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His Reckless Luna

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Emma Mior lands herself in uncalled danger after being caught by the Duke of Mirage Dukedom, Alpha Daison Arnold, while stealing the Luminous Moonshine Flower. He's a cruel warlord and protector of the Flower that's worth countless countries. She begs him to let her go, and in return, she will do anything he says. Duke Arnold spares her life but at the cost of making her his personal servant. Duke Arnold has never spared anyone before, so what's his reason behind being lenient with Emma? Is he hiding something that others don't know? And why is Emma forbidden from using her blood on others?

Chapter 1

Emma's POV.

“I, Emma Mior, reject you, Alpha Jack.”

Today was my 18th birthday. The day I turned into a real wolf and the day I rejected my mate.

Today was supposed to be the happiest day of my life. The day I turn adult and the day I get to choose my life partner, my mate, and my alpha. I had waited for this day for a long time. I spent sleepless nights and went through trouble just to witness today's holy ritual.

However, just when I thought I was about to be happy, I was asked to give up everything.

When those words escaped my mouth earlier, I knew I had dropped a bomb on everyone. All of them looked at me with a look of shock, confusion, and a sense of misconception about the situation. There was no reason for them to be surprised because this was a situation of terror.

“My lady, you are supposed to accept your fate and mate today. It's your holy ritual. What are you doing?” Dana, my maid, asked me in a confused and shocked tone.

She knew how excited I was and how long I waited for Jack to accept me. So now, when I rejected him, everyone was confused.

There were unexplainable looks on everyone's faces, but everything they were feeling and showing right now was understandable to me.

My aunt and uncle came forward. They were just as clueless as everyone else attending the ritual, and Jack was shocked. He was trying to read my mind, trying to understand the situation, even thinking about whether I was playing a prank on him as I usually do.

But no, it wasn't a joke or prank. It was reality.

“Emma, this is your coming-of-age ceremony as well as your life partner selection ceremony. What is this joke you are playing right now? Please stop it. It's enough.” Said Uncle, who had a grave expression on his face.

Jack was waiting for my answer. And I, a person who promised to be with him forever until my last breath, couldn't even muster up the courage to look him in the eyes.

He is innocent. What wrong did he commit that I ended up rejecting him? He was like a silly person who kept waiting for this day, the day I took him as my life partner. But I betrayed him.

“Emma, please stop playing around. It's okay if you make jokes on regular days, but not today,” said Aunt, as she warned me.

But I had already made my decision. I puffed up my chest, mustered all the courage I had, and looked Jack in the eyes one last time. “I will say this one last time. I, Emma Mior, reject you, Alpha Jack.” I said.

My voice was firm. I tried my best after all.

Jack slumped to the ground. I know his heart was broken today. It shattered so badly that he might not be able to believe someone else again.

On his knees, he grabbed the hem of my beautiful red dress and tugged it gently. “Emma, if there's anything about me that you are dissatisfied with, please tell me. I will try my best to change myself, I will try my best to become what you want me to be,” he said.

His hands trembled, his heart was in pain, and he could barely look at me but was doing his best to sound me out.

I shook my head, and tears started streaming from my eyes. I couldn't bring myself to tell him the truth. If he asks me one more time now, I know I won't be able to hold back.

I pulled the hem of my dress from his hand brutally. The pull was strong and cruel enough to shake his heart into despair.

“I am sorry. Forgive me, but I won't be able to make you my life partner. From now on, we are nothing,” I said, hardening my heart, and then walked out from there, leaving everyone behind and giving them lots of questions to think about.

I ran to my room and threw myself on the bed. Those icy tears that had been falling slowly all this time started falling out like streams.

“I am sorry, Jack. Please forgive me. But I don't have any choice. I was forced to,” I whispered, bawling my eyes out.

My voice crackled, and I couldn't help but cry heavenly.

This earthly world is separated into three regions. The human region, the wolf region, and the demon region. These three are known to be mortal regions on Earth, and life has always been fickle here.

For thousands of years, these three regions have lived their lives separately, without interfering in each other's territory, just as no one can afford to make enemies with others.

Wolves never interfere with human beings or demons. They can't afford to make enemies in these regions.

There are many frictions in the Wolf Region. Many influential wolf families live in the wealthiest areas, while many poor families are forced to stay in the war zone, counting their miserable lives every day, unsure when they will get out of danger or die.

And I, Emma Mior, live in between these two frictions. My family isn't the wealthiest, but it isn't too poor either. We can afford to eat a good meal and live freely, unlike others who are constantly in danger.

However, we are still counted as the lowest lineage in society. Our pack has always struggled between the power and greed of the wealthy nobles and royals. We are like a line between these two.

My parents died when I was just two years old. I can't even remember what they looked like since I was very small at the time. After I became an orphan, my aunt and uncle took me in. It was difficult for them to take in a child when they already had their own two children to feed, but despite knowing the risk, they still adopted me, treated me like their own child, and never differentiated me from their other children.

Even though I was an orphan, I grew up pretty sheltered thanks to my aunt and uncle. I can never repay the kindness and affection they showered upon me, even if I lived nine lives. They are my everything.

Jack, an Alpha from my friend's pack, fell for me at first sight when we were just ten. Even though at that time it was just adoration, it transformed into a strong love over the years.

Everyone knew we had chemistry and that we were fated mates. He was the only one who would love me for who I am for the rest of my life. Everyone was happy and waiting for this day, the day we reunited these two families.

But the reality is often cruel. For the sake of my family and people, I had to reject him.

This day became a nightmare and an ominous day for everyone thanks to me. Jack fell into despair. And it was only the next day when I got to know that Jack had disappeared. He left the pack without a word. No one knows where he disappeared.

