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His Submissive Luna

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Rejected. Neglected. Underestimated. These were three words Allison was used to. Submissive. Docile. Willing. These were the attributes Lucian sought after in a mate. Rejected by her mate and born amongst the rank of the lowest caste in the werewolf clan–an Omega– Allison already has a lot of deal with. Love at first sight fails woefully but the relentless Moon Goddess is determined to rearrange their paths. A never-do-well and a werewolf prince? A feat never before heard in Moon Valley Pack. Opposites attract, secret enemies multiply, a love triangle emerges and the collision creates a bang of twisted fates. She wants his heart belonging to no other and he wants her total submission: body, soul and mind.

Chapter 1 Chapter 1

Allison POV

The sums on my test paper stared back at me, waiting for me to pick up my pen and tackle them. Every now and then, my eyes would peep at the time, hoping against hope that when next I looked at it, ten minutes would have passed and it would be lunchtime. Minced meat and cheese was nothing to look forward to but it was better than Arithmetics. It was then I smelled him. My brain might not be as reliable as other werewolves my age but my sense of smell had never steered me wrong. There was someone in the room whose pheromones were catching my attention. My nostrils were flared, picking more and more of the delicious scent as Miss Rudberg walked around the class.

“Duke, I don’t see you attempting the sums,” her strict voice resounded from behind me. “Dyslexia is not an excuse to be lazy, you know.”

I shrank into my seat as laughter exploded all around me. I was bigger than my seat and so it creaked from my efforts to hide and disagreed at once, pushing me to the floor. The laughter only increased and I felt like blending into the cemented floor. The mean teacher eyed me in disgust and walked on, with no one coming to my help. Swallowing my hot tears, I picked the tattered pieces of my nonexistent pride and sat back in my still creaking chair. I adjusted my weight to the center and wiped dust off my bloodied elbows.

A head turned from the front seat and whipped forward immediately to avoid eye contact. It was only brief but everyone knew that elegant head. It was Chad Ansel, the hottest werewolf in our class who was dating the hottest she-wolf in our class, Gabby Walls. He was good at everything and I was just one of the many girls who wanted him, hating Gabby for winning his attention first. Not that I even though myself as up to her standard but a girl was allowed to dream.

“Time up!” Miss Rudberg suddenly announced and I stared down at my still empty paper with sheer horror. I had written nothing else but my name which I was proud that I could spell correctly now but would not give me an A in Arithmetics. Scrutinizing the questions closely only made me feel dizzy and soon, the words began to float off the paper. When it got to my turn, I leaned back lightly and let Miss Rudberg take my paper. She ran her small eyes through it and scoffed rudely.

“Like I was expecting anything more,” she muttered under her breath and in a swift move, she balled my paper into a ball. On her way out, she tossed it into the trash and exited silently. Before I could be drowned in the river of my shameful tears, I dragged my old bag off the floor and ran out of the class. I found my favourite tree, the Magnolia. Its creamy white flowers that constantly fell into my hair whenever I sat under it were pretty and smelled nice, leaving their scent on me. Sadly, it only lasted for a short while.

I was a failure, the weak link of the Duke Household and the only Omega in the family for the past two centuries. It was bad enough that I was in the same class as Emmaline and my dyslexia was making life very difficult for me. Who didn't know how to read and write at 21? Too caught up in my own problems, it took me a while to recognize that I could no longer perceive the sweet scent. It had drifted away from it and my wolf was not pleased. Who could it have been? Like an answer to my question, Chad ran past my tree in such a hurry.

Immediately, I was overwhelmed by the sweet pheromones again, this time hitting my nostrils with an avenging force. It reminded me of the vanilla plant my mother used to pamper in her garden. My mouth began to water and my heartbeat increased in pace, kicking against my ribcage.

What is this?I asked myself, panicking. I found myself following Chad’s trail down the path blindly, tracing the scent with my heightened senses. It was driving me crazy and I wanted to rub my thighs together, feeling very urgent all of a sudden. My favorite red hoodie was smeared from falling earlier but I was far gone at the moment to care about the delicate fabric until I got to the source of my malady.

It was Chad. He was standing a far off, his hands shoved in his pockets. Even from behind, he was magnificent. The wind toyed with his dark glossy hair, pushing it off his toned nape. I stood behind him, inhaling the wonderful vanilla flavor. My wolf let out an inconvenient wail: Mate and then it hit me: scent, mate.... Chad? Oh my Goddess!

"Mate," I blurted out stupidly, with no control over my tongue. He turned around slowly, as if he was not at all surprised to see me. When I moved towards him, he held out a hand to halt my movements. I dug in my heels but my wolf kept nibbling at my insides. Mate, she sighed in relief and leaned on her front paws happily.

"I knew this would happen. It was just a matter of time," he muttered, dragging his fingers through his hair. I took another step closer when I thought he wasn't paying attention until he slanted me a cold look.

"Not another step, Duke. What do you want from me? The truth? An acknowledgement? Okay, I found out we were mates at my eighteenth birthday last week. That day, when I found out that the vanilla scent I was ravishing was from you, I wanted to tie a stone around my neck and chuck myself into the Vaughn River. Of all the she-wolves in our pack, why you, someone with half a brain?"

I heard the hate in his voice and shuddered with fear. He had known all this time and he never cared to associate with me. Instead, he joined the others in making jest of me, his mate. My tongue felt heavy and tasted like ash. My mate was younger than I was and was ashamed of me. Just great.

“Look at you; we are practically very different people. Your mind is slow, you are all plump and not even cute, at least. You cannot be my mate! There must be a mistake somewhere!” he protested angrily, his fists forming balls.

"You can't reject me. We are mates, fated to be together by the Goddess. What will become of me if you cast me away?" I begged softly, trying to reason with him amicably.

"Whatever happens to you is none of my business,” he snapped in a dead voice. “As of today onwards, I reject you, Allison Duke as my mate now and forever. For your own sanity, forget about me and move on."

Chapter 2 Chapter 2

Allison POV

My heart crashed into my stomach as I heard his words echo over and over in the hollow space of my mind. If my own mate didn’t want me, of what purpose was I? My wolf whined and rolled onto her back, kicking her hind legs in despair.

“Chad. . .please.” I struggled with tears. “I can be better. I can read a little now and spell and. . .”

“And that would never be enough! I have done you the courtesy of acknowledgement. However, you better not tell anyone we are mates or I will make your life more terrible than it already is.”

His warning chimed like bells to my hearing and his cold, clipped words finally destroyed the barrier of my tears. He hated me and there was nothing I could do about it. A strangled, painful howl escaped my throat from the depths of my battered soul and Chad made himself scarce before I could draw attention to us.

I dropped to my knees, howling out my pain and tears rushed freely now, obscuring my view. Cradling my


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