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Rachel Scott

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Travis is the Alpha of Blood Diamond, Uma is Alpha of Netherland’s adopted daughter. Travis was unintentionally saved by Uma once as a child, the two agreed to be mated when they grow up. He found and mated with her as they promised. But Travis found Uma is adopted, and she is not liked by the alpha, whereas her sister Nikini is the real daughter of the Alpha. He changed his mind, wanting Nikini can be his Luna. Travis and Nikini hit it off immediately and have an affair secretly. Travis tried all he can do to press Uma, waiting for an opportunity to reject her, but Uma is a qualified Luna and wife, she received all his bad behaviors with no complaint. Travis and Nikini really can not wait, so they tricked and rejected Uma in pack annual Gala. But what surprised everyone is Alexander who is the youngest Lycan King said Uma is his fated mate, and since Travis rejected her, he will take her away. Uma heart broke by her Alpha and sister, facing the invitation from a wolf more powerful than Travis, will she refuse him ruthlessly or open her heart again to give herself a chance to get happiness? Alexander recognizes Uma is his fated mate at the first sight, but unfortunately she is already someone else Luna, he is ready to silently bless her in his heart. But what happen next let him realizes that she is not happy. He hesitates what he should do, until he sees her sad appearance after being rejected by Travis. Guidance from their bond let he could not help to open his mouth to let her become his Luna. Looking at her apprehensive expression, he has butterflies in his stomach, will she finally say yes to him? He decided in his heart that whether she would or not, he would take her away from this place and let her live happily ever after.


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