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In Love With The Lycan King

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Travis is the Alpha of Blood Diamond, Uma is Alpha of Netherland’s adopted daughter. Travis was unintentionally saved by Uma once as a child, the two agreed to be mated when they grow up. He found and mated with her as they promised. But Travis found Uma is adopted, and she is not liked by the alpha, whereas her sister Nikini is the real daughter of the Alpha. He changed his mind, wanting Nikini can be his Luna. Travis and Nikini hit it off immediately and have an affair secretly. Travis tried all he can do to press Uma, waiting for an opportunity to reject her, but Uma is a qualified Luna and wife, she received all his bad behaviors with no complaint. Travis and Nikini really can not wait, so they tricked and rejected Uma in pack annual Gala. But what surprised everyone is Alexander who is the youngest Lycan King said Uma is his fated mate, and since Travis rejected her, he will take her away. Uma heart broke by her Alpha and sister, facing the invitation from a wolf more powerful than Travis, will she refuse him ruthlessly or open her heart again to give herself a chance to get happiness? Alexander recognizes Uma is his fated mate at the first sight, but unfortunately she is already someone else Luna, he is ready to silently bless her in his heart. But what happen next let him realizes that she is not happy. He hesitates what he should do, until he sees her sad appearance after being rejected by Travis. Guidance from their bond let he could not help to open his mouth to let her become his Luna. Looking at her apprehensive expression, he has butterflies in his stomach, will she finally say yes to him? He decided in his heart that whether she would or not, he would take her away from this place and let her live happily ever after.

Chapter 1

Uma’s POV

I was a people pleaser. I love to make people happy and most times it happens at my own detriment. But then, the smile on their faces after sacrificing for them makes it more worthwhile.

Perhaps, that was why I mated Travis. Travis was the alpha of Moriarty pack, I became his Luna to help him handle his pack better. Even though we met on a business basis, I eventually cared about him too with time and I tried to be a good wife as well.

That's why I was in my room trying to find something s*xy to wear for tonight when he comes back home. Maybe tonight he will finally see me as his mate and finally consummate our bond after 3 years of being together.

I checked the time and it read 9:58pm. Travis will be home soon. I was sure he would come home tonight because the Annual Gala was tomorrow. We were supposed to leave together at the venue to show we were happily married even though we weren't, to some extent. I adjusted the lingerie I had on as I faced the mirror. It was a black lacy bikini kind of nightwear, it was made like a coset; handless and a network of straps at the back to adjust tightness of the body. The inbuilt bra packed up my breast firmly, exposing my cleavage, my n*ppl*s visible from the see through lace material. I turned my backside to examine it as well. The panty part of the nightwear was designed normally but it was see -through due to the lace material. I checked that my fiery red hair was in place and my light makeup too. I always loved my high cheekbones, it made my face more matured and womanly.

The familiar scent of Travis wafted through the air indicating that he was back, he would be passing by my room door soon. I quickly put on my black wedge heel and strutted out of the room to meet him. I was a little nervous like a teenage girl who was going to confess to a crush. If people knew that I was doing this to get the attention of my mate of 3 years, they would jaw dropped in shock.

I waited by the door and pricked my ears to hear his footsteps so I could come out at the perfect time. Surprisingly I heard two footsteps, one was a heel indicating that the second person was a woman.

Who could it be?

I waited regardless until they were right by my door before opening my door and stepping out.

“Nikini, what are you doing here?” I asked, shocked to see my sister in the pack and holding hands with Travis. She was not biologically my sister, I was adopted by her father; the alpha when I was younger. She has been cold to me since the very first day we met but always acted like we were best of friends in front of other people.

“How dare you question my guest, Uma? and what the hell are you wearing?” Travis questioned instead before Nikini could speak.

“I... I ... ” I stammered suddenly, feeling embarrassed at my appearance.

“Have you gone mad? There are many pressing pack issues to deal with but as a Luna you decided to sit and play dress up?” He scolded

“Actually, today is a special day for us. Do you remember?” I asked hopefully. Today marked our 3 year anniversary, it was a special day for us, I sincerely hoped he didn't forget.

“I don't know what you are blabbing about, tomorrow is the Annual Gala so I will be discussing security issues with Nikini in my study. Do not disturb us... please stop acting like a child and wear something decent” Travis shook his head then walked away with Nikini to his study. Nikini turned her head and waved at me with a mocking smile on her lips as Travis pulled her with him. Tears clouded my eyes as I turned around and entered into my room, as the door jammed shut, I laid my back on it and slid down on it till I was seated on the ground and my back was rested on the door.

