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His high bid price mate

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Blurb:- “I bought you at a very high price and I expect you to fulfill your duties as my slave,” he reminded her before throwing her to the bed and pinning her to it. “Get off me,” she demanded. He chuckled dangerously, “I bought you to satisfy me in bed and you tell me to get off you?” She squirmed beneath him as he held her neck, “You will do as I ask, Diana . I own you,” he stated in anger. After seeing her younger sister get murdered before her eyes, Diana was sold to the highest bidder as a s*x slave. She tried countless times to escape Alpha Rolex who had bought her but it was pointless until she had a vision. Then she vowed to avenge the death of her family and ruin everyone who ever hurt her.

Chapter 1 Auction

"What do you want with us Kira?!" the redhead growled at the petite lady staring down at her, as she struggled to break free from the men holding her down on her knees.She bared her fangs and made to sink them into the arm of one of the men holding her, but was sent flying across the room, before crashing into a pole nearby by a thunderous slap from the lady to her cheek."Jamie!" A frail-looking girl cried as she rushed towards the girl that had been flung across the room.Jamie winced as she sat up. Her face was as white as snow with blood oozing from the corners of her lips and nose."Stop struggling; you'll get yourself killed," the frail girl muttered in a croaky voice as she took her hand in hers and gave it a reassuring squeeze.Jamie glanced at the girl briefly, staring into her big cyan eyes, the only feature they got from their father. The warmth in her eyes reduced her anger considerably but it didn't stop her from glaring at Kira who was staring at them contemptuously."I might just gouge out your eyes if you keep looking at me that way," She threatened with a malicious look in her eyes, "Tie them up. It's time for the auction," she instructed the men that had held Jasmine, without taking her eyes off the two sisters as a sinister smile played on her face."Yes ma'am," they both chorused and made their way towards them."Diana," Jasmine quietly called out to her sister who had her head down in defeat."Yes?" Diana croaked weakly."I'll take my wolf form and attack them. Make a run for it when I do," she instructed her in a low tone.Diana snapped her head in Jasmine's direction, "I'm your older sister," she reminded her, "And running is futile. You'll get caught and be killed."Jasmine sniffed, turning to her with watery eyes, "What then? We should just let them sell us to those horny, old geezers?" she cried softly, making Diana look away."I'm sorry for being unable to protect you," Diana apologized, a sad smile on her face."Enough of the sentimentality," one of the men said in irritation before gagging and tying them up"Good! We'll auction the stubborn one first. Both of you should come with me. The second one is too weak to do anything," Kira said and made her way toward the stage. The larger one of the two men hauled Jasmine over his shoulder despite her struggles.Diana screamed and tried to run after them but the second man kicked her back to the floor, making her hit her head, rendering her vision blurry.I'm so useless. Mom, Dad, I've let you down. Her vision became even more blurry as the corner of her eyes dampened with tears when she heard the growls of excitement as her sister was auctioned off.I'm useless. Her eyes fluttered close.Seeing she had passed out, the other man made his way"…stubborn too. The best type of s*x slave. With that said, let the bidding begin!" Kira yelled into the microphone and the excited growls of the bidders filled the hall as they began bidding."No, this can't be happening," Jamie whimpered with trembling lips."Sold to booth 36 for 3.5million dollars!" her voice boomed through the speakers, snapping Jasmine out of her thoughts.This isn't happening. This can't be happening. She cried."Untie her," Kira instructed the man who had brought Jasmine to the stage, "The old wolf will come to claim his belonging," she added, making Jasmine's eyes widen in horror."Please, let me go. I'm begging you. Kira," she begged as the man untied her, "Let me go, you vile being."Kira's soft eyes immediately hardened with anger, "Take her behind the curtains and wait for me. I need to take care of something," she ordered, her voice so soft but the murderous intent in her tone didn't go unnoticed.He nodded and dragged Jasmine behind the curtains. The moment they were out of view, Jasmine concentrated all her strength on her elbow before connecting it to his stomach brutally, sending him to the ground.She turned to him again and connected her first with his jaw severally till she heard it snap. Satisfied, she picked up the gag he had used for her and shoved it in his mouth."How does my saliva taste?" she smirked, and without sparing him a second glance, she dashed towards Diana who looked like she was about to cross over."Diana," Jasmine said hurriedly, "Wake up."Diana's eyes fluttered open weakly, "Jasmine… you're okay " she breathed, her voice hoarse."Yes, I'm okay," Jasmine cried, "Get up, we have to escape now. We're running out of time."Diana spotted the tied-up man who was passed out on the floor and without a second thought, got up with the support of Jasmine.They began running but due to how weak Diana was, they weren't as fast as they wanted to be, "You should leave without me," Diana whispered hoarsely, wincing when she put too much strength on her leg.Jasmine softly flicked Diana, "Why would I ever do that?"They were in front of the back door when Diana suddenly halted in her steps and pushed Jasmine off her before collapsing to the floor, "Jasmine, be sensible. If we go together, I'll get us caught and you might be killed, she coughed before wincing at the pain it caused her."But—" Jasmine started but Diana shut her up by holding her palm up."I'm your older sister. I've always been unable to protect you. Let me protect you this time," her chapped lips curved into a sad smile, "If you leave by yourself, there's a high chance of you making it out here alive. Kira won't kill me because she needs to make money, especially after losing you," she paused and took deep, labored breaths.

Chapter 2 Slave

Diana continued after a while, "I'll become a sex slave but you'll be alive and you can come to get me when you recover your strength. That's the best option Jasmine. Please, listen to me. Kira will be here anytime soon; you should leave."Tears fell down Jasmine's eyes as she sobbed. She bent down to Diana's level and gave her a warm hug that was right enough to convey her emotions but not enough to break her fragile bones."You should leave now," Diana advised.Jasmine pulled away with puffy eyes, "I'll come back for you. I promise," she promised and dashed into the darkness.Diana let out a sigh of relief as her head made contact with the unwelcoming concrete ground. She had just


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