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Hunting Werewolves

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Allen
  • Chapters: 7
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 5.0
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This is the ultimate battle between humans and wolves. The human camp includes: prophets, witches, guards, hunters, knights, idiots... and the most important group - villagers. The wolf camp includes: Wolf King, Demon, White Wolf, Black Wolf, Nightmare... Of course, the most shining ordinary werewolf is also indispensable. Mingyue, the princess of the Qingquan family, shoulders the family's mission and vows to become the guardian of the good camp and fight against the evil werewolves to the end. Is the boundary between humans and wolves so clear? Does the human race represent kindness? Do wolves mean evil? What kind of game will be played after every dawn? What kind of conspiracy is hidden behind every dark night?

Chapter 1 The bear barked

Goose feathers and flying snow cover the entire mountain forest with a thick layer of silver.

Two fat horses rode through the white snow, walking in the forest. The passengers on the horse were a man and a woman. The man was about thirty years old and had a resolute face. He was wearing brown leather armor and a silver buckler on his right arm. The woman was wearing a red mink coat and was petite. , still looks like a girl, but her skin is snowy and creamy, making her look like a beautiful woman. The two of them walked slowly in the snow, trusting the reins of their horses.

A snowflake fell next to the girl's face. The girl stretched out her hand to grab it. She opened her palm, but the snowflake did not melt away. Instead, it formed into light blue six-petal ice crystals. The girl was overjoyed. She showed the ice flower to the boy: "Brother Fei, look."

"Brother Fei" glanced at frost flowers and said calmly: "The snow in the Taya Icefield is not a child's toy. It can swallow everything, including fear."

The girl happily showed her "work" to Brother Fei, but he didn't care at all. The girl said angrily: "I am not a child, I am already sixteen years old this year!" Then she crushed the ice into pieces. , threw it away with his hand, and the ice flowers turned into pieces of ice and scattered in the snow.

Seeing that the girl was angry, Brother Fei stopped and said softly: "Yes, it was my fault. You are already sixteen years old and you are no longer a little girl."

The girl also reined in her horse, lowered her head and said, "Brother Feito, don't treat me like a little girl anymore, okay?"

Feito saw a faint layer of rouge underneath her snowy skin, her eyelashes were slightly drooped, and her shyness was fully revealed. He couldn't help but feel a surge in his chest, and chuckled: "Okay, you are a real princess, no longer a little girl acting coquettishly in her mother's arms..." When he said this, he suddenly felt something was wrong and stopped immediately.

The girl's whole body shook slightly, and the expression on her face suddenly froze.

Feito apologized: "Miss Moon, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have mentioned your mother..."

Miss Moon raised her head, tears rolling in her bright eyes. Feito gently stroked the girl's back and comforted her: "Your mother is resting in the mountains, surrounded by sunshine and white clouds. Don't be too sad."

Miss Moon choked up and asked, "Brother Fei, do you think there really is a soul after death?"

Feito was speechless for a moment when he was asked. After a long time, he replied: "I heard that after a person dies, his soul will ascend to heaven and become a star in the sky, watching over his children in the dark night. Therefore, every time At night, when you look up at the sky full of stars, you can see your mother, and she will be watching you in the sky."

"What about during the day? There are no stars in the sky, so I can't see my mother?"

"The stars are still there during the day, but you can't see them. Look now, although you can't see your mother, she is looking at you in the sky."

Miss Moon raised her head and looked at the gloomy sky: "Really? Mother is really looking at me?"

Feito wiped the tears from her eyes: "Yes, so don't let your mother see your sadness."

Miss Moon's red lips trembled slightly, showing a shallow smile. She waved her hand in the air and said loudly: "Mother, I am fine. Brother Fei is going to take me to Rose Academy. I will become an outstanding magician!"

Seeing that Miss Moon improved, Feito had a smile on his face. He raised his head and said, "No matter what happens, I will be by your side."

"Roar! Roar! Roar!" There was a loud noise in the forest.

The two of them were startled, and Feito looked around hurriedly, looking for

The source of the noise.

Miss Moon said in horror: "Brother Fei, what is going on?"

Feito frowned: "It sounded like a bear roaring, or a snow monster in the forest."

"Let's run."

"Well, without further ado, let's go." Feito whipped Miss Moon's horse's butt with his whip, and the two horses galloped away.