“Emma Mior, this is all your fault. My brother loved you. He was ready to sacrifice everything for you. But you broke his heart and left him in despair, you are too cruel,” said a woman in her early adulthood.

It was Ellen, Jack's younger sister, who called me in front of the whole audience. Her emotions were unstable right now, and she was ready to kill anyone if needed. Her tears were screaming for vengeance. She was extremely upset with me.

“He has disappeared, and we don't know where or how he is. What if he ends up doing something terrible to himself? Is this what you wanted?” Ellen asked, she kept on scolding me while gritting her teeth. Her anger was on point and understandable. After all, I was the reason behind all his misery. So I had no right to talk back or explain myself.

Jack's pack had hatred in their eyes, and that hatred was directed toward me. All of them were disappointed in me and wanted to see me end up in a worse condition. This must be what they want right now, to see me regret it and ask him back.

Even my brother and sister were disappointed with me. I couldn't ask for their forgiveness. I deserved it.

“Ellen, stop wasting your time on me. You should go and find him. If anything happens to him, you might regret it your whole life.” I said, forcefully taking her hand out of my collar fabric, and my voice came out as cold as I wanted.

Ellen gritted her teeth as she saw me acting shamelessly and cold. She slapped me on the cheek for my cheeky behavior and left a print on my face. The place where she slapped me turned red. It left the pain behind, but I swallowed the saliva and closed my eyes, trying my best not to show softness as I couldn't.

“Emma, I will remember this day, and one day you will feel the same pain as my brother. I will return the same suffering and pain to you. Just wait for it,” Ellen said, in an angry tone.

She laughed sarcastically and bitterly, and then she walked away with her pack.

My heart sank, not because I was cursed, but because Jack had gone missing.

A young girl barely in her 16s approached me. She had cool, deep blue eyes with a splash of red in the center and curly hair that complemented her slender figure and small face. She looked at me with conflict, her brows were raised high and her eyes were emitting pain.

“You have been my role model since childhood. Whatever you have done till now has had reasons, so I believe your actions yesterday surely had a hidden motive. I am your sister, won't you even tell me?” Viren said, looking all desperate and sad.

It was Viren, my younger sister, my uncle, and my aunt's younger daughter.

I have known Viren since the moment she first came to this world, and she has been my comfort zone since childhood.

No matter what people say about me, this girl has never been disappointed in me, always sees me for who I am, and always helps me.

Viren stretched her hand forward and wrapped it around my neck as she leaned closed and nuzzled her head on my shoulder like a lazy kitten. “Sis, I know how much you love Brother Jack. I have seen that seriousness in your affection. I have seen you long for him. So, why did you reject him? Didn't you say before that he's perfect for you? And that you can't see your future without him?” Viren asked, her eyes looked wet as if she was holding back tears.

This little girl has been strange since birth. Whatever emotions I feel, she feels just the same. Just like how her eyes are watery now, it's just what I have been feeling. Somehow, Viren can sense my emotions and feelings; she knows my mood.

I looked upward. The sky was pretty strange today. Black clouds were soaring high in the sky as if they were screaming in pain; rain was expected, and thunderstorms too.

I gently and slowly placed my hand over Viren's back and gave her a bitter smile. “You are right, I do... I still love him. However, many obstacles won't let us come together. So, instead of struggling and hurting each other, I decided to give up. After all, he deserves someone far better than me.” I said, smiling bitterly.

Viren gave me a confused look. I snickered in my heart; she was still a child and had no idea what I meant. Well, what am I even expecting? I have been talking in circles, not explaining anything but making things worse. So it's no surprise that Viren could give me that confused look.

“Baby Girl, take care of Mom and Dad. I have to make a trip to the nearest village as it's important. If you could keep my plans secret, I would be more than happy. I have something really important to do. For that, I need to leave as quickly as possible.” I said, patting her head.

Viren clutched my hand tightly, and she looked at me with those puppy-like eyes like shooting stars. “Sis, you've been acting weird for a couple of days now. Just what is going on with you? And why are you leaving so suddenly? What's important work? Mom and Dad have not spoken since yesterday. What should I tell them if they ask?” Viren asked worriedly.

“If you are unable to hide the secret, just tell them I ran away from home because I was embarrassed. Vir, I must leave.” I said in a gentle tone.

Viren took her time to think and agreed with me.

I returned to my room after convincing Viren to keep my departure a secret. There's something really important I must do. For the safety and lives of my people, I must take this risk. Even if I am to die halfway, I mustn't give up. Succeeding is the only key to protecting everyone.

After getting all the essential stuff, I changed into more comfortable clothes and covered my face with a mask, so I would not get exposed if I ever got caught.

“For the survival of my people, I must achieve it. Duke Daison, I am coming to you, but just don't be in the mansion because I must not get caught by you.”

Chapter 2

Emma's POV.

I recently found out that my senior, who's as old as my father, got into trouble. He caught a rare disease while venturing into the deep mountains far from the village, which put him in a bad situation.

And all this happened while he was looking for a medicinal flower that was quite rare and had never been found by anyone before. There had only been speculations, assumptions, and myths about the flower, not the actual thing.

In the earthly region, there was a disease named “Red Maniac Blood,” and this disease has always been rare, only found in 0.01% of the population till now, and no antidote has been found or made yet, maybe because the ingredient made it impossible, as it was not seen but only spoken about all these years.

It's said that the person who catches this disease dies a horrible death, so horrible that even the family and loved ones refuse to admit the person as their family or friend.

And unfortunately, my senior


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