I just wanted to curl up in a corner and cry or the ground should open up and swallow me up. I felt ashamed that I kept letting myself hope that Travis had a little affection towards me. We have never been intimate since we mated 3 years ago and we sleep in separate rooms, what bigger sign do I want?

But then when we first met, I had just clocked 17 and was ready to get my mate. He came up to me and asked who I was and the pack rank I held. He was sweet and flirty, sweeping a naive girl off her feet. I didn't mind letting him sink his canines into my shoulder and mating. After my relocation to his pack, it was all sunshine and rainbows for a week until my adopted family came to visit and Travis found out I was adopted. That's when all hell broke loose, his character changed from sweet to cold so fast. He would nag and mock me for being adopted and he said hurtful things about my unknown parents. I could have ran away and never returned, but I didn't because I had already started having feelings for him. I believed I could change him and make him like me as time went on. Over the years, He didn't fall in love with me as I expected but he did get used to my presence. I handled most of the pack businesses and connections because he didn't understand them too well.

I did my part as a certified Luna and mate and I was a bit more comfortable with it. The only part that bothered me was the love that seemed so out of reach for me.

I brought my knees to my chest and bit down my lip to stop myself from crying as flashes of Travis and Nikini holding hands flashed through my head again. Nikini was the biological daughter of Netherland pack, she was a spoiled brat who had a beef with me since I was adopted by her father. Her father, Levi, took a liking to me which she hated me for. The Luna; my adopted mother, Prisca was just like her daughter, she was against my adoption and didn't miss an opportunity to maltreat me whenever Alpha Levi was away. Nikini would always act like a darling to me in front of everyone except her mother, people often complimented us on how ‘close’ we look. But when there was no one or just her and mother, she would rain hell down on me. She was a bully and I sometimes ran away from the house to avoid her.

I was about to stand up and take off the lingerie when I first a sharp jab in my stomach, I flinched and rubbed my hand on it. My wolf was feeling restless in the back of my mind. What's going on?

I stood up and began to undress myself slowly, the pain didn't subside, this time it was continuous and it hurt so much. My wolf kept howling and whining repeatedly. Tears gathered in my eyes and I thought of Travis and Nikini in the study.

The only way I could be in such pain is when my mate was cheating on me and being intimate with another woman. That would mean that Travis was cheating on me with Nikini? ... or was it someone else?

I successfully undressed myself and put on a big shirt that reached my knees. It was a struggle as the pain in my stomach was clouding my mind and making everything I do extra tedious.

I managed to open the door and staggered on his way to his study. At some point, I fell to the ground and groaned in pain, my hair stuck to my face that was glistening with sweat and my breathing was ragged. I leaned on things along the way and raised myself up.

I finally reached his study and that's when I heard it. The moans from Nikini and the sound of sinking flesh in a hole. I slid down on the door quietly and peeped through it. My suspicion was confirmed as I saw Travis and Nikini having s*x on the study table. I placed my hand to cover my mouth in shock, I could even smell the smell of s*x leaking out of the room making me feel nauseated.

“This is our first time having s*x in the study,   I know one place I would love to try as well” I heard Nikini say in between moans.

“where?” Travis asked with a gruff voice.

“Uma's room” she said.

“Ugh! why there? Uma is boring and I bet her room would be no fun as well”

“I just want it there. I want to spite her enough for her to leave you alone” She giggled before breaking out in moans again.

I wanted to barge in there and confront them, I wanted to scream at them in anger and express my heartbreak but I restrained myself.

I was in no condition to confront them, I needed to find a way to get through this night. Tomorrow was the Annual Gala, we would be quite busy that day as it was our turn to host it, and I wanted everything to go smoothly for the sake of the pack's reputation.

I slowly got up and walked away to my room, I decided to confront them after the party.

Chapter 2

I groaned as light from the window pierced through my eyes, I knew it was morning but I felt no motivation to stand up. Yesterday's discovery at the study still tormented me and deprived me of sleep throughout the night. I unconsciously pricked my ears to hear them even after I laid down on the bed, I heard them leave the study, shower in Travis's room and Nikini leaving. It was painful to listen to but I didn't stop, maybe it would hurt me enough to make me fall into a very deep sleep that I would not wake up from. But it did the exact opposite, now I was awake with bloodshot eyes, an aching heart and no motivation to get up.

Heavy knocking from the door jolted me from my thoughts, before I could ask who was that, the door swung open with aggression and Travis entered fuming.

“Why are you not dressed, Uma? The annual gala is starting in a few minutes, how would it look if the host comes late? What is wrong with you?” he asked angrily.

I stood up slo


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