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Intertwined Destiny

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In a world where dreams and reality intertwine, Amelia, a young dreamer, crosses paths with Alex, a handsome and mysterious businessman. What she doesn't know is that Alex hides a secret that could change everything: he is a wolf, a supernatural being who has managed to conquer the world of business. As Amelia and Alex get to know each other, a special connection begins to emerge between them. The attraction is evident, but while Amelia falls head over heels in love, Alex grapples with an internal dilemma. How could he reveal his true nature to the woman he loves without scaring her or putting her in danger? The situation becomes even more complicated when an ancient enemy of the wolves threatens to reveal their existence to the human world. Alex finds himself torn between his loyalty to his lineage and his desire to protect Amelia from the consequences this could entail.



My head is in a thousand pieces, and the desperation to end my life is as fast as a sigh. A couple of minutes ago, my sister sent me a message telling me that in less than a week, she would need the university tuition fees.

God, I can't find the right words to tell her that I haven't even completed fifteen days in the company as the secretary's assistant. I know I should be thankful that my sister's boyfriend got me this job, as I used to work as a waitress in the cafeteria.

This is my life; I'm a twenty-eight-year-old woman with no promising future. I live with my younger sister, who is eighteen, because our mom decided to leave us for a man who sweet-talked her with promises of the world, but everything comes at a price, and the condition was to leave us without a home, food, or money.

My sister and I have been living alone for five years, and... Nah, I don't want to dwell on my sorrows anymore. It's better to take a deep breath and finish making these copies.

"Hey, girl, what are you thinking about?" Without warning, I felt a slap on my arm, causing me to wince and spilling the espresso I had in my hands on my white shirt. "We need those copies; the boss won't stop yelling, he wants your head!"

"Don't tell me... What did you do?" I rolled my eyes and sighed.

This has to be a nightmare. How will I fix this mess? Breathe... Take a second and breathe like the great secretary's assistants. God, I'm just making copies; the machine is the photocopier, not me...! That man is testing my patience; I'm just the secretary's assistant, why does he want to see me?

"He'll fire me if you're not in his office, please... I need you to hurry, girl, I have three kids and five grandkids!"

And it's my fault? "New girl, the boss is calling you, and thanks to Mrs. Rocío's desperation, you need to hurry," the cheerful guy, Andrés, appears. He's the one who doesn't take everything too seriously. "Girl, what happened to you? You look like a beggar," he runs towards me, at the same time pulling out a tissue to try to clean and remove the coffee stain from my white shirt.

"Thanks, but there's no time; I have to deliver the copies." I interrupted him and abruptly pulled away from him.

I leave behind the mess that Mrs. Rocío caused. I hurry, grab the copies, and run to the boss's office.

I swear to God I'm a very patient girl, but now that she's gone, I doubt she wants to come back. Do I want to scream? Yes, and even more so when I hear the laughter of some employees.

I can't help but curse again and again in my mind. Why can't that monster be like my sister's boyfriend?

He's hateful, conceited, arrogant, detestable, and arrogant! It doesn't matter how he looks; for many, he's an attractive, handsome man, but for me, it's the opposite.

I don't pay attention to all those whispers; the Greek boss, the handsome and powerful boss, the muscular boss, or those gray eyes. Puff... All of that is a lie.

As I reach the door of that grumpy monster's office, I stop, take a deep breath, and without looking at the mess of a shirt, I raise my head and knock twice to enter.

"I'm here!" I exclaimed, desperate and angry at the same time.

I haven't even been working for this company for a week, and I already feel exhausted; this is exploitation!

God, I just want this week to end and spend Sunday resting on the bed, watching Netflix.

It's a very tough week, and it's not an excuse to say that I can't keep up. Why does this man want to drive me crazy? Didn't he want to hire me?

With anger at full throttle, my breathing was agitated. Seriously, I looked into his eyes and cursed my luck.

The monster settled into his chair and then leaned forward, letting his arms fall on the desk. He looked me up and down, making me feel intimidated and increasing my anger.

What does he expect from me? I'm just a simple assistant.

He raised an eyebrow when his eyes stopped at my shirt. He clenched his jaw, and to my surprise and misfortune, I had to muster the courage to tell him once and for all that this was his fault.

"Do you eat before you do your job? Don't you have breakfast at home? Don't you have time?" and his questions began to invade me. From the tone of his voice, I could tell he was very angry, why did he hate me?

"Unavoidable accidents," I hissed through my teeth, "the important thing is that the copies are ready."

Even though my legs were shaking, I walked to his desk, leaving the copies near his computer.



"It's late, I wanted those copies by yesterday, they're useless to me right now, so because of you, I'll lose more than one investment," he grumbled.

One... Two... Three...

D*mn... This has to be a joke; he can't tell me that... No, the copies are a reform, not important contracts.

This man is an idiot... He wants to drive me crazy, one way or another, he wants to punish me.

I forced myself to take a deep breath. There's no doubt that he wants to test my patience, and even though it's hard to admit, I have to stay because I need to pay my sister's tuition. I couldn't afford to go to university due to a lack of money and support. All I could do was take a secretarial course, and that's why I'm where I am now.

"Will he fire me?" My eyes widen suddenly. "I feel it's not my fault, regarding the contract, since the copies are here, and the meeting hasn't started yet."

"He should, but..."

Aaaahhh... This man can't stand me; it's evident he doesn't want me around. I should resign and go back to the cafeteria, at least there, nobody treated me like a dog.

"Should I take the copies with me?" I bite my tongue. I can't throw everything away; it's all for my sister.

"I can't fire you because your contract is for six months, so you'll have to put up with me and improve. The penalties are in the regulations; you need to be efficient."

Oh, I had forgotten about that contract, but not about the penalties...

But... This is all unfair; at no point am I being disrespectful, and I've done everything exactly as Mrs. Rocío taught me. I'm not useless!

"Then I'll leave," I lower my gaze for a few seconds, then turn around.

"I didn't tell you to leave," I stop in my tracks upon hearing him. "I want you to stay, sit down," he orders without hesitation.

"Mr. Johnson, may I pass?"

Just as I was about to turn around to obey the capricious gentleman, someone decided to appear.

I raise my gaze and immediately stand up straight when I see the human resources manager.

"You've picked a bad time to show up," the monster responds in a grotesque manner. "Now that you're here, can you tell me what you need?"

"Wow... I didn't think you'd be busy," he gives me a smile. "It's a pleasure to see you, miss."

See me?

Ha, this man, I like him; he's too friendly. In contrast, my boss, the ogre, is detestable.

"Thank you," I nod, blushing uncontrollably.

"What happened to you?" His gaze goes straight to the coffee stain.

"A little accident. I'll fix it in a moment, but right now..."

She is not my other half


This must be a bad joke; this girl will test my patience for my brother...

"Stop thinking, stop being a damned... Alpha, remember that we are surrounded by many humans. Alex Johnson, you are the owner of everything, and if you want this city, we have to be like them and be with them, don't... She is your brother's mate's sister, don't forget... Another thing, you have centuries of age, and she's barely twenty-eight years old, a tender life."

"Beta, you don't have to remind me of the inevitable, even though I don't like being surrounded by humans, we must be with them."

"Wait... I feel like the problem is with her and not with the humans."

"Hey, Mr. Johnson, I think she should leave."

And the humans lawyer has spoken; I can't understand how to endure their inefficiency. They are fragile and incompetent!

Oh, how exhausting, now I find myself


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