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Hybrid With Her Mates

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Atalia Willow is an imperfect Hybrid; she is a werewolf and a vampire. She didn't know who her parents were; a pair of rogues raised her. Since childhood, she was teased and underestimated, and an incident caused people to call her a monster. Atalia had not expected the Moon Goddess to provide her with three mates. Alpha Rogue, Alpha Werewolf, and Alpha King are her mates. Her mates, however, did not want to share and asked her to choose one of them. Those three attractive, mighty, and terrifying men resolved to win Atalia's heart. Atalia accepted the challenge with a sorrowful heart. While Atalia was with them, a lot happened. Atalia wants them to understand that they are Atalia's mates and that she cannot choose between them. Does Atalia have to choose? If so, who will Atalia choose?

Chapter 1. Impossible

People say Atalia is extremely fortunate to have a mate like Alpha Edwin. Meanwhile, Atalia is a disaster and a nightmare for Alpha Edwin.That alpha rogue doesn't deserve a mate who isn't perfect. Atalia will never be able to replace Luna Winona. The rogues refuse to accept Atalia as their Luna."How come Alpha Edwin doesn't reject her?" She is a murderer. What if she attacks us and sucks our blood one day?" A blonde-haired omega spoke quietly to her friend. She spoke as she cut the meat.A curly-haired omega trembled in terror. "We've been worried every day since she arrived. I'd love to move to the Beta house, but working at the Alpha house is an honor.""Hey, don't talk about it. What if she hears what you said and gets angry with you?" A black-haired omega chopping onions reminds her friends not to spread rumors about their Luna. "Pay attention to your work."They widened their eyes as Atalia entered the kitchen, greeting them with a wide smile on her lips. They lowered their heads, and their hearts pounded very fast. Luna Atalia heard what they said, and they were afraid that today would be the last day they lived.'I want to scratch their faces. Do they consider themselves more perfect than you?' Atalia's wolf is angry. Atalia calms her wolf.Atalia was used to hearing them spread false rumors about her. Atalia is at a loss for what to do to stop them. Every day, more rogues in this group talk about her, they dislike her, and they are afraid of her.They convey their grievances and fears to Beta because they don't dare to Alpha. How scared they were of Atalia, they had to admit that Atalia was their Alpha's mate and their Luna.Atalia made breakfast for Alpha Edwin. She smiled broadly, and her face shone like the morning sun, although deep inside, she was sad. But even though all the rogues in this group can't accept it, the most important thing is that Alpha Edwin is there for her."You really are good at cooking." Alpha Edwin kissed Atalia's forehead. Then he sat down and ate his breakfast deliciously. He has always loved Atalia's cooking. "Eat your breakfast, Nico." Edwin stared intently at his son, who was standing across from him.Nicholas stood behind the chair and looked at the roasting venison on the table. He shook his head. "I've already told you I don't want to eat her cooking." Nicholas cast a glance at Atalia, who sat next to his father. "I only want to eat food made by omega. Don't make me if Dad doesn't want to see me puke." Nicholas made his way into the kitchen. He asked Omega to make him breakfast.Atalia looked at Nicholas' breakfast with a sad look. Nicholas still didn't like her."He has no manners," Edwin growled. "Nicholas! Can't you appreciate Luna Atalia? She's already made food for you. The food she makes is just as delicious as the food made by omegas." Edwin yelled, his voice reverberating throughout the house, and the omegas in the kitchen froze."I don't care. I never asked her to make food for me!" Nicholas was very stubborn. He didn't care if his father punished him again. He would never like Atalia."He must be punished!" Edwin clenched his fists and hit the table so hard that the wooden table cracked. Atalia was shocked. When Edwin stood up to approach Nicholas, Atalia rushed to stop him."Don't punish Nicholas, Alpha. I'm okay. I was wrong not to listen to him." Atalia smiled broadly and looked Alpha in the eyes with puppy eyes.Edwin stared at Atalia for a few seconds. Even though he couldn't see Atalia's left eye, he was sure that her left eye was as beautiful as her right eye. He took a deep breath and rubbed his face. "Why are you defending Nicho?""If you punish him because of me, he will despise me even more, and he will despise you as well. It's better for Nicholas just to despise me. I don't want to ruin your relationship with your son." Atalia stated quietly. She always pretended she was fine.Edwin gently stroked Atalia's black hair. "Nicholas should know that you have such a kind heart. He was wrong not to accept you."