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Her Forbidden Alpha King

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“I don’t belong to anyone!” I hissed at him. I would never admit that I’m at his mercy, that my body begs to be touched by him. “I can prove to you that you are mine!” A devilish smirk is plastered all over his face, his eyes are flashing lust and raw desire. “I would like to see you try!” I forget how to breathe the moment he crashes his lips against mine. He tastes like heaven, a sweet intoxicating flavor that seduces my senses and puts me under a magic spell. His tongue explores the depths of my mouth, sweeping me off my feet. And then his hands reach my inner thighs, stroking over my soaking panties… ~~~~~~~~~~~ Allaya never thought her lovely boyfriend would cheat on her with her step-sister, moreover that she would catch them in the act. Betrayal pushed her to the edge, then Hayden and Landon showed up and turned her life upside down. Who will she choose? And how will she cope with her true nature?

Chapter 1 - Innocence

~~~ Allaya ~~~

Unreasonably gorgeous eyes of grass color, plump lips that s*ck you into dreamland when they take the shape of his signature s*xy smirk, honey like hair soft to the touch and a rock hard eight pack abs that possess the power to melt you into oblivion.

The handsome man I’m describing is my boyfriend Elijah, and though I never had a taste of the forbidden fruit, I’m drooling as I fantasize about him ravaging my body, turning me into a hot mess.

Today is his birthday and I finally made up my mind, I’m going to let him do all those wicked things to my body, those hot things he whispered into my ears every time we made out.

He’d been my boyfriend for over two years and had been nothing but patient with me, while I took my sweet time to decide if I’m going to do it or not.

My step sister and best friend, Elena, is right. She warned me that a man like Elijah would move on if I don’t decide to throw out my innocence and indulge into the original sin. And I’m not blind to not notice those girls of low virtue that keep sending him tireless signals of availability.

I’m not waiting anymore, I think I love him enough to be intimate with him. As for him, he proved his loyalty and he already professed his love for me.

A smile breaks wide on my face.


It will happen tonight.

* * *

I know I seemed determined this morning, but as minutes turned into hours, my resolve grew thinner and now I am even hyperventilating. Emotions are getting the best out of me, I’m only human after all.

I halt my steps and inhale deeply, giving myself a pep talk before I enter the nightclub, a business his family owns.

‘Allaya Edwards, you can do this!’ My eyes shut down for a few seconds as I struggle to get air into my lungs. ‘No, YOU WILL DO THIS and you will enjoy it! Period!’

Pushing the club doors open, I march towards his office on the first floor, ignoring the lascivious once-overs I receive on my way. 

I blame those on my outfit, a black mini dress that hugs my body in all the right places, showing a bit of cleavage and making my *ss appear rounder than it really is. 

It’s not like me to wear something so revealing, but I was giving my best to look like an enchantress, though I know I’m far from being one. In fact, I’m just hiding my insecurities under a fancy dress and heavy makeup and it’s working. 

I pass past Elijah’s best friend and ignore him. Why should I bother with him when he never bothered to hide his disapproval regarding my love life? Who was he anyway to tell me that I should dump my boyfriend and find a better man?

“Allaya, wait! Don’t go inside!” Eduard grips my wrist, stopping me in my tracks.

I remove myself from his hold. If I do this, if I don’t enter now, my determination is going to falter, it has already grown thinner with every step I took. 

I raise my hand at him. “No worries, Eduard, I have Elijah’s permission to enter his office whenever I want!”





It’s time.

My pulse is on overdrive as I touch the doorknob. ‘Just open it, Allaya! Don’t you dare cower now!’

My senses are on high alert, for no reason in particular. Or perhaps it has something to do with Eduard’s weird behavior. Did he manage to make me a more nervous mess than I was before?

D*mn you, Eduard! I turn around to fire a lethal glare at him only to meet his guilty regard, which I dismiss, I don’t have the mood to guess what he’s up to. I gulp down the lump in my throat and slowly open the door to Elijah’s office.

Nothing prepares me for what I find inside, and it’s the moment my heart stops. I feel a sharp pain in my chest watching the scene unfolding in front of me. It’s as if someone ripped the heart from my ribcage and stabbed the poor organ with a million dagger before leaving it to bleed out.

Elijah is cheating on me. 

I believed he loved me.

I trusted him. 

I defended him. 

My ‘loyal boyfriend’ has a blonde bimbo on her hands and knees on his couch and he is plunging in and out of her from the behind, both of them groaning in ecstasy. The air is gut-churning, it’s reeking like alcohol, sweat and s*x combined. 

“Aaaahhhh, Elijah, there… You know how I like it! Yeah, don’t stop, I’m almost there!” She whispers through her moans, her voice sounding oddly unfamiliar. My brain is playing tricks on me, it must be from the shock.

“Just shut up and take what I give you!” He pulls her hair, his thrusts turning rougher, making her scream his name louder. 

No, this cannot be happening to me. My eyes stung with tears, I feel the urge to turn around and run like a coward, but my body refuses to cooperate with my brain. I’m stuck, frozen on the spot. 

I wish his office would not be soundproof, I wished I heard the s*x noise from outside as a warning not to enter the room. I wish I would have paid attention to Eduard earlier. I wish… I wish I could just vanish into thin air.

But now it’s too late. Now I know. 

I slam the door behind me and wait for them to register my presence. 

They both flinch and turn around in shock. Reality hits me hard, like thunder and lightning all together. The blonde bimbo is none other than Elena, my beloved step sister and best friend. 

The pain of betrayal surges through my veins, making my blood boil as I’m faced with the undeniable truth, my two closest people in this world stabbed me in the back, at the exact same time and in the exact same moment.

“Allaya, it’s not what it seems!” Elijah pleads, removing his hard member out of my step sister’s entrance.

His manhood is not even as big as he advertised it. His naked body does nothing to me. In fact, I feel a shiver of disgust. But that’s not even remotely the point here.

“I didn’t mean to, she forced me!”

Wow, really? 

“Allaya, I can explain!” Elena finds her voice, and while in his eyes I can spot some glint of guilt, hers are flashing with pride. 

So she’s the one that initiated this.

My face turns white paper pale, I can feel it. Multiple emotions are invading my body, they are fighting for dominance. Anger and hatred are consuming me, and in the blink of an eye, I sense how darkness engulfs me. 

Dark icy wind blows past me, sending chills down my spine and making the hair on my body rise. The temperature in the room drops to 0 degrees in an instant, I can tell that they feel it as well, for panic and fear are flashing on their faces. 

It’s happening again.

And I am unable to subdue it. 

A piercing cold wave is devouring my body, the sensation is bone chilling and I cannot do a d*mn thing to stop it. I hear Elijah and Elena’s erratic heartbeats loud and clear and the veins on their necks surge as prominent to my eyes. 


I smell the sweet crimson liquid pumping through their thin veins. Inhaling the scent deeply against my will, I find it rich and seductive.

I crave for it.

Why the hell is this happening to me? 

This is the second time in my life when I experienced this, and I don’t recall much from the first.

As I fight the compulsion to act upon my urges, it backfires. The walls that surround me are freezing, slowly covering themselves in thick ice, and Elijah and Elena are having trouble breathing. 

“Allaya!” Elena extends a hand to reach me, then she’s quick to withdraw it, staring at me in fright, as if my face morphed into something sinister.

Shards of ice are traveling my skin, my heartbeats are weakening to the point that I almost believe that I’m no longer breathing. Am I… dying?


I’m thirsty for blood.

I cannot help it, I need it.

Elena or Elijah? Why do I even have to make this choice?

The second I make my decision, the door behind me opens and I’m suddenly pulled away from the room by a pair of hulky hands. 

My heart starts pounding powerfully against my ribcage and I am grateful for the adrenaline rush. I don’t experience blood yearning anymore.

My back is pressed against a man’s powerfully built body, I can feel every muscle through the thin fabric of our clothes. Warmth surges through me, my body soon relaxes as if it has been fed with something it craved for, and fortunately, it was not blood. 

What was just about to happen? Was I really about to hurt those d*mn traitors? H-how?

I relish into the odd feeling of security the man provides, and rest the back of my head on his strong warm chest, taking in his all-male fragrance, mixed with some sort of fresh ground coffee aroma, my favorite scent in the world.

“You’re freezing! Let me warm you up!” His husky voice blows flames into my ear, my knees grow mushy and I lean even more on his body, the bulge in his pants is now pressed against my *ss.

It arouses me. It makes me weak.

His fingers explore my figure from my shoulder blades to my arms up and down, sending sweet electrifying sensations through my body. Then from my arms to my belly, where he lingers for a while, before grazing his fingers on my chest, finding my hardened nips through the fabric of my dress.

Against my better judgment, I allow his alluring touch. In fact, I surrender to it, completely mesmerized.

His lips are pressed on my neck, sucking on my skin, and then one of his hands travels down, reaching beneath my short dress, to my inner thighs, stroking over my soaked panties. He sets them aside and that is the moment when I snap from whatever trance I’ve fallen into.

“Why were you so cold?” He asks, his skillful hands massaging my core, his s*xy voice sounding like music to my ears.

What is it about him that has such an effect on me, on my body?

I turn around to face the stranger that had the power to sweep me off my feet and something unexpected happens when I meet his soul sucking eyes. Breath caught in my throat, he is as s*xy as the devil himself. Tall, dark and handsome, the kind of beauty that would make one follow him into the pit of hell.

Lusty ice-cold eyes and black rich hair, wearing dark clothes that emphasize his well-built body and the powerful virile energy he releases only by breathing makes him look very dangerous. As hypnotized, I literally cannot look aside.

My heart, soul, mind and body are unexpectedly invaded by a serenity sensation, as if an element I was not aware that was missing from my being had just been found and settled in place. May be absurd, but I feel like I’ve waited all my life for this.

‘Mine!’ A possessive voice inside my head makes its claim.

W-who said that?







Chapter 2 - Cheating Bastards

~~~ Hayden ~~~

I run my fingers through my hair, three more weeks until I’ll bear the weight of the crown. I would never admit that it makes me uneasy. 

It’s my destiny to wear the title of King of Alphas and I’ve been trained for it my entire existence, but I can’t tell if that moment is dreadful or exciting for me. Perhaps a little bit of both.

“What do you think about the redhead with that cleavage that could win her a place in both  Heaven and Hell?” My cousin, Landon, is pulling me away from my train of thought, his eyes flashing lust.

I let go of the breath I’ve been holding, my glance scanning through the club and landing on the woman he was pointing at. High heeled boots, trashy dress that leaves nothing to imagination, dancing on the table like a little whore. 

I shake my head in disgust, no fucking way I’ll put my dick into that. It’s been a while since I had some rough meaningless sex, but I’m not that desperate. And there is t


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