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Hiding the Alpha's Twins

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Betrayed by her best friend and rejected by her Alpha mate, King because of a set up. Avery Frost left Silverpine Pack shamefully and heartbroken, but her worst nightmare came when she discovered that she was already carrying the Alpha's twins. She tried reaching out to the only man she had known, only to be rejected once more. Hurt deeply, she decied to keep the babies away from the Alpha and his entire pack. Five years later, fates throws Avery and King in the high-stakes world of business. Now, Avery was a successful entrepreneur and no longer the naive poor girl, the pack mistreated and better still, she had two beautiful children that meant the whole world to her. King wanted her back by all means but Avery was a strong willed woman now and didn't know if she wanted to give her heart back to the man that destroyed it years ago. But when King found out that Avery had babies and worst of all that the twins were his, all hell broke loose and he swore to make Avery pay for every pain she caused him, threatening to take the twins from her. Now, Avery is forced to fight for her twins, her reputation and most especially for her heart.

1~ The Judgment


     I knelt at the centre of the grand hall, surrounded by the esteemed members of the Silverpine pack. My gaze remained fixed on the ground, avoiding eye contact with anyone. Deep down, I yearned to meet King's eyes, for I believed he was the only one who would believe me, but they had kept me from him since last night. In this pack, they despised me, and no one would entertain the notion of my innocence, even if I pleaded otherwise.

Beta Kristopher, who had never held much regard for me in this pack, rose and positioned himself before me. I had always been seen as unworthy of the Luna title. I was only but a mere rogue who was captured to come and serve as a slave, but I somehow became the Luna because King, my mate needed a Luna. The pack members had never truly accepted me, and today seemed to mark the end of my reign. I had fallen before I had the chance to rise.

      "It appears we are all present now," Kristopher announced, as Sammy, my closest friend, entered the hall.

I breathed a sigh of relief. Sammy would speak the truth. She was my best friend and knew precisely what had transpired last night. But when I managed to shift my gaze towards Sammy, she avoided my eyes, her expression uncertain. A pang of doubt struck my heart, but I clung to my faith in Sammy.

     "We have all convened here today to witness the trial of Avery Frost, the sitting Luna of the Silverpine pack," Kristopher declared, his voice resolute. "The protocol is known to us all. Should she be found guilty, her Luna status shall be revoked, and she will face isolation from the pack." His gaze swept across the assembly before settling on me. "Avery, do you swear by the goddess to speak the truth and nothing but the truth?"

Only then did I dare to raise my eyes to meet his, as tradition demanded that we maintain eye contact with our persecutor while taking the oath. I had sat among these very people in this room before. I had passed judgment on others here, imposed sentences, and exiled individuals from this room. Now, the tables had turned, and I found myself in the accused's position. The only difference was that I was not guilty of the crime levied against me, even though I couldn't prove it myself. My mind was still reeling from everything that had happened in a few hours.   

     "I do," I replied, striving to keep my voice unwavering.

In the corner, I heard my mother's muffled sobs. She knew I would never commit the crime they accused me of. I could never bring harm to Alpha King like that.

     "And how do you plead?" Kristopher inquired.

My gaze drifted across the room, seeking solace in familiar faces. I looked at Sammy, her expression unreadable; at my mother, her eyes brimming with tears; and then at King. His jaw was clenched, and his expression was one of fury as if he would have torn me apart if he stood in Kristopher's place. A tense silence gripped the room, with everyone eagerly awaiting my response.

     "Not guilty," I declared firmly.


~Two days ago~

     It had been two months since I officially became the Luna of the Silverpine pack. The position had not only taken a toll on me physically but also mentally. I had no royal lineage; I was not an Alpha's daughter, and I didn't even belong to this pack. Fate had taken an unexpected turn when my mother and I fled our former pack, embracing a rogue life. We were eventually captured by Silverpine warriors and brought back here, only for me to discover that I was fated to be their Alpha's mate.

Alpha King Thornwood had been in a relationship with Regina, the daughter of the Alpha from a neighbouring pack. I wouldn't have agreed to become King's mate if Regina hadn't given her approval. She believed that our union would strengthen King's wolf, and the pack desperately needed a mate and Luna for their Alpha. It seemed as though fate had brought my mother and me here at precisely the right moment.

