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  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Ghost
  • