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His Cold Heart  - Vol 1

His Cold Heart - Vol 1

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A Blind date leads to something else when Sydney Pritchard is set up on a blind date by friends he meets Luca Thornstow a property developer the two hit it off leading to feelings and betrayal . What will Sydney do when he finds out Lucas secret and there is also the issue off Sydney’s ex to deal with and Lucas dead lover . What will Sydney do when he finds out about Lucas dead Lover Tobin and why does he look like him . Vampires , doppelgängers what’s it all mean Sydney is confused what happens when Luca Confesses to Sydney after he finds him drinking from someone . This is in a series follow Sydney and Luca on there journey off self discovery and finding there love for each other in books one and two Also the series is on Amazon , wattpad , ao3 , rakuten kobo , books2read , inkitt . Follow my socials Https:// Also check out my other series Club Nero series meet Darian Longstrome the owner off Club Nero sex club where writer Cameron Fraser comes to with a friend and a self discovery the two hit it off and a relationship developes

Chapters 1 to 5


His cold Heart ( vol 1 )

Chapter 1

Sydney Pritchard ended his last call for the day off his call centre jobs in Edinburgh Macintosh and Barnes which sells insurance which he so hated one day he would have a better job that would pay better he smiled thinking about his potential date tonight his friends frank and Lucy set him up with Luca Thornnstow a property developer they had been working with over the past few weeks his company Thornstow industries

Sydney just got out off work his phone rang his friend Lucy he connected the call “ how you feeling “ “ Lucy I’m fine it’s not as if I’ve been on a date before a little nervous “ in fact he was terrified it had been 8 months since he split with his ex Ryan good riddance he thought “ Sydney “ “ what “ “ Luca is really nice you’ll like him “ Sydney heard frank shouting good luck “ you deserve it Syd “ “ I know “ . Sydney disconnected the call and got into his car and drove home .

Ruth heard Sydney come in she had wondered whether to hand him the envelope that had arrived today as she didn’t want him upset for his date tonight “ hi mum “ he gave his mum a kiss on the head she looked up “ so where is the date then “ “ the ivy “ Sydney went to the fridge for a drink he was about to go upstairs when he noticed the envelope addressed to him he opened it and was shocked to see it was a wedding invite from Ryan . Bastard thought and then checked off it so he put the invitation in the bin and went for a shower .

Sydney came out off the taxi he looked up at the ivy looked nice he heard from some people it was and it was booked out months in advance Sydney went inside the mitred took his name and escorted Sydney to his table where Luca was waiting the mitred whispered in his ear Luca nodded as Sydney waited . Luca got up and turned to Sydney to great him wow “ fucking hell “ Sydney whispered way to go frank he was hot he had the most piercing green eyes very smartly dressed in a suite Sydney didn’t wear a suite he had worn good trousers and a shirt Sydney noticed that Lucas hair colour had blondish streaks through it and he had the most striking features he had ever seen “ Sydney lovely to see you at last “ Luca held out his hand and they shook hands Luca smiled play it cool Syd he thought “ please have a seat I hope you don’t mind a .iittle privacy “ “ no not at all “ Sydney sat down the mitred came back over for there orders “ I’ll have my usual Edmund and the poached salmon “ Edmund nodded and looked at Sydney “ a beer please and a steak “ “ your not a wine drinker then Sydney “ Luca smiled Sydney blushed “ occasionally “ .

During their meal they chatted about all the different things he seemed easy to get on with Sydney though Luca mentioned Switzerland where he comes from he seemed sad when he mentioned his family too . “ your business is doing well “ “ yes I’ve many properties scattered around thanks to Frank and Lucy for their help Edinburgh is a beautiful city “ . “ Scotland does have good scenery and places to visit “ Luca nodded even though he had only been in Scotland a few months he had hoped to explore more . “ Frank tells me you work in a call centre “ “ yes it’s boring really kinda hate it even though I’ve been at the company 3 years made good friends there “ “ I’m sure your not boring Sydney '' Luca smiled Sydney blushed bloody hell he thought this guy is giving me the vibes good vibes he thought .

