steps, waving the bouncer off and staring at me with his steely gray eyes. 

With a "come on," he pushed past me to peek out the door and across the street. "It appears like rain will fall once more. You don't want to be out in the rain, do you? 

Although the affluent werewolf's tone seemed a little patronizing to me, he was correct in that it had been raining for the majority of the day and was starting to sprinkle again. I followed Nathan up the stairs in silence, not wanting to walk home in the rain and get much more wet than I already was.

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