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King Alpha

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Nathalie Serafin's life is no longer the same after she finds out that she is the mate of the Alpha Red Moon Pack candidate, who is known to be arrogant. Moreover, she is only an omega who is only considered lowly in the pack. Nathalie was so hurt when Justin rejected her as a mate and preferred Rosaline Santiago, a reliable warrior of the Red Moon Pack. Moreover, Justin did that right on the day of his coronation as Alpha. Justin cursed his stupidity for rejecting and expelling Nathalie Serafin, who was Luna's candidate in his pack, just because the girl was an omega, and chose Rosaline Santiago as Luna in the pack, which ultimately caused chaos.


"I, Justin Reinhart, reject you, Nathalie Serafin, as mate and banish me from the Red Moon Pack once and for all."

Pain, that's what Nath felt after the man who had just been appointed as a new Alpha had rejected all soul ties that had been approved by the Moon Goddess as Luna, just because she was not a beautiful and talented girl like Rosaline Santiago – a reliable warrior in a man's pack.

The pain she had been harboring for so long could no longer be contained. By enduring wounds and tears, she dared to retaliate by severing her soul connection with Justin. So, later on, when the man realized how precious the relationship had been blessed by the Moon Goddess, it was destroyed because of sheer lust.

"I, Nathalie Serafin, accept the severance of the soul connection between myself and Justin Reinhart. After that, there is no relationship between us anymore."

Everyone at the party was surprised by the courage of Nathalie, who was only an omega in the Red Moon Pack. Not only that, they also just found out that this girl is a candidate for Luna in their pack. In fact, so far, Justin and Rosaline have always shown their intimacy at every opportunity.

Nathalie ran away, leaving the Red Moon Pack. The place where she had taken refuge after her father's pack was destroyed by a pack of Rouge that killed both of her parents. The deaths of both are painful. However, this is much more painful.

"Why does it hurt so badly? I shouldn't be like this. He's not mine anymore. Justin has thrown me out of his heart and mind. I'm really alone now."

Nathalie was left with wounds and tears. She still remembers how the people in the pack looked contemptuously at her right after Justin said those hurtful things. She could also see how Rosaline arrogantly walked up to Justin, who extended his hand to welcome the Luna Red Moon Pack candidate.

"Tch! Omega is shameless. She should be thanking Luna Lili. If it wasn't for her kindness, how could she stay and be accepted into our pack? Moreover, after what happened to Alpha Rudolph in the past."

"That's right … Alpha Rudolph would still be alive if he hadn't helped this unlucky girl."

"Luckily, Alpha Justin broke the bond between them. I can't help but wonder why the Moon Goddess made that unlucky girl our Alpha's mate?"

There were so many hurtful words spoken by the residents of the Red Moon Pack where Nathalie had lived all that time.

They never know what really happened. However, she chose not to say anything like she had promised the old man who had helped her in the past.

Nathalie kept running until she didn't care about the clothes that were starting to be torn apart by the thorns. Besides being an omega, she is also not as lucky as the other young wolves who can unite with their wolves.

In fact, at the age of seventeen, Nathalie still cannot communicate with her wolf. It cost her his insults many times over.

"Goddess of the Moon ... why did I have to accept punishment for a mistake I never knew about? Why couldn't I communicate with my own wolf like others? And why did you fate me to be with an arrogant man like Justin Reinhart? Now, there's nothing left. I don't have anyone else in this world. Then, what am I living for?"

Without caring about her own safety, Nathalie decided to jump off a cliff where below was a river with a swift current that was ready to welcome her death.

She doesn't care about her life anymore. Because she no longer has anyone, and it is fitting for her to die.

"Goodbye world. Dad ... Mom ... wait there, I will catch up with you soon."

Water began to enter the cavity of her lungs. Nathalie no longer cares about her life. What she was thinking right now was, she would soon meet her parents, and wouldn't get tormented by people who didn't expect her presence.

However, at the last second in her thoughts about death, Nathalie's hand seemed to be held, and someone's voice called out to her. However, she was too resigned, and thought that it was the God of death.


Meanwhile, Lili Reinhart – Justin's mother and also a Luna Red Moon Pack, is taking out her anger on Justin Reinhart – her son who is considered to have undermined her trust in protecting and protecting Nathalie Serafin, who is considered her own biological daughter.

Moreover, after she found out that the girl was actually the mate of Justin Reinhart – her son who had just been appointed Alpha Red Moon Pack.

She was indeed late to the pack, where, before her husband, Ralph was there and she was a Luna. However, since her husband's death due to the Rouge's attack, she has decided to pull over to an area which is still within the Red Moon Pack's territory.

For the first time in her life as Luna and mother of Justin Reinhart, she slapped her proud son in front of everyone just because a girl named Nathalie Serafin was the lowly omega in their pack.