“ is there a reason you haven’t dated in a while “ Luca asked damn frank why you have to go say that Sydney shifted in his chair “ my ex decided he liked women more it’s a complicated story I’d rather forget about it “ “ I’m sorry “ oh no Sydney thought should he have said that Luca smiled there meal arrived and more drinks Sydney felt more relaxed as the night went on . Afterwards the mitred came with the bill which Luca paid much to Sydney’s annoyance “ we go Dutch the next time “ Luca looked at Sydney next time he thought “ Dutch “ “ it's a saying we go half “ .

Luca thought he would have to get used to different sayings in Scotland that he had picked up over the past few months .

“ thanks for a nice night “ Sydney said to Luca as they waited outside for his taxi “ meet soon “ Sydney smiled don’t botch it up he thought Luca touched Sydney’s face he went to kiss Sydney a soft light kiss “ you have my no “ Sydney goes into the taxi and drives off Sydney smiling . Lucas' driver opened the door for him “ where to sir “ “ home Philip “ Philip nodded. Oh he thought the date must have gone well then for them to go straight home Luca seemed happy tonight Philip thought it was good to see him in a joyous mood after his date .

Sydney got home and leaned against the door he smiled. I had a really good date. See how it goes. He ran upstairs and fell on top of the bed. He got out his phone and brought up Franks and called him .” Well how did it go “ “ Frank he’s lovely it was good meeting again “ Frank sat on the landing as he spoke to Sydney Lucy got up to see how it went . “ good I’m happy you got on you deserved to be happy Syd ” .” I know just baby steps, frankly .”

“ Tobin where are you “ “ I’m here my love “ Tobiin appeared before Luca in the dining room Luca went over to him he touched Tobins face he leaned into his hand and smiled they kissed “ come “ Luca took Tobins hand and lead him into the bedroom “ Luca I can’t “ Luca looked round at Tobin as he stood where he was he cocked his head “ Tobin “ “ you know I can’t my love “ Tobin faded in front off Luca as he shouted for him .

Luca woke up Philip bent down in front of him making sure Luca was ok as he heard him shouting Luca looked round in the bed and at Philip “ you were dreaming again “ Luca sat up in bed he nodded “ sir are you ok “ Luca nodded he had been having the same dreams for a while now he looks round at the night stand a picture off him and Tobin taken many years ago Luca touched the picture of him and Tobin he smiled and kissed the picture and he sat it back on the nightstand .


Monday came again so quickly Sam Sydney’s work friend looked over at him smiling Sydney must have had a good date with the Luca guy he was in a good mood for once he noticed his phone kept beeping off a text sam slid his chair over to Sydney he tapped on his shoulder “ your to cheery “ Sydney sniggered Sam laughed Sydney blushed “ good date then “ “ yes he’s nice we’ve been texting all weekend “ “ what’s his name again “ Sydney shook his head “ Luca Thornstow “ “ oh he so sounds like a movie star “ Izzy turned round smiling Sydney laughed “ what’s he like then “ Sam asked as he sat back on his chair “ a bit intense it’s like he’s really listening to you you know he’s a property developer thronstow industries “ “ yea I’ve heard about it “ “ nothing to do “ the three off them looked up at Martin three boss “ we think Sydney’s in love “ Sydney snorted and shook his head “ no I’m not “ .

