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"Everything's has a price in this life, even freedom”. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Two destinies united by CHANCE and a ridiculous belief that has marked them. "The stronger the person, the stronger his wolf will be, if the person is weak, the wolf will be as weak is his person”. An unimaginable villain who hasn't given up. The time to fight has come along with the unraveling of the threads of fate. Life was never the easy from the beginning, they also didn't mention that it would be a great huge battle that was to come, no one warned anyone, they could only rely on their own strength to survive.

Chapter 1

The day was cloudy, it looked like it was going to rain and yet, even so, classes had not been suspended, Idally had woken up since 4:00 in the morning, something in her was not right and she knew it perfectly, for some time ago several things changed.

In life, changes are usually terrifying and fill the person who is about to experience them with fear, it is something normal but difficult to bear.

Her frightened mother got up when she heard her vomit—Are you okay?—I questioned her, looking at her with concern, it was no longer normal that the same thing happened to her every day for a few weeks, her daughter only limited herself to saying—I'm Well, there's nothing to worry about, go back to sleep mother—whispered in a murmur, The mother, not very convinced, listened to her daughter because of how tired she was.

Internally, something always told her that this young woman was lying to her, she wanted to trust her daughter, so she returned to bed uneasy, that girl changed too much, her change was radical, she was a huge sun trying to get closer to half the world and suddenly she became the same to the moon, lonely, not wanting to make friends with other people.

How can a person change like that? Is there a way for someone to change so easily?

The answer to this was always with her, people do not change of their own free will, they change when they are forced, when they are forced to do it, why do they realize that if they continue to be the same and act as usual, they will only continue being hurt all over the world.

The young woman got up and got to her room as best she could, lay down carefully wondering—Why me?—while tears ran down her cheeks, she knew, what was happening to her was not normal, possibly she was sick and she didn't even I wasn't even aware.

The minutes seemed like seconds and the hour seemed like a measly minute, she wanted, no, she wanted the time to go to school to arrive, because for her it was the only place where "it didn't matter if I was good or bad" because being there she could forget about all his problems but still hated him at the same time.

Without realizing it, time began to fly faster, she had gotten so lost in her world of "darkness" that time went by faster than normal, when she realized the time, she just grabbed her backpack and hurriedly walked to her destination.

It was not something different from what he normally did, on the contrary it was the same old routine, pretending to be fine was constant to the point that getting used to it only at the beginning was difficult, having to keep everything in and smile no matter how hard it was, it only went to the beginning. beginning.


After a few minutes he had already arrived at school, the teachers seemed busy selecting the "Strong" and "Weak" groups, it was practically not something that surprised him, if since they were kids the same students were divided in this way, what could expect from the teachers?

Ambitious, that's what everyone in the pack is.

The teachers named each of the young people, Idally did not expect to be placed in group A, she was sure that she would go to B as her classmates always placed her, many of the students were disappointed when they received their assignment, others could not accept it, many were angry because they considered themselves strong.

—Future Alpha, Iker go to group "A" —ordered the professor, group "A" corresponded to the strong ones and "B" to the weak ones.

—Uriel group B

—Keith Group A

—Karim Group A

—Paola group B

—Sara group A —and they continued until they named her—Idally go to group "B"

Without saying a single word to complain, she simply accommodated herself in the indicated group, she remained silent waiting for everything to end, the teacher continued naming more students just as the other teachers did.

—How is it possible that they sent me to group "B"? If I'm stronger than her—Paola commented, pointing her finger at the girl who wasn't even paying attention to her, this was Idally's classmate, who hadn't liked being left in that group, the teacher, hearing her disown, sent her to shut up, since he was not going to bear any disrespect.

What none of them knew was that this new formation was at the request of the future alpha, although the teachers were not very convinced of it, they decided to follow the order of the next alpha.

"That's how your group will be," she said with a loud and clear voice. "I hope they get along very well."

