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His mate from the Blues

His mate from the Blues

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She was born in the blues, far from the harsh reality of the land. She was tough. She was famous. She was both pragmatic and curious. Her curiosity led her down the path she was always destined to take. She was born a mermaid. But will she be able to accept her fate as a Luna of a doomed pack, or will curiosity kill the cat? He was named alpha even before he was born. He was abducted in order to lift the curse. He was determined, adorable, and the most muscular wolf who ever lived. Wait...Wait...Wait. *Troubles are never alone! He expected his mate to be a werewolf, but would he accept a MERMAID as his mate in order to lift the curse? How will they meet, being two different universe creatures? Will they be able to love each other? Will their mating break the curse, or will they be trapped forever in a myth?

Womanizer Alpha

"Victor's Point of view"

A gentle touch on my lips awakens me from my power nap, and the Chanel Sycomore fragrance confirms this is Bruna, my Beta's mate. Her seducing touch reveals her nefarious desires.

"Will you keep your hands off me?" I gave the order with my eyes closed.

"How come Alpha?" "Is it true that you accepted that filthy creature as your mate?" She inquired while her hands were trailing across my bare chest.

My anger infuriated, I jumped off and shoved her hand away

"I didn't accept anyone!" I yelled, fisting

"I knew that!" she smirked yelling in joy and drew me back onto the bed and jumped over me.

Her deep cleavage is in front of my eyes, her voluptuous breast heaving up and down over my chest, and her alluring scent arousing my male desires,

She pushed her juicy lips over mine and passionately deepened them before I could enjoy the sexy view any longer.

Bruna is an expert at relieving my anxiety.

I stripped her smutty see-through dress with my hand and my other hand grabbed her left breast harder and she moaned.

"AAAAHHH!" "Harder " she demanded over the kiss.

She is all naked over me now. I keep on lingering on her buttery body with my warm hands.

Pulling herself out of that long kiss she dribbled her lips down to my neck, streaming down kisses all over my chest, sucking and biting me.

"OH! Bruna!" I moaned and pulled her down me.

started sucking her stacked, toned boobs. the pleasure was mutual.

Moaning, she grabbed my shoulder blades as I gripped her ass.

My erection was rigorous against her core, leaving her wanting more and more.

She cupped my face and pulled me into tongue-licking, followed by a french kiss.

My teeth bit her lips and made her moan louder.

Sniffing her nasty sex desires, I slowly moved down, spreading her legs away with my tongue making its way to her wet clit.

She gasped as my tongue entered her core. I swiftly swirled my tongue around her wet clit. Her wetness was now pooling down and I swallowed all of her cum.

I softly bite her clit and she moaned out loud grabbing my head and forcing me fuck her with my tongue.

"Dare you to come again, Bruna" I commanded and start fucking her with my tongue

she tighten her grip over my head and forced me to thrust in and out of her.

"Alpha, I am coming, " she informed moaning her body tighten up and she is on her high by this.

"Fuck me," she demanded

"Really?" I nonchalantly asked, infuriating her nasty desires.

she is such a bitch that never gets satisfied with her mate and always threw herself on me and gets fucked harder.

As I didn't obey her, she grabbed my hard dick and pushed her over it and she is hot as hell inside.

I accelerated thrusting in and out harder and harder,

making this bitch under me moan louder and louder.

"AAhh....AAHHH, YEAH, fast....faster..." she keeps on moaning

I rolled her and started fucking her ass, putting her in the doggy style.

"NOOOOO, " she screamed in pain as her tight ass tore apart with my cock jerking in harder and harder.

"Not fair," she groaned in pain

her painful groans giving me pleasure and exaggerating my zeal to fuck her more and more.

I pulled my cock out and tossed her to the nearby wall and started fucking her pinning her to the wall.

Roughly grabbing her hair and pulling her back and forth over me.

" fucking slut...." I moaned in pleasure

I released into her.

She dropped down on her knees and gulped my still hard duck into her juicy lip, licking the cum she started giving a blow job and soon made me cum again into her mouth.

After hours of fucking her passionately. She surrenders out of tiredness.

"Thank you, Alpha," she sheepishly said heaving breathlessly

I enjoyed fucking her overnight but then regretted betraying my best friend, my beta. I fell at sin.

"I hate this regretful expression of yours," she said turning over her side

"A womanizer alpha who fucked every single girl in this pack, regret fucking the hottest girl among all." she taunted

A smile crept over the appreciated prefix this slut just used for her.

"Let me show my worst side once more." Saying I let my fingers thrum and caress against her warm flesh before swiftly easing a finger inside her.

Her muscles clenched against my finger.

She moaned closing her eyes.

I eased two more fingers inside her and slowly circle them around while my thumb stroked her clit. This would drive her nuts.

"Yes," she nodded arching her back as I sucked her red erect nipples.

"Oh yess...." I grinned and while I pursued my slow torture, I decided to feast on her delectable breasts to heat her up.

I tightly closed my lips around her soft bud and groaned in jealousy." fuck, my beta is so lucky to have such a horny mate" He would get to taste all of her without even needing to play tricks. "

"so unfair!"

"Then mark me and made me your luna," she demanded cupping my face

Her nasty desire exaggerated me and the devil inside me furiously demanded an act of revenge for her illegitimate ask.

I rapidly thrust my fingers in and out of her ...making her groan louder

"AAh," Bruna cried out as I paced up

"Please...fuck me...please...Alpha...I can't take it anymore." she pleaded tightly clutching the bedsheet.

"Really?" I enjoyed her pitiful expression

"Alpha....please." she requested once again

I rotated my dick over her wet core and placed it on her entrance

"Get in..." she moaned tightly closing her eyes in pleasure

"Alpha..please..." she whimpered while I continued to play around

I dive my finger slowly inside her once again at a pace that is extremely frustrating to her.

"Are you close?"

I demanded because I could feel her tightened muscles.

"Yes,...I want" "please..." she whimpered

"Enough for today," I said...pulling my fingers out.

"What the hell?" she growled taxing at me.

A smile crept over my lips looking at her frustrated expression

"A bad alpha never obeys anyone," I exclaimed sucking my fingers

"Nevertheless, you taste delicious," I smirked licking my lips

She was shocked to see my nasty act and understood it was her punishment

Without giving her any further attention, I pulled up my shirt and trod to the washroom

She jumped off the bed and frustratedly walked out of the room.

It's obvious now she will look for her mate to get fucked up to cool herself down.

Unbelievable mate


*Victor's Point of view*

I am 29 and still haven't been able to find a mate. That's a considerable shame for an indestructible, chosen alpha of one of the iconic wolf packs of the region.

Well, this ill-starred star came with a prophecy, a prediction from the Blue Moon Goddess, to detach a throbbing curse.

All the women in my pack were doomed to be infertile by an occult two decades ago. Since then, they have failed to produce babies. Our ingenious doctors endeavour to treat them in every possible scientific way.

Every home in my pack has wacky muted crestfallen vibes that stab my heart every time I visit any of my pack members. Their buoyant eyes keep on asking me how long it will take to find my mate. How long do they have to endure this pain of not having kids, and not making their perfect family picture look complete?

I hate this helplessness of mine.

I lost my parents a few years back and the only friend and f


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