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I Dare You To Tame Me, Mr. Vampire

I Dare You To Tame Me, Mr. Vampire

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Alexander is a vampire who has existed for centuries but has never been alive. When Alex smells Beatrix's blood, he immediately realizes he has transformed into a predator in heat. Beatrix is a MMA champion who is unaware of her uniqueness. She signs a contract with Alex without understanding the implications. Her life, which she thought was turbulent, becomes an uncontrollable tornado. Will Alex's obsession with acquiring a one-of-a-kind toy transform into love, or will Beatrix remain a mere object of his interest? Things develop quickly and they're no longer at the center of attention as bigger leagues compete with them on their life...

Chapter 1: Stalked

The world was spinning around me as I tried to fix my position on the bed. My vision was hazy, and a radiating buzz echoed in my ears.

"Beatrix... Thank God, you are finally up," my best friend, Jessica, started as she had her hands on my shoulder.

"What happened?"

"You collapsed after training. The coach said that you were hard on yourself this last month because of the tournament." "The doctor said that you need to rest."

Today is the D-day. I have been training for months for this time to come. I have always wanted to win a tournament, and now my chance has come. "I have a match tonight. The last match. If I win it, then I win the whole tournament," I explained to her.

"It is too dangerous, Beatrix. However, I know you won't listen to me if I try to stop you. I will prescribe you some supplements and a sedative for your headache." "Make sure to take them," the doctor added.

"No, cheese cake. You should convince her to skip it," Those were Jessica's words. I forgot to mention earlier that this so-called doctor is no one but her fiancee. He is both her pride and the love of her life.

Hearing from her means, I am hearing about him. Going out with her means that I am going out with them. They are soul mates that never separate. Consequently, he has become my friend as well, and the three of us have been together for two years now.

"But, cupcake... She won't listen. We shall make the decision that comforts her mind the most at this time," he stated and I nodded to this statement.

"Oh, by the way, I just woke up and my headache is killing me. Can you spare me these cute titles you call each other with?"

"Jealous, I see."

"Oh, Jessica, please. I would never be jealous of such a relationship. It is cheesy..."

"Seeing how you are teasing us now, you must be feeling better. Your match is in another three hours, so take the medicine and I will drop you off at the club."

Time passed and then I hopped inside his car. I forgot to mention that the tournament I am taking part in is not an official one. Nevertheless, if I win, I can guarantee that my reputation will increase and my name will be known to some important figures.

"Thanks for the ride, Will."

"Be careful. I will park my car and join you soon."

Jessica accompanied me inside the club, where the lights were playing with my head. The noise was getting on my nerves and it reminded me of how much I hate crowded places.

"Go change your clothes in the fitting room," the coach ordered as soon as he spotted me.

I could see worry in his eyes, and judging from how he didn't visit me at the hospital, he probably didn't want to affect my decision. I won't give up a crucial step in my life because my body is overly exhausted and he probably understands that.

Anyway, I started putting on my sportswear and exited the fitting room to meet with Jessica again. "Here's water. The game will begin in another 15 mins."

I prepared myself psychologically for the worst outcome, yet my mind wouldn't accept it. There is only one result that should occur, and that is my win.

The match soon started, and my opponent was a female, much more muscular than I am. Actually, for an MMA fighter, I have a petite figure. However, that figure is what gives me an advantage because it makes my opponents put their guard down and face the consequences of their underestimation.

She was more on the attack than on the defense. The other advantage that MMA can give me is that I can take opponents to the ground. Once I put them in this position, it means that I have already won the game.

It took me quite a while to be able to get our fight on the ground, but it was worth the wait. I choked her from behind as I circulated my legs around her trunk, making her unable to move.


She tapped before the judge even resumed his countdown, and I ended up winning. "The winner is Artemis. Let me hear a loud cheer, gentlemen," the announcer shouted, and the crowd complied with his demand.

The coach, Jessica, and Will congratulated me as I was wiping my face with a wet towel in the fitting room.

"You made me proud today, Bea," the coach said as he patted me on the back. He had always been good to me, and I am glad that I showed him the fruit of his teaching.

"C'mon, you must be tired. We will drive you home," Will offered again. "You are not my driver, Will. I will go back home on my own." "I would appreciate a good run as well."

"Okay, as you wish. Cyasoon," Jess said as she waved goodbye to me.

I watched the coach leave, then I grabbed my bag and exited the club. Outside, I felt eyes pointed at me, but when I turned around to check, I couldn't spot anything.

I shrugged off the weird feeling and started jogging after I put on my air pods. I was listening to my favorite singer, Halsey.

The vibe around me sounded peculiar, though. I paused the music and could feel a shadow trail behind me. I quickened my jogging pace, but when the feeling still remained, I started running. There are no taxis in this small village, especially at this hour.

Danger knocked on my mind, and I decided to trap whoever was trailing me. I was standing behind a wall, waiting for him to pass by in order to face him head-on.

Just when I was expecting someone to appear from my left side, I was taken aback by a poke on my back coming from behind me.

I rotated my body with a roundhouse kick aimed at the head of whoever is doing this. I had no idea it would be blocked, and the next thing I knew, I was pinned against the wall.

Chapter 2: Danger

I was able to get a good look at the man who was pinning me against the wall now. He was very tall and broad-shouldered, wearing all black, and had the sharpest jawline I have ever seen. His grip was so strong that it made me unable to move, not even by a single inch.

"Who are you?" I asked with a strict face, trying not to show my fear and remaining relaxed. "Did you try to hit me not knowing who I am?"

"I wouldn't if you had shown yourself earlier. Why were you following me in the first place?"

His voice was rusty and masculine. He seemed in his mid-thirties, and his figure was quite intimidating. He had a vibe around him that screamed dominance and power. Honestly speaking, his aura didn't feel like it belonged to a human being. I had to be cautious with whatever I said or did. He is not someone to be messed with when I don't even know his intention.

"I wanted to know where you live."



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