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Love above all

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Do you want to tell yourself 'just one more, just one more'? Well, then this book filled with twists and turns will keep you at the end of your seat. It will keep you guessing till the end. “Do you trust me, Hailey?” he asks as he looks deep into my eyes. Our eyes locked and the whole world fades away, it looks deep in my soul as if the answer to his question is there. Thinking about it my mind tries to come up with something not to trust him but nothing. “a little... maybe” is all I could say, while I take another sip of the wine still locked onto his gaze. “If I asked that you must submit to me with your whole body, will you?” his voice was husky. Again, I do not know what to answer. Can I give in just for one night? Would I give in for once, to feel for once how it would feel to be desired? To know how it would feel to be the only one he wants even if it was not real. Even if it was just for one evening. Not trusting my voice, I slowly nod. My Angel, will you break the spell? Are you my only true love? Lying next to her, I take her in my arms as she places her head on my chest. Soon I drifted off to sleep. What happens when myth and reality come together to find love?

Chapter 1: The beginning

Chapter 1: The beginning

Steam fills the bathroom as I lay in the bath, relaxing after a shift at the Misty Mountain Bar. Today was my second day and it seemed that the whole town was there. It was a cozy bar, a little dance floor in the middle with a carved wooden bar.

There were tables arranged around the dance floor with a small podium for when there was a band playing. If there was no band, there was music on a surround sound system.

My mind drifts to the people I met. Hanna was a beautiful black-haired girl, a little bit younger than me. She had dark brown eyes.

Her body was what we other girls just stare at and wish we could look like that.

John, who was the guy at the door, was well built with muscles as hard as a rock. He had a warming smile but a look that said ‘DO NOT mess with me.

Then there was Jack with his cute smile, but that was the only thing that was cute. His breath was a mixture of smoke and alcohol.

A smell I will never get used to as it brings back the memories of days when I thought that there was a thing they called love.

In what fantasy world do they live in? It only happens in myths like werewolves, vampires, and witches. Yes, I have read books and the girl always gets the best man and all the love that will keep any girl happy forever.

Puff, I was that naïve once. How big a fool was I? Listening to ‘Love on the rocks’ by Neil Diamond on my little radio inside the bathroom, I feel a tight grip on my heart as I remember the way I and Erick were. Tears started to run slowly down my cheek.

He was loving, devoted, and promised me love and protection forever and ever “To death do us part”. We met in high school as he was the hunk every girl wanted to be with. I was the nerdy girl that helped him with homework. Till we became friends and, as they say, the rest was history. Ye right, till that big day….


I am standing in front of the mirror. My A-line V-neck tulle lace wedding dress looks beautiful against my tanned skin. My hair is done in a loose bun with curls going down my face. There are fresh flowers in my hair. Looking at the ring on my finger, I turned it around and around, remembering the day he asked me to marry him. We were walking in the park eating ice cream when he turned to me and just said, “Marry me”. He then goes on to one knee and gives me this ring. I was so overwhelmed that I said yes. We were together for a year and lived together for 4 months. He was my first, but even though s*x was not like everybody said it would be, it was something.

Then my thoughts go to my mom and dad. I wish they could have seen me today. Having tears in my eyes, I know to hold as I do not want to ruin my make-up. To be with me for this big day in every girl’s life.

Mom would have me mad with making sure everything was perfect, from my dress, the church to the reception. Nothing would have been 100% for her. Dad would have been the one to try to calm her down with nice words and his little kisses or just holding her hand telling her everything would be perfect. But they were killed in an explosion when I was 12 years old. I have been living with family, traveling around as soon as they got tired of me.

Stopping in front of the church, my heart started to race. I try taking deep breaths to calm my nerves. That is it. In a few minutes I will be MRS. Hailey Thompson. The wife of one of the upcoming new partners in a big lawyers’ firm in the city. As I step up to the church, I feel that something is wrong. Erick’s friend, Michael, is standing at the door with a note in his hand.

Handing me the note, I could see the sorrow in his eyes. His hand was shacking.

Dear Hailey

I am sorry, but I cannot do this.


That was all that the note said. Staring at the note I could not believe it; this, is a joke, right? Running into the church, I could see all our friends sitting there, but no Erick. Turning around, I waited for him to come out of the side door saying ‘Got you’ with a smile on his face. But all I see is them. Did they know? They were looking at me, some with questioning eyes, others with sorrow.

He left me at the altar. Just like that?

My heart was in a million pieces, I could not breathe. Why, why was I not good enough? Did I not fit into his plans for the future?

Or what did I do that would make him do this to me?