"M-mom … why did you slap me? What did I do wrong?"

"You still ask what you did wrong after what you did to Nathalie Serafin? Where exactly did you put your brain, Justin Reinhart?"

"Why are you defending that useless girl? She has nothing to do with our family. One more thing you need to realize, Nathalie Serafin is just an omega!!"

"To you she may just be an omega that you and everyone else looks down on. But, for me, she is a savior in our family's life. Especially you, Justin Reinhart!"

"What do you mean mom? Wasn't she the one who killed dad at Rouge's hands? She was the one who made mom lose your husband, and I lost my dad. Nathalie Serafin is just the unlucky girl in our pack, Mom."

"You're wrong if you say that, Justin. I don't know who has spread those lies to you. For sure, that's not the true story. But, never mind, this is your decision. You have decided to throw away the girl not only from the Red Moon Pack, but also as a mate for you. So, it's useless for me to tell the truth."

Lili immediately left in front of her son with a very deep feeling of disappointment. She looked at Rosaline Santiago, a reliable warrior who was also the daughter of her late husband's best friend, who had been chosen by Justin as Luna's candidate in their pack.

She approached Rosaline, who shuffled backwards when she intimidated her about a truth that apparently she knew secretly.

"How long are you and your father going to hide the truth, Miss Rosaline Santiago? How humble are you to destroy a poor, innocent girl. Are you so jealous of an omega that everyone looks down on that you have the heart to snatch it and become a cheap girl for my son?"

"L-luna Lili … I-I …."

"Mom!! What did you say? You can slap or kill me as well. But don't involve my girlfriend in this. It was Rosaline and her father who told me the truth. Rosaline is much more valuable than that damn omega!"

"And the omega that you look down on is the one who saved your life from Rouge, who tried to kill you! She had to lose her parents and separate from her biological brother to save a separate life, Justin Reinhart!!

“M-mom … what do you mean? I don't understand. Why are you just telling me about this? S-she …”

"Nathalie asked me not to tell you the truth. And she chose to be a lowly omega instead of my own adopted daughter. Do you know who that girl really is, Justin? She is the daughter of the late Antoni and Amanda Serafin, Alpha and Luna of the Black Moon Pack, who fought with your dad to save your life from the Rouge herd and caused the death of their entire pack. So, who is now the lowly girl in your eyes, Justin Reinhart?"

"No! This can't be. You must be lying just because I chose Rosaline over that omega. I don't believe you, Mom ..."

"So, do you prefer Abraham Santiago, who betrayed their friendship by leaving your father in a dying state and choosing to save himself? Rosaline Santiago, why don't you tell Justin what you already know? Are you afraid of losing to competing with omega? How humble?"

"L-luna Lili …"

"Tch! Turns out it's true. The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. That's the parable of you and Abraham Santiago–your cunning father. But, never mind. You have succeeded in making my son lose his sanity and choose to let go of a good girl like Nathalie Serafin. You guys are indeed a suitable partner. So, my presence here is no longer of any use."

"Mother, don't say that. After all, you are the Luna Red Moon Pack. I —"

"Don't ever call me your mother again, Justin Reinhart!! The woman you call mother has died after you kicked the girl out of our pack. You never know how much Nathalie Serafin means to our pack. Because, without you and everyone here you know, she's the one who's been protecting the Red Moon Pack from the Rouge's attacks. You guys are going too far!"

"Mom …"

Lili Reinhart chose to leave with disappointment and tears. She was so hurt because the son, who was thought to be able to protect her trust, actually had the heart to decide and expel Nathalie Serafin, who was Justin's mate.

Now, she was just waiting for the destruction of the Red Moon Pack as predicted by the Moon Goddess many years ago.

To be precise, when the Goddess came and asked her to look after Nathalie Serafin, who was her incarnation.

"I feel like a failure because I can't protect her from people who have bad intentions. In fact, my own son has been unfair to her."


"I, Nathalie Serafin, accept the decision of the Alpha Red Moon Pack and sever the bond that the Moon Goddess has blessed me with. From this moment on and in every other life, I forbid myself from being part of the Reinhart lineage."

There was something missing and so painful the moment he rejected Nathalie Serafin. Moreover, later, the girl also reciprocated by breaking all ties between them.

"Why does it hurt so much? I feel empty..."

His shock had not yet disappeared because the omega girl who now had no relationship with him left his pack, Luna Lili Reinhart, came and expressed disappointment at his decision. Even more surprising, after he had to accept the truth of the news about the figure of Nathalie Serafin.

"One day, you will regret what you did today, Justin. And when that time comes, you will only bemoan the fate of destroying the Red Moon Pack because of your selfishness."

Justin looked at the departure of Luna


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