Frank and Luca were going over plans for the new apartments developments they were in the process off building Lucy had just arrived to meet frank and Luca for lunch “ I want to thank you both for introducing me to Sydney “ frank and Lucy looked at each other and smiled “ your welcome went well then “ Luca smiled yes they had a good date and texted most the weekend to arrange another date “ yes indeed I’ve invited Sydney for dinner my pace Friday “ . “ that’s great Luca “ Lucy and frank we’re pleased to know that Sydney and Luca got on ok on three date “ honey are you ready for lunch Luca are you joining us “ “ thanks for the offer but I’ve arranged a business lunch another time “

Luca entered his study lMarcus was sitting on the couch waiting for Luca he smiled and stood up as Luca went over to him “ are you well Marcus “ “ yes sir “ they both sat down Marcus held out his arm Luca took Marcus’s arm he rolled up his sleeve Marcus’s previous bite marks were healing . Lucas fangs descended and he bit into Marcus’s wrist Marcus winced as Luca sucked on his arm after a few minutes Luca released his arm Luca wiped his mouth .Marcus rubbed his arm and git the alcohol wipes from the med kit “ your taking your vitamins “ “ yes and the transfusions to “ “ good “

Lucas phone pinged off a text he checked it a message from Sydney had arrived “ do you need a ride back “ Luca asked Marcus he looked at Luca normally he would stay longer “ no ill be fine getting back “ what was up with Luca he seemed distracted “ see you Friday “ Luca looked at Marcus “ yes sir “ . “ if you're curious to know I have a dinner date “ .

Sydney put his hands in his pockets and looked out at the view of Lucas' apartment , very nice he thought and his apartment was nice to the few photos scattered around as he looked at them “ this one is my grandfather “ Sydney looked round at Luca as he stood at the door leaning against the door . Luca walked over to Sydney and picked up one the photos “ he was a good man and yes we do look like each other all other family members do to in the genes “ “ good genes “ Sydney smiled Doris chapped the door before she came in with a pot tea “ thank you Doris “ Doris nodded then left she turned round “ dinner will be half hour “ Sydney picked up Doris’s dialect he guessed from the highlands “ Doris is from Skye she’s been my housekeeper for a long time “ “ I thought that she seems motherly towards you “ “ she’s always been like that “

“ You have an amazing view “ Sydney pointed to the window “it is and the company isn’t bad either “ Sydney blushed Luca looked at him Luca moved nearer to Sydney he leaned in and kissed his hand . The door chapped Luca sighed “ come in “ Doris and Philip entered with two trays and sat them on the table “ thank you “ Doris and Philip left Sydney opened the closh steak and chips he smiled Luca studied him for a second Sydney looked up at him “ nice “ Luca opened his he had a steak with potatoes. Sydney smiled, didn't Luca like Chips? “ You don’t like chips. “ Luca looked at him. “ I like to alternate. “ Sydney laughed. Luca sniggered at what a guy Sydney thought .

Doris stood outside the door listening to there conversations Philip came round the corner and shook his head “ Doris “ “ shh I’m trying to listen I think there laughing “ Philip also listened in “ oh I do hope this works out he seems nice “ Doris wondered Luca needed someone in his life Philip looked at Doris he held out his arm for her to take and they wandered back into the kitchen .

“ do you like rugby “ Sydney asked Luca it was his frank and Lucy’s tradition To go to a game whenever the rugby was on at Murray field “ I do try to follow football or American football “ Sydney nearly choked on his drink Luca went over to him he bent down beside Sydney “ are you ok “ “ I’m fine “ they looked at each other and smiled “ I was wondering if you would like to come with frank , Lucy and I to the rugby next weekend “ “ that would be lovely yes I’ll be there “ .

Luca reached up to Sydney they kissed “ Luca I “ “ I know no expectations “ Sydney smiled Luca touched Sydney’s face Philip chapped the door damn again Luca thought he got up and went over to his side as Philip came in . “ sorry phone call “ “ Philip could you take a message I’ll get back to them “ Philip hoovered at the door “ Luca it’s ok you can take the call “ Luca poured them another drink “ I have company besides it can wait “ .

They both sat out in the balcony talking Luca had put on some music it was a cool night the stars were out as they chatted Sydney looked at his watch it was after ten he had work tomorrow on the late shift “ Philip can take you home “ “ Luca I can get a taxi “ Luca reached over to Sydney they kissed “ please Sydney for me “ .

