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Her Moonlit Revenge

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My legs grew extremely weak and I slumped to the floor. “Help." I yelled out to no one exactly. The one person I could trust in this crowd was the one killing me slowly. My consciousness sliped away from me gradually. The last thing I saw right before shutting my eyes close was Vance holding Nadia close, while I slowly wasted away. Talia's happily ever after ended abruptly as she couldn't satisfy Vance and he took a liking to her best friend, who is also her brothers mate. She is caught in a Web of conspiracy and pays the highest price, her life. But that is not all for her... Talia's rebirth in another body is the beginning of her second chance at life, love and Revenge. She has to go through fire and ice and has to do that as soon as possible, always being between a rock and a hard place. Would Talia be able to figure out her way with almost no memory of her past life and in very close contact with her enemies? Would she ever find love and learn to trust anyone? Find out in Her Moonlit Revenge.

Chapter 1

Talia's POV “I, Vance Grey, Alpha and leader of The Moonstone Pack,accept you, Talia Anderson, as my fated mate and Luna, to love and cherish, in wolf and man form, throughout both our lives.” I hear Vances sey masculine voice weave through the lightly blowing breeze, howls can be heard from different corners in the pack. I love my pack so much. A loud howl, I'm guessing from Landon, my elder brother jolts me out of my reverie. “I, Talia Livingston, am honored to be your Luna. I promise to love and respect you, Vance Grey, my Alpha and the rest of Moonstone Pack, to the best of my capacity.” I see Landons proud smile, I'm also proud of myself, not many wolves in my pack like their fated mates as I do mine, and definitely none of them is fated to the Alpha of the pack. Different pitches of collective howls are heard from various corners of the crowd, it's a very proud moment for me. Vance looks proud, with the long black cloak exposing his sexily toned body. Various charms decorating his sunk-in neckline, exaggerating his jutting collarbone. Somehow, he has mastered keeping his wolf eye in human form “Everyone!” Landon sizes the attention of all gathered, " we are outside here tonight, in the presence of the moon goddess to witness the union of our Alpha and his new Luna, my beloved sister. I have known Talia long before she knew herself…” The pack burst into laughter, everyone was merry and tickled at the slightest of jokes, it was a wonderful ceremony. My best friend, Nadia, was cheering me on. “She, no doubt, is the best fit for our most powerful Alpha Vance." Landon continues his speech. "I have been entrusted with her care since forever, the same effect she had on several other male wolves is what she had on our powerful Alpha.” I kinda want to cut Landon right there, he never liked any of the wolves I had been with, but for the fact that they were present here, obliged by the Oath, to honor the Alphas wedding. “This is to their being together forever, in wolf and man form, as long as they both live. Under this moonlight and tree cover, most of all, the watchful eyes of the moon goddess, I swear my allegiance to Alpha Vance and his Luna, Talia.”The rest of the pack went wild with jubilation. I'm happy, but a little nervous. I am the Alphas Luna, but there are stronger and more capable females.However, Vance has given me nothing to be afraid of. “I love you more than anything else.” Vance tells me as he strips himself of all the accessories from our wedding. “I love you too, Vance." I hear Kara whine and whimper in my head. The pack had gone their separate ways, each one to their own business, most likely to meet on the next full moon.The media must be wondering why billionaire Vance held a secret wedding with his pretty little fiance. “Have you ever been on the rooftop?" Vance is still without clothes. The wedding was held under a canopy of trees behind his mansion, overlooking the gently flowing stream. “Not yet." I say, putting on the lingerie he got me two months ago on my birthday. “Come." Vance stretches his hand out, but it's not just his hand sticking at me. " Babe?” He brings me out of my imaginary world. I understand the assignment, taking my clothes off, I catwalk to take his hand, butt naked. “There's barely any female in the pack as s*xy as you." He says as he leads me up the stairway, slapping my butt at irregular intervals, it's d*mn s*xy and I don't want it to stop.I keep giggling like I'm supposed to, I know my role as Luna, feed, feed, feed the Alphas ego.We finally got to the top after several flights of stairs. Vance didn't fancy using the elevator.In one quick swoop, he puts his muscular arms around me and turns me to face him. Our breaths moisten each other's faces.He grips my two hands tightly behind me, giving me less room for movement. “oooooooh.” The sound escaped my lips before I could hold it back. His s*xy full lips crash against mine, as if to flatten and destroy my mouth. The bristles of his low cut beards brushed against my cheeks. His tougher keeps wrestling its way into my mouth, past my teeth. I wish I could grit my teeth from all the sexiness this man was showing me but that was impossible as his tongue kept going back and forth, prodding mine to do the same. It was hot, s*xy, moist and breathy the same time. Fireworks were going up in my head. Kara was proud of me, of us.He took his hands off mine. I want to rub his body, hold his head, make him kiss me how I want to be kissed. “Don't.” He says in a low but firm tone. I put my hands by my side, surrendering myself to his whims and caprices. His hand travels down uncharted territories in my body. “Ever been felt this way?” His husky voices raps quickly “No, no.” That did it. I could see where all the blood in his body had rushed to, I was happy. “Touch me.” I didn't exactly make out what he said. Between kissing and sucking me, his words came out as grunts. “How are you?" Vance asks. He's slipping out of bed, slowly dragging the duvet off my body while at it. I'm not used to waking up here, in this bed, this mansion. “Heyyyy." The sun rays hit my face directly through the transparent glass. “You look sharp.” He's already dressed in a work suit, ready to dash out I presume.He crosses the room over to me and kisses my forehead. “Vance Inc. needs me.” He says in response to the quizzical frown on my face. He comes over to my forehead and leans to kiss me. “Alex." I hear a voice in my head call Vance’s wolf. It couldn't be him, it sounded like a females, a little too familiar.

Chapter 2

Talia's POVIt's 10am when I finally get out of bed.Vance had an alarm installed by my bedside, maids at my beck and call.I'm honestly not used to this lifestyle. It used to be Landon and I against the world, well, with moral support from the rest of the pack. “Hi.” A maid walks in without much decency, not even enough to look away while I throw what's left of my clothes on. “Yeah, hi. Good morning.” She doesn't make any effort to look away, fate accepted. “Master said to ask what you want for breakfast.” She looks like she is reading a script, I just can't see which. “Is he still around?” I want to come off nice. If I'm going to be housebound till I give Vance an heir, as he projected, I might as well make friends with constants like her. “What do you want for breakfast ma'am?” If my dry throat wasn't still recovering from the sounds it produced, I wou


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