The students resignedly entered the group they had been given, Idally wasn't upset, it wasn't as if she cared what had been agreed, her classmate Uriel approached her—Are you satisfied in this group?—I ask out of nowhere

Idally was surprised, normally no one notices her, but he had noticed her. "Even if you're not, you can't do anything, what they say will be done," she let out with a disinterested voice as she shrugged.

The teacher guided them to his classroom, many were not happy, since they would not have support from anyone when they transformed, their families could not be present because according to others "they were not worthy of such happiness", but such a thing did not seem to matter to him to Idally, it was like she really didn't want to see sight ever.

Perhaps she did not want to be seen, she did not want to stop being invisible to the majority because she was afraid to move forward, afraid that when she did, everyone would leave, that is why she preferred not to have anyone with herself.

Classes began, she chose the last seat in the third row, it didn't matter, she didn't want to be looked at, she didn't want attention, she didn't want that anymore, it wasn't like before, her classmate Uriel sat right next to her, he she seemed to take an interest in the mystery that surrounded her.

—Dear students, I hope you resign yourself to this assignment because there will be no changes, nor were there any mistakes for those who believed that it was a mistake that they were here—his clear voice conveyed sadness in a certain way, but at the same time tranquility—You are welcome to this group , let's get along.

The classes had not been anything special, everything was simple, the talks and prejudices were already more than normal, but Idally was not very used to hearing them with their criticisms and gossip so shameless, of course they had always talked like that, however, at less they used to be more discreet with those comments, nowadays they didn't seem to care if someone listened to them.

As he walked towards the cafeteria he listened to them, he could hear all those voices that he hated so much, those criticisms that frightened him—She's weak, poor whoever her mate is, she'll surely have to take care of her too much—said that shrill voice that she hated the most, I tried ignore the comment, but even so, a lump formed in his throat, leaving him in deep pain, as he walked the murmurs became many more and less and less he could stand it, in the end he gave up and started running as he always did.

She ran into the bathroom, locked herself in, leaned against the wall and let herself slide down slowly, not even wanting to cry, the tears had already started to run down her cheeks. "I'm not weak," she murmured in a whisper as she dried her tears and tried to They are—They are idiots, but one day they will have to shut up—she said as she got up and breathed slowly, calming her desire to cry.

When she left the bathroom, she walked calmly, trying not to bump into anyone, but fate took it over and made her bump into a boy, when they both fell to the floor, the young woman didn't even want to look up to see who she had bumped into, fear that he would yell at her or judge how the others were taking over her.

That did not happen, on the contrary, the boy got up and his hand extended in front of her, who instinctively looked up and met the gaze of Iker, the future alpha of the pack, he smiled kindly while He helped her stand up again, his gaze did not reflect anything in particular, on the contrary, it reflected everything. Then, for the first time, he was able to see up close eyes so full of life compared to hers, his eyes had a special shine that made her It made her not want to look away from them, even though she had a hard time tearing their gaze away from his.

Is there really someone as good as part of his hand in this world without wanting something in return?

It was a somewhat or too strange meeting to say, fate is sometimes a bit whimsical but this fate really was the worst, that character was anything but something good for his life, someone like him was difficult, the people around him around would only bother him again but it would be worse.

You d*mn destiny, you really love me but well DEAD.

Chapter 2

"Are you okay?" the boy questioned, picking up a book that he had apparently dropped, just by looking at it he could tell the great difference that existed between the two, while she was nothing in that world, he was someone's right hand important.

Some people are born lucky.

"Yes, I'm fine," she replied, looking at the floor, "sorry for the shock, I was distracted," she apologized and walked quickly towards the living room without even turning to look at him, if someone saw her with him it would be a huge problem.

She was fleeing, she was fleeing from that place as she fled every time she couldn't, Iker only watched her leave while he smiled—How clumsy!—she exclaimed, still with a mocking smile on her face, there was that important character that everyone wants to meet and who everyone wants to talk to.

Just as she fled from that place, she was stopped by that young woman who had always bothered her.



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