Philip opened the car door for Sydney when they arrived home “ Philip you don’t have to open my door “ Sydney sniggered “ I know but it’s my job “ Sydney went to move to get into the house “ he’s a good man “ Sydney looked at Philip and nodded but thought a strange thing to say .


The limo stopped outside the hotel the driver got out and opened the passenger door “ thank you Jarrod “ “ mam “ the bell boy came out and took Esther marshals bags she stepped into the lobby the receptionist smiled “ miss Marsham so lovely to see you again “ Esther nodded as she checked in and was taken up to her room .

Frank , Lucy , Sydney and Luca got to their seats for the rugby game. It was a bit chilly so they were all wrapped up. Frank got out his flask, opened it up and took a sip Lucy went into her back and brought out plastic cups and poured some into them . “ just a wee tote to warm us up “ as they took there cups ahh Glenlivet Luca thought frank had good taste “ Glenlivet frank “ “ it is how did you guess “ “ Luca likes his whiskey “ Sydney smiled and looked at Luca “ that I do “ . Sydney noticed someone staring at them. Maybe the person knows Luca. “ Luca, do you know that person who is staring? “ Luca looks at the person Sydney mentioned. No he did not know him. “ No, don't know them. “ Luca looks at Sydney. Strange Sydney thought .

It was a good game. A friendly with a team from England, Luca enjoyed the day. It was good fun afterwards they went to their local pub the Scotsman for dinner and drinks Sydney had a feeling Frank and Lucy were keeping something from him he guessed they would tell him soon . “ I had a good time today “ Sydney looked round at Luca he smiled “ me to I’m glad you came “ Sydney touched Lucas hand and looked at him Luca looked down and back at Sydney . “ Ralph said 20 minutes “ frank said they both looked. At him Frank had brought drinks back Lucy looked at Frank and smiled at Sydney. She thought they were having a moment .

Sydney went to the toilet before their meal arrived Lucy noticed Ryan arrived at the pub “ uh oh Ryan alert “ Frank looked over at the bar at Ryan he was with some friends “ it’s his bachelor party today “ strange Lucy thought she would’ve thought Frank would’ve mentioned it . “ Who is it? “ Luca asked Frank and Lucy looked at him should they mention Sydney's ex . Sydney came out of the booth as Ryan came into the toilet Sydney was surprised to see him. “ Ryan “ “ Syd “ Ryan hoovered it was awkward what do they say to each other after all this time “ how things “ Sydney asked “ fine it’s my bachelor party today “ Ryan bit his lip god this is awkward he thought but it was nice to see Syd . “ Syd I “ “ I better get back to the others “ “ ok it was nice to see you “ Sydney nodded and went out and back to the others it felt strange to see Ryan after 8 months Luca touched Sydney’s knee Sydney looked at him “ ok “ Luca asked Sydney nodded “ it's all in the past “

Afterwards Sydney and Luca parted ways with frank and Lucy at the pub as Philip drove them home while Luca took a call he noticed Philip didn’t drive back it Sydney’s “ Philip you “ Sydney took Lucas hand he looked at Sydney “ I asked Philip to take us back to yours “ Luca looked at st Sydney that was unexpected they hadn’t spoke about the next level yet . “ I’m ready “ Sydney bit his lip and smiled “ are you sure? “ Sydney nodded. Luca reached over and they kissed .

