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His Brutal Obsession

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Am I Zane to you?" I whipped her again, with anger clearly evident on my face. "No" She said, shaking her head vehemently. Streak of tears were flowing on to her cheeks, but I did not care the least about it. Pushing the emotions that clouded my thoughts away, "What am I to you?" I bawled out. "Master," she screamed, with her lips shaking in trepidation. I threw the whip aside on hearing her say the exact words I wanted to hear. Her white top was now soaked with blood as she curled herself up in a fetal position. "From now on, you would be confined to this building for the rest of your life. Don't even try to think about escaping," I informed. "The day you try to leave the walls of this house without my permission, take that day as your end." ******** Amidala's twisted life, only became more overwhelming when she is mated to the ruthless Alpha of the blood moon pack, River Zane. He develops sudden hate towards her and subjects her into maltreatment when he realized that she was a human. Little did he know that there was more to her identity than the eyes held. River Zane made her go through extreme torture, all because he wanted to show his superiority over her and pour it to her face that she was just a worthless human. What will be the fate of River Zane, when table turns, and he discovers the once weak Amidala holds so much importance to his life, and now he has to fight for her? How will he go about winning Amidala's heart, as the once ruthless Alpha now becomes the lover boy.


As I ran through the thick woods, my vision got blurred by the tears, that threatened to burst forth. I could still hear them, their footsteps, their voices.

They were chasing me, all of them were. And it was only a matter of time, before they caught up to me.

I knew I had to find a way to escape, and so far, my running did not help much.

I ran barefooted, and without noticing, I gashed my foot against a rock and stepped on thongs. The pain was too unbearable and in as much as I tried not to scream out my pains, I could not help but allow the scream burst forth.

“She's there! Get her!!"I heard one of my pursuers say.

I knew it was him, I could recognize that voice anywhere but that wasn't my problem at the moment.

With blood gushing out of my open wound and dying the soil and leaves, I limped towards the end of the forest. Sighting the beach at a distance, I struggled to run out and into the open.

Tears kept streaming down my face, as I began to scream for help at the top of my voice. I didn't care if they caught up to me anymore, I just needed someone to hear me and probably save me.

“Help! Help!!" I screamed louder, and finally, I was in the open. I limped towards the Watch tower, while screaming and waving.

Suddenly, I felt something sharp on my head.

“Arrgh!!” I screamed out in pain, while clutching my head.

I could feel the moist on my hand. I knew it was blood and I was gradually losing my sight. I saw blurry figures tower over me and before I could say a word, a punch connected with my lips.

Blood seeped from my mouth, as I tried to make out my pursuers from the figures.

“Where is it?" Someone asked but I had no idea what he was talking about. My head hurt like crazy and my legs burned.

“Where is it, d*mn woman?!” the same voice asked and almost immediately, another punch connected with my nose.

I was too weak to cry, as I just watched helplessly, and allowed them do whatever they wanted with me. What was the point? Will they believe me if I told them I had no idea what they were talking about?

“You can't speak, right?" Another familiar voice asked and then, I felt a hard punch to my stomach.

Another punch came and yet another. They were all hitting me, not caring about my health state. I just lay helplessly, with a blurred vision, and allow them hit me.

Soon, I was helped into a sitting position, and suddenly, it became dark. I could perceive the scent of Earth and it was stuffy and really hard to breathe in. It seemed like they were trying to suffocate me with a bag.

“Since you don't want to talk, then maybe you should go to hell and tell the devil we sent you." One of them said to me, and I felt another punch on my face.

I was bleeding and was running out of oxygen. Before I knew what was happening, they pulled me towards the sea.

After few words that they exchanged, I felt myself being thrown down the cliff.

That was the moment I closed my eyes, and let everything to happen. It was no longer in my control anymore.

Chapter 2

Amidala's P.O.V

My vision got assaulted by a blinding bright light and I could perceive the intoxicating scent of smoke, that had threatened to choke me.

As it went into my nostrils, I couldn’t help but cough out loud and that was when I felt it. The sharp pain from my head.

“Arrgh!” I cried out, as tears seeped from my eyes, painting my cheeks and moving down to be lost between my breasts. I struggled to open my eyes, and I noticed where I was.

The room, was quiet small, I could really tell. Looking up at the roof, I could also notice that it was made out of woods and they seemed to be decaying.

“Where am I?” I asked myself out loud, while struggling to sit, before my eyes caught the young man, staring back at me.

His eyes, seemed hollow and dark. His brown hair, stuck to his skin like glue with bristles on his chin. He wore a brown leather jacket and he sat on a stool. Looking at him, I could tell he was in his early thirties.

There w


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