(End of flash back)

I climb out of the bath still going through my past;

After that day, I moved from a small town to a small town looking for myself. Until I found this town. As I entered it, something in me told me this was where I needed to stay, as if something great was waiting for me in this town. My new apartment is small, but it is all I need. I put on my pj and plump myself on to my single bed for the rest my body craves.

Closing my eyes, I drifted off to sleep.

He is standing at the back of me, I feel his eyes on my back. I feel his hands as they travel from my shoulders to my waist with light feather touches. I know his were huge as his hands were about the size of my waist, his shadow that is cast before me tells me of brought shoulders and what a cowboy hat? I could not see his face as the light was from behind him but his hair, I could see, was about shoulder length. A shiver of pleasure runs downwards to my core. He places open mouth kisses on my neck, sucking and nipping on the skin of my collarbone. I can feel the tickles of his beard. I think it is about 2 days old as it rubs against my skin. I give a little moan as I feel my arousal making me wet.

What the hell, I made a promise after that day at the church that I would never love again. If the need arises, I will take care of it myself or I will just do a quick one-night stand. No love attached. I do not believe in that any more. But this was different. I left like I belonged; this man loved me? With the way he kissed me, he wanted to, not like Eric who never kissed me. If I did not kiss him, I would never have got some kisses. It was also just a pick on the lips, as he said he does not do the open-mouth thing as he did not like it. But who was this person that could make me moan with pleasure and wish that he would put his hands and crock there where I need them the most with just a touch and his kisses?

I wake up feeling hot and knowing that sleep will not be coming again any time soon. I got up and decided to get ready for my swift. Taking a shower, I keep feeling the loss of touch with the man. Really Hailey, it was just a dream. I asked myself while trying to come to terms with what the hell was happening to me.

After I showered, I got dressed in my jeans, favoured boots and a light green trunk top. I went off to the bar, which is about 3 blocks away.

“Hi, Hailey”, Adrian’s voice rings through the bar as I open the door. He was a sweet tubby older man with some bold spots in his hairline. Dimples in his face made him just adorable.

“What are you doing here, your shift is not for another hour?” He said with a smile.

“I could not sleep and thought of coming to keep busy” I say as a long sign leaves my mouth.

Going through the bar making sure everything was ready for the rush of the night, she knew what was coming but something was off. She keeps feeling that tonight her world will change. But how?

At 10 pm, the bar starts to fill with all sorts of people. There were cowboys, locals and some ladies with only one thing in mind.

To get a cowboy in their bed. Running around getting orders, my feet feel as if it is going to be sore for who knows how long. Suddenly, I felt eyes on me as I stood at the bar waiting for my order to finish. A shiver went down my spine. I shake my head; it is just the rush and tiredness that is getting to me. I feel the same emotion as I did in my dream, my arousal came like a tsunami. Standing, I press my legs together trying to keep the wetness at bay.

Suddenly, I hear a voice bringing me back out of my trance.

“Hey you slow b*tch! Do not make me wait any longer or you will be paying for the drinks and I will show you what I do to people who are slow!” a voice rings out. His voice was hoarse and you could hear that he had a bit too much to drink.

I hear a low growl coming from my back. Am I dreaming? Jip, that must be it! No normal person growls, do they?

I was just about to turn around on my way to the guy that shouted at me for being slow when I felt it. The hands on my shoulders, the sparks traveling down wards as if I was not wet enough. Closing my eyes, I try to keep my breath as normal as I can. My dream, I am reliving it! Oh God please tell me it is not happening. My mind is playing tricks on me. I really need to rest; I am starting to get delusional.

As I opened my eyes, I saw it. In the mirror at the back of the bar with the light coming from the dance floor. The shadow, the brought shoulders, the cowboy hat. It was him, but how can it be? Did I pass out or something? Then I hear his husky voice in my ear.

“Mate. You are mine” even his voice made me feel a tingle in my heart. As if they were the words I longed to hear all my life.

The next moment, everything swirls and the darkness consumes me.

Chapter 2: What Happened?

Chapter 2: What Happened?

“Hailey, Hailey, can you hear me”? I hear a familiar voice. Opening my eyes, I saw that it was my friend from the bar, Candice.

I was on my couch with her sitting next to me.

“Thank God, we were so worried about you, what happened. One minute you were standing at the bar, the next you were on the floor”. She said with some panic in her voice. She was sweet, about my age, but she had everything any girl would have liked to have. Great body, long legs, blond hair, and then those stunning dark blue eyes. No wonder the guys went wild when they saw her.

Make her get the best tips!

“I don’t know”

I could not tell her about the man and my dream, she might think I was mad. Who dreams of a man and then it comes true. Well, not in real life? I still feel the sensation of his hands. I wish I had seen his face, for now, he was just my cowboy.

Fiddling with my hands as I sat up, I gave her an innocent smile.


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