Luca reached for the door off his bedroom as they kissed kicking off their shoes all hands on each other as they undressed wow Sydney thought Luca had a good physique Luca went into the night stand and brought out the condoms and lube Sydney noticed Lucas tattoo on Lucas back of a Phoenix it was beautiful he went over to Luca and traced his finger on the tattoo . Luca stood as it tingles all the way down “ beautiful “ Sydney kissed Lucas back Luca closed his eyes keep it together he thought “ I’m so glad I meet you “ Sydney faced Luca they kissed Sydney was hard Luca looked down Sydney crawled up the bed as he lay down on his front . Luca kissed and licked up and down Sydney’s back Sydney arched as Luca rubbed his bottom and nibbled and kissed his back to Sydney moaned that was good he thought “ I like that sound “ Sydney turned his head and they kissed Luca put on some lube on his finger he straddled Sydney as he bent down licked his neck and teased his finger in and out his entrance . Oh god Sydney thought that was good 8 months off no sex and built up tension he hoped he would last he heard the rip off the condom pscket Luca rolled on the condom .Sydney lay on his back as Luca lifted up one leg and pushed his cock inside Sydney , Sydney arched at the intrusion they kissed as Luca teased in and out Luca kissed Sydney’s neck as he held onto his side as he went faster Sydney held onto Lucas back they looked at each other Luca was being gentle as not to hurt Sydney to much .

Sydney stroked himself as Luca moved to the side and entered Sydney again he was going to come soon as Luca kissed Sydney’s back “ I’m going to come “ Sydney said Luca nodded he was to Sydney came he grunted as he came over his belly as his orgasm subsided Luca came to he kissed Sydney’s shoulder .

Sydney rolled over to Lucas side as he put his arm around Sydney Luca kissed his head “ ok “ Luca asked Sydney looked up at him and smiled “ perfect “ Sydney smiled Luca took Sydney’s hand and kissed it “ well definitely my dry spell is over '' Sydney sniggered Sydney sat up “ where did you get your tattoo “ “ New York 5 years ago “ Sydney nodded at one time he thought about getting one someday though . ``Can I ask you something'' `` sure “ Luca put his arm under his head as he faced Sydney “ Ryan “ Sydney sighed it was strange to see him after all these months and he did want to try and forget what happened between them. “It was weird seeing him after all these months and by the way tonight’s you know us wasn’t because I saw him “ “ I didn’t think that “ good Sydney thought “ besides I’m getting on with my life now he chose to be with Suzanne '' Luca touched Sydney’s face he leaned into his hand they kissed .

Luca got out of bed he looked round at Sydney asleep he smiled twice they made love it was good they connected Luca let him sleep as he went into his study he went over to the safe and punched in the code and opened the safe . There was an urn and a photo also a gun beside it Luca touched the urn “ I need a sign what do I do “ .

“ Luca “ Luca heard Sydney he was looking for him Sydney came into the study as Luca shut the safe “ what are you doing “ Sydney asked as he stood at the door “just checking stuff “ Sydney cocked his head what a strange thing to do middles the night “middle of the night “ Luca came over to Sydney he touched Sydney’s face they kissed . “ sorry just a habit let’s go back to bed “ Luca took Sydney’s hand Sydney tugged back Luca looked at him he went nearer to Luca and looked at the table Luca smiled “ here Luca asked Sydney nodded they kissed again they moved over to the couch . Luca sat down as Sydney bent down and slightly pulled down Lucas trunks Luca watched and smiled Sydney looked up as he took Lucas cock in his mouth Luca held his head back as Sydney sucked. That was good he thought as Sydney stroked and sucked at him until he came .


Giovanni Rafael rolled down his window and looked up at the building “ sir “ Giovanni looked round at Kyle “ drive on Lewis “ Lewis looked in the mirror and didn't want his boss to go inside he thought as they drove off .

Esther sipped her cocktail she looked round and smiled to herself at the other guests “ another man” the barman asked Esther she nodded “is that your first or second “ Esther smiled and looked round at Luca hands in his pockets he smiled “ darling at last “ Luca went over to Esther they hugged “ you have neglected me darling “Esther pouted Luca shock his head as he sat on the stool beside her “ busy work Esther “ . Esther looked at Luca; he seemed different; she thought Esther sniffed and. Smiled she pointed her finger at Luca “ you’ve meet someone “ the barman passed Luca his whiskey he took a sip “ well “ Esther asked as she topped her finger on the table” it’s early days “ Esther squealed at last she thought my boy has meet someone Luca sniggered “ lots to catch up on then “ Esther put her arms round Lucas shoulders “ let’s go clubbing I’m in the mood for it “ Luca sniggered every time they had meet they either drank talked or went clubbing . “ Esther no “ Esther pouted she lightly punched Lucas shoulder “ under the thumb already is he human'' or “ Luca sipped his drink and smiled “ Luca'' `` what I like him “ . Esther shook her head and she hoped he would tell Sydney the other stuff .

Sydney finished his last two calls. He went into the break room to make himself a coffee and put the panini in the microwave. His phone pinged off a text from Luca Sydney smiled as Lainey, his work friend, came into the break room . “ nice to see you smile he must be worth it “ Sydney looked up at Lainey and smiled Sydney was on the late shift and Luca was meeting up with a friend tonight “ I like him “ “ good I hope it works out “ that was nice off Lainey to say he hoped so to .

Couple days later Sydney went to the building site after work as Luca , Frank and Lucy were all meeting for dinner Luca was on the phone while Frank and Lucy were checking over swatches and plans . Luca gave Sydney a kiss “ your friend ok “ Sydney asked Luca “ she’s good doing some business while she’s here '' Frank and Luca looked over the plans one more time while Sydney and Lucy spoke . “ oh my god “ Luca looked over at them. What was that about he thought as Sydney touched Lucy’s stomach “ were pregnant “ Luca looked at Frank. He was beaming and Lucy had been married for 4 years and had been trying to get pregnant for a while . ``That's great frank congratulations' ' .

Luca had ordered the champagne to celebrate the baby news he was happy for them “ it’s wonderful news isn’t it “ Luca said to Sydney “ brilliant I’m pleased for them “ Luca touched Sydney’s leg they looked at each other “ have you ever thought about having children “ Luca asked Sydney, Sydney hadn’t really thought about it before . “ I hadn’t really thought about it, what about you “ . “ Sometimes “ .they bumped heads frank and Lucy looked at them “ get a room you two “ frank said Sydney stuck out his tongue frank sniggered .

“ NO TOBIN WHERE ARE YOU “ Luca ran into the house as the fire raged Tobin lay on the floor unconscious Luca thrashed out from his nightmare Sydney held him and tried to waken him “ Luca Luca '' Luca woke up disoriented confused Sydney was worried Luca looked at him “ Luca '' Sydney held onto Luca as he calmed Luca shut his eyes `` Luca talk to me “ . “ I’m sorry “ Luca sat at the end of the bed as Sydney put his arms round Luca`` what was your nightmare about '' .

Sydney stood back as Luca opened the safe where Luca kept Tobin ashes what the hell Sydney thought why has he kept his dead lover's ashes in the safe he also noticed a gun in the safe to “ Luca what the hell a gun “ Luca looked round at Sydney “ it’s just precautionary don’t worry it’s not loaded “ “ precautionary what for you don’t have any enemies do you “ .Luca went over to Sydney he put his arms around his shoulders “ no Sydney I don’t have any enemies “ “ Luca why you keeping Tobin ashes and tell me how it happened” .


Esther walked into the dome restaurant she looked around and spotted Giovanni at his table the waiter came over and took Esther to his table Giovanni saw her he got up and greeted Esther he kissed her cheek as he pulled her chair out Esther sat down Giovanni whispered in her ear “ I’m glad you came “ Giovanni went back to his chair “ are you Gio “ Giovanni looked at her as he sat down his napkin “ off course I am “ the waiter took there orders and poured Esther her wine she took a sip “ you seem nervous my love “ Esther smiled Giovanni went into his pocket and brought out a box he got up and went over to Esther he sat beside her “ for you my love “ Esther looked at Giovanni and the box .

Esther picked up the box and opened it and was shocked by the ring she looked at Giovanni he smiled “ 10 carrot you like “ “ Gio I don’t know what to say “ “ say yes be my wife “ Giovanni took Esther s hand and kissed it “ I’ll have to think about it , it’s all so sudden and there’s Luca “ Giovanni went back to his chair as the.

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