The two of them had just taken a few steps, when they heard a "swish" sound and an arrow flew from behind. Feituo listened to the voice and identified the position, pushed Miss Moon's head down, and the arrow passed through Miss Moon's head and shot into the snow in front of her. As a result, the two horses were frightened at the same time, raised their front hooves, and stopped. Feito grabbed the reins of Miss Moon's horse with one hand and reined in his own horse with the other. Then he turned around, drew out his long sword, and shouted to the forest behind: "Who is doing the trick behind you?"

I saw two figures and a huge white monster faintly appearing from behind. Feito was about to take a closer look when another arrow flew towards him. He blocked the incoming arrow with the shield of his right hand, and then the third arrow came through the air.

The other party's arrows were clearly intended to kill the two of them. Feito was furious, and while blocking the third arrow with his shield, he galloped towards the figure. While the horse was galloping, the fourth arrow flew again, but it was aimed at the horse's lower body. Feito used his sword to knock down the incoming arrow. By this time, the horse was already running close. Feituo saw an old man with white hair and a young man in black, followed by a white bear. The young man in black was holding a crossbow and was the archer.

Seeing Feito approaching, the man in black shot another arrow. Feito smashed the arrow with his shield and slashed at the man in black with his sword. The man in black blocked it with a crossbow. The two of them went back and forth and stood together. After several moves, Feituo gradually gained the upper hand and kept advancing, while the man in black couldn't help but retreat.

"Roar!" As the man in black retreated, the white bear behind him screamed and rushed towards Feito. Feito's mount was frightened by the bear's cry and turned to retreat. Feito immediately paused, turned over and jumped off the horse. The white bear was slapping him with his giant palm. Feito held up his silver shield to block it, and stabbed the man in black in the chest with his sword. The man in black was unable to dodge, so he had to stretch his arm to block the sword. There was a swipe sound, a cut was made on his right arm, and the crossbow fell to the ground.

The white bear's huge palm hit the silver shield repeatedly. Feito was so shocked that his internal organs almost turned over. Seeing that he had stabbed the enemy, he rolled on the spot and avoided another attack of the white bear.

"Bang!" The white bear's giant palm hit the snow, splashing dozens of snowballs.

Feito was breathing heavily. Although the heavy blows from the white bear did not hurt him, they also weakened him. He knelt on one knee and pointed his sword at the two people and one bear opposite him with his left hand. Only then did he see his opponent's appearance clearly. The old man's beard and hair were all white, he was energetic, and he felt a bit like an immortal. The man in black is thin, fair-skinned, and very handsome. The bear was actually a black bear. At first, the white snow covered its appearance, making it look like a white bear. After the fight, the snow flakes fell off the black bear's body, revealing its original color.

The man in black put his hand into his mouth and blew a sharp whistle. The black bear roared again and rushed towards Feituo. Seeing the bear's clumsy movements, Feituo Hei slashed at its legs with his sword. He planned to cut the bear down with one strike, but he didn't expect that the skin on the bear's legs was thick and hard. The sword only scratched the outer fur. The black bear kicked his legs fiercely, and Feituo felt a strong force coming towards him. He couldn't hold it on with his left hand, and the sword flew backwards. Feituo lost his sword and had to turn to the defensive. Black Bear swung several palms in succession, forcing Feito to be overwhelmed.

"Brother Fei!"Miss Moon rode closer and saw Feito fighting with a big black bear. She was frightened and worried in her heart.

Feito caught a glimpse of Miss Moon approaching and said anxiously: "Danger! Get away quickly!"

The injured man in black grabbed the crossbow that fell in the snow and shot an arrow at the bright moon.

Feito was fighting with the black bear. When he saw the man in black picking up a bow and releasing arrows, he couldn't turn around to rescue him. He could only keep shouting: "Miss Moon, run! Miss Moon, run!"

Miss Moon saw the arrow flying towards him, but she sat on the horse in a daze, not knowing how to avoid it.

Chapter 2 knight of justice


Seeing that the arrow was less than three feet away from Miss Moon's chest, the arrow suddenly turned into ice, and then the direction of the arrow changed from rushing forward to falling straight down, and fell on the snow.

Miss Moon's eyes widened, she still hadn't woken up from the shock. She turned around and looked around, and saw two gray horses appearing not far away. The passengers on the horses were a man and a woman. It was obvious that they came to the rescue. As for how to rescue them, Miss Moon was not sure.

Two gray horses galloped over. The man among them was wearing gold armor and holding a golden sword. He had a curly beard and a slight smile on his face. The female rider was wearing a purple shirt and a hat. It was unbelievable that she was a werewolf. Luou said in a daze: "This little girl... is a werewolf?"

Hearing the old man's words, Feito came over and said anxiously: "What nonsens


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