     However, King and I were strangers to each other. We hadn't yet established a connection, whereas he had known Regina his entire life and was accustomed to her presence. He didn't prevent her from visiting the pack house, but he assured me that there was nothing romantic between them. But I couldn't help but feel a pang of sadness and jealousy each time I saw them together, as I had fallen in love with King the moment I laid eyes on him. It seemed as though King didn't want me but wanted me at the same time, just to keep his wolf strong.  He wasn't harsh to me, but he wasn't giving me the attention either.

He would spend the entire day out and come back home exhausted. We barely spoke to each other, except a few necessary words and our frequent meeting place was the dining table. I was undergoing the hectic torture of transforming into a perfect Luna. According to Luna Delores, King's mother, I was uncultured and needed refinement. I underwent training on combat skills befitting a Luna, I also learnt how to be submissive to my Alpha, how to support my Alpha, and how to speak to the pack. It was all hectic for me, coupled with the lack of attention from King. We didn't even share the same sleeping quarters.

     However, amidst the chaos of my new life, I found a friend in Sammy, a girl I met at the weaving centre. She appeared to be the only one in the pack who accepted me and showed me kindness. We grew closer with time, eventually becoming best friends. Sammy was spirited, often dubbing herself the black sheep of her family due to her love for parties and clubs. I had completed my college education before fleeing our former pack, and I too enjoyed the nightlife. Unfortunately, my duties as Luna didn't afford me the freedom to indulge in those activities.

That night, I had just finished my evening bath and was prepared to retire for the night when a soft knock echoed at my door. Slightly puzzled, I approached the door, assuming it might be my mother or one of the servants. However, when I opened the door, there stood King. His presence caught me off guard, and he was gazing at me with unwavering intensity. My eyebrows furrowed in confusion as I met his steadfast gaze, unable to decipher the emotions in his eyes.

      "H-hi," I stammered, instinctively retreating a step as he advanced towards me.

    "Mine," he grumbled, reaching out to tuck a stray strand of hair behind my ear.

A shiver coursed down my spine at the huskiness of his voice and the touch of his finger against my skin. I couldn't believe he had just claimed me as his. Since our mating, he had never touched me, nor had he visited my room. Yet here he stood. Thrilled by the sudden turn of events, I let him inside, and before I knew it, his lips were on mine, and he was claiming me in ways I had never imagined.

      That night, under the tender caress of King, I experienced a profound intimacy, surrendering my virginity to him, and he left his mark on me. I had never felt happier, and as I nestled into his arms, I drifted into a peaceful sleep for the first time in months. The next morning, I awoke to find King dressing to leave. When he realised, I was awake, he smiled and tenderly brushed away the hair that framed my face. I didn't want him to go; I yearned for him to stay with me throughout the day. The thought of my lessons held no appeal; I wanted only King.

     "I'll be heading to a meeting now," he informed me. I responded with a shy nod, my heart sinking slightly at his impending departure. His gaze trailed down my form. "Are you alright?"

     "Yes, I am," I replied.

      "I'll call the maidens to attend to you," he said before straightening up.

Tall dark and handsome did not do him justice. King was so much more. He possessed a commanding presence that drew the attention of both men and women wherever he went— particularly the women. I drank in his appearance, utterly captivated. King was six feet three of sheer perfection with dark, flowing hair cascading to his shoulders, adding to his allure. His eyes were rich coffee brown, which I had seen darken with lust and passion, almost turning jet black last night. He had a straight, blade-like nose that complemented the striking angles of his handsome face, and his full wide lips were enticing. His squared jaw was adorned with stubble, making him a magnetic force of a man. 

     "Goodbye, Avery," he said as he departed.

     "Goodbye, King," I responded, watching him exit with a mixture of admiration and a longing that lingered in the air.

2~ The Crime

2~ The Crime


     Throughout the day, my thoughts lingered on King, and I found myself yearning for his return. With no enthusiasm for my classes or training, I pretended to be unwell, of course, I was lovesick, and I confined myself indoors. I spent the day lost in memories of the previous night, my mind replaying each moment until the sky outside was awash with orange hues. Eventually, I rose from my bed and stood by the window, my gaze fixed on the horizon, eagerly awaiting my mate's return.

My mind was a whirlwind of questions. Why had King touched me the way he did last night? Would he come back to me this evening? Was this a sign of his acceptance? Thia, my wolf, was brimming with excitement, her restless energy almost infectious. It was then that Sammy's voice pierced my reverie through our mind-link.

     'Hey, Ave, are you there?' she inquired, her mental voice tinged with concern.

     'Yes, I am,' I replied, my


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