***"I will pick you up." Atalia smiled and waved her hand at Nicholas.Nicholas stopped walking, turned his body, and glared at Atalia. "No need. You're so stubborn! I told you I didn't want to share a car with you."Nicholas pointed at Atalia with his index finger, and his face showed anger. "You are not my mother! I will never consider you to be my mother." He yelled until the people around them turned to look.Nicholas continued walking towards the school with anger in his chest. He met his friend, his face lit up, and he laughed when his friend told him funny things.Atalia stared at Nicholas' back until it disappeared from her sight. The driver, who was a warrior, tapped Atalia's shoulder lightly to wake Atalia from her reverie. The warrior invites Atalia to come home.'Atalia, don't be sad.' Atalia's wolf voice echoes in Atalia's mind.Atalia closed her eyes. Alpha Edwin would ask her to accompany Nicholas to school if he was at home. Alpha Edwin hoped that Nicholas would grow accustomed to her presence, but there was no indication that Nicholas would accept her as his stepmother.'Atalia, I told you, don't worry about anything. Alpha Edwin is our mate, so one day, Nicholas will accept you. You tried, and believe me; the results will not betray your efforts.' Atalia's wolf encourages Atalia not to give up.Atalia held her weakly beating chest and raised her head, determination shining in her right eye. "You're right, Tessa. I'm not going to give up! I didn't expect Nicholas to call me mom. I just wanted him to accept me."From the rearview mirror of the car, the warrior who was focused on driving silently observed Atalia. He felt sorry for Luna. Was Luna's heart, like her hands, made of iron?Atalia never forgot her father's words. Beta Graham taught her to walk with an upright body and eyes straight ahead; it made those who mocked her think she was arrogant. Atalia doesn't want to show her sadness.When Atalia passed them, they would lower their heads. They weren't showing their respect for Atalia, but they pretended not to see her.'Atalia.' Her wolf voice echoes in Atalia's head. 'Did you smell the scent?'Atalia's body froze in front of the open door to Alpha Edwin's house, and her heart was racing so fast it felt like it was going to explode. How could she have smelled the scent of another male werewolf besides Alpha Edwin?'Do we have two mates?' Atalia's wolf doesn't believe in her opinion. Atalia didn't dare to find out who the scent's owner was; she and her wolf must have smelled the wrong thing.Atalia's eyes widened, and she suddenly forgot how to breathe. A black-haired man with honey-brown eyes stood in front of her. This fragrant aroma stung her sense of smell."Hello, my mate." The man smiled broadly, and slowly the creepy aura on his body faded away."Impossible," Atalia muttered after recovering from her shock.

Chapter 2. Compete Argument

"What's impossible?"Atalia took a step back. She avoided the Alpha werewolf's gaze. He is famous worldwide, and Of course, Atalia knows him; he is the Alpha of the Topaz Pack, and he is known as the Alpha Psychopath because he likes to bring his warrior troops to attack other packs or clans."Why? Didn't you smell me as well? Your wolf said I was your mate, right?" Kenric was surprised to meet his new mate. Moon Goddess isn't mad at him. His wolf was correct; the Moon Goddess was extremely kind to him.Atalia is confused and shocked. The Moon Goddess gave her two mates!'Woah, our second mate is the dreadful Alpha.' Atalia's wolf shuddered in horror. Even though she saw Alpha Kenric through Atalia's vision, she could feel the terrifying aura from Alpha Kenric's body."Do you live in Alpha Edwin's house?" Kenric folded his arms in front of his chest, and his g


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