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Have you ever thought what one's life would be if their fate wasn't decided by the moon goddess?. Everything would be very different, one would get the chance to decide what path to take and who to love. Sadly that wasn't the case for me. My fate was already sealed the day I was born a Werewolf. The fact that I was born an omega meant that I was below the high ups. My purpose was to serve and please them as they wanted. I was never to look them in the eye or answer them back unless ordered to. One of my duty was to spread my legs for the alpha and let him breed me as he saw fit, until I could produce him pups as many as he wanted. Only then would I be given the freedom I longed for. And that was an omega's fate in our pack.



Review after half of the novel

There is nothing I like more than anything in regards to any and all kinds of reverse harems or cat and mouse style love interests or forbidden love pushed by close proximity though I do love some dark and story vibes love me some morally grey men who do anything for their girl and are only nice to them and their people so off the bat I was intrigued to see what troupe style this book would end up landing in. So far I’m enjoying the story line and can’t wait to see where it goes from here

May 29, 2024

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