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Even if I kick you out, you can't be with any other man because you're mine! ..... The life of Filippa, the beloved omega daughter of the Red flame pack Alpha and Luna, made a 180° change after her parents died during a fight with the rogues. As soon as her parents died, her father's brother, Henry, took over the pack with the promise to return the pack to Filippa when she came of age. Not long after Henry became the Alpha, he changed from being her favorite uncle to a cruel monster who made her life a living hell daily. However, Filippa always had a belief that she'd become the ruler of the Red Flame pack as soon as she clocked 18. Unfortunately, what she never expected was that Henry was never ready to give her the red flame pack. To make his wish come true, Henry ordered Filippa to be thrown down a cliff. Luckily, Filippa ended up being saved by Wyatt, the ruthless and cold beta of the power axis pack, who took her to the power axis pack after Filippa weaved a big lie. Not long after Filippa arrived at the Power Axis pack, she discovered that she was a mate to Alpha Oswald, one of the biggest Alphas of the werewolf pack. Unfortunately, Oswald already had a lovely partner and for that reason, he refused to reject Filippa but planned to kick Filippa out of the pack by bringing up a trial. However, things began to fall out of hand. Filippa discovered that her love for Oswald was reducing and instead leaning toward Wyatt. Furthermore, there was the existence of playboy Asher, who was always flirting with Filippa at every chance he got. Although Oswald wanted to kick Filippa out of the power axis pack, he was unwilling to see her with another man. Caught in between three men, Filippa will have to choose between her mate Alpha Oswald, her crush beta Wyatt, and the flirty playboy Asher.



“You stupid b*tch. Do I need to teach you everything, every d*mn time?” A heavy kick at my bedroom dilapidated door jolted me awake from my sleep.

My heart was beating, and my body was shivering in fright. I stared at the door and I caught the sinister face of Jessica staring at me. My heart skipped in fear and I unconsciously gulped down the saliva forming.

I swept a gaze at the clock and the time says 2:59 a.m.“Head. Head maid Jessica. May I ask for the reason you're calling for me at such a time?”

Even though I tried to stay calm. My voice somehow ended up coming out in a shaky tone and stutter.

Jessica walked toward me and slapped me so hard, that my face whipped to the side. The effect of the slap worsened the dull headache I had. In the broken mirror on the right side of the room, I could see a pink handprint on my cheeks.

Tears pooled in my eyes as Jessica grabbed my chin hard and dug her fingernails into my face, but I managed to hold it in, “Didn't I ask you to wash the Alpha's clothes last night?” She growled at me angrily.

“You. Asked to. Yes. I. I washed it,” I replied honestly. And before I knew it, Jessica was dragging me outside toward the back of the pack house, where I hung the clothes to dry.

“You said you washed them all? What's this?” Jessica's lips were filled with evil light.My eyes widened, and my heart broke at the sight I saw.

Surprisingly, all the clothes I washed after preparing dinner, washing the dishes, and cleaning the whole pack had been thrown to the floor and stepped on.

I bit my quivering lips and clenched my fist hard to calm the rage burning through me. I knew this was certainly linked to Jessica and her cliques, or else Jessica wouldn't have woken me up 49 minutes after I fell asleep.

They were trapping me again and waiting for me to lose my temper to punish me more. Jessica pulled my hair hard, but I gritted my teeth and refused to cry out despite the pain coursing through my scalp. “Little princess. These are the clothes the alpha needs to wear tomorrow, so I need you to wash them in less than thirty minutes. Am I clear?” Without waiting for an answer, she stormed away with a smug grin.

I bit my lower lips hard to stop the sob from trying to emit. I quickly wiped my eyes and bent to pick the white clothes that had now turned to brown.This wasn't the first time something like this would happen to me, but last night I was so weak, hungry, and sleepy after a lot of hectic work, so I forgot to take precautions.

Some years ago, I was the arrogant princess of the Red Flame pack, but now my role has reversed to that of a degradable slave. Every day, I wake up to prepare the whole pack meal, sweep the entire pack, wash all the dishes and laundry, the bathroom and toilet, and throw out trash with the whole pack calling me different names like trash, b*tch, sl*t…

“Ah!” I yelled when a bucket of freezing water was suddenly poured on me, drenching me and making my thin clothes cling to me. “B*tch! Watch where you are going.” A maid spat at me and kicked my stomach.

At midnight, all of them were purposely messing with me. I bit my lower lips hard and picked up the clothes that had mistakenly fallen. The maid harrumphed and left after seeing that I didn't lose my temper. Honestly, I was too hungry and weak to reply to them for now

“That b*tch purposely did that!” My wolf Maia yelled angrily, but I said nothing and packed the whole clothes. Jessica gave me thirty minutes, if I was a second late, she'd definitely let me face hell or lie to Alpha Henry, my late father's younger brother, or the Luna.

I began to run toward the laundry room knowing that every second is precious, but I was yet to take the third step when I slipped and fell. I yelled in pain when a knife pierced into my palm.

In the dark, someone had purposely arranged Banana peels to make me slip and positioned two knives to injure me.

I swallowed back my tears and in the dark, I caught sight of three maids laughing at my pain. I bit back the curse that threatened to emit from my lips and ran to the laundry room while blood oozed out of my palm.

“Hey sl*t, wash my clothes along with those.” Crystal, a maid, purposely threw all her dirty clothes at me and scampered away with a sinister grin on her face.

"Those stupid slaves.” I cursed under my breath in fear one of them was listening, which would resort to the maids ganging up and beating me, while refusing to give me the typical leftover meals for a week. I have been a regular for those.

Furthermore, I sighed and arranged Alpha Henry's white wears before dumping them into the washing machine to wash while whispering, “It takes less than three days. Three days to turn everything into its original position.” I ended up sleeping beside the clothes to ward off anyone who wanted to cause chaos.

"The Alpha wants to see you, b*tch.” The head maid, Jessica, suddenly announced, which jolted me awake from sleep.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw that the morning was bright. I was expected to start taking care of the pack as early as 4:30 a.m. and now that it's bright, I knew that I was certainly dead.

Jessica had a gleeful smile on her face which made my heart sink.

It's such a bad day today! How did I end up like this? My heart began to pound upon thinking about all the wicked things that would be done to me, but despite it all, I refused to let them feed in my fear.

“Hurry, you b*tch.” Jessica yelled at me. I sprang up and secretly glared at Jessica before making my way to the Alpha's office.

“Be grateful I'm in a good mood this morning, or else I'll have f*ck you up really bad, you b*tch. I saw your glare!” Jessica's wicked voice echoed in my ear, which made me shiver and quicken my pace.

Thankfully, Jessica didn't make a move like she threatened, which made me sigh in relief. Maia growled due to the unjust feeling we felt within; we should be the current master of Jessica.

No, we should be the current owner of the Red Flame pack. Jessica should be serving under me as a slave but ever since my parents, the previous Alpha and Luna of the Red Flame pack died in a battle with the rogues, my father's younger brother took over the pack with the promise to return it to me once I was eighteen.

Unfortunately, not long after he became the Alpha, he demoted me to a slave and began to make my life a living hell. Hence, all the people who were working as my maids before my parents' death became unbridled and began to bully me because there was no one to stop them.

“I perceived an odor.” Aida, my uncle's daughter covered her nose as if she had just smelt something bad truly. “It turns out this b*tch is making her way toward us. Smelly.” She spat out at me.

“Smells so bad. Make me want to puke.” Her three cliques said behind her, making her smile. Aida is a b*tch. Even when she knew I was the real owner of the pack, she and her friends only knew how to bully me.

Back before my parents died, she always pretended to be my friend but once her dad took over, she changed to me.

I pretended not to notice Aida and her friends and continued on my steps. Unfortunately, she had no intent to let me go.

Before I knew it, someone stretched her legs on my path, making me trip and fall.Aida and her clique laughed out loud at my embarrassing sight. “It's not funny.” I spat at them coldly and tried to sit up.

But before I could, Aida stepped hard on my hands, pressing me down. An Alpha against a weak omega like me, I can only lose due to the wide distance between us.

“Do you know why I hate you? Even at that stage you're you're always pretending to be a princess when in fact you're a worthless slave.” She taunted.

I took a deep breath to calm myself. “Thank you. Can you let me go now? The Alpha needs to see me.” Despite her legs pressing me down, I refused to let myself show weakness, which annoyed her.

Aida kicked me hard and slapped my face. “B*tch!” She spat out and angrily left with her friends.

“Just a day or two left.” I consoled myself and my raging wolf before I picked myself up.

Chapter 2: Help me

FILLIPA'S POVUpon reaching my uncle's office, I raised my hand, musing on whether to knock or not when my uncle's ugly voice resounded in my ear and had me biting my lower lips and clenching my fist to suppress my fear. "Come in."

I walked into my uncle's luxurious office, and I saw my uncle sitting behind the alpha's table with an eyeglass lying on the bridge of his nose even though he didn't need it. We werewolves have sharp and clear vision, don't we?

Luna Anabelle was sitting next to him with her face caked with makeup as usual, while rubbing his lap with her hand sensually, "Alpha, Luna." I saluted.

Both of them ignored my greeting like usual, but this time there was a sinister smile on Alpha Henry's face which made my stomach churn. I unconsciously took a step back.

It can't be that Alpha Henry was cooking a wicked plan like asking his guards to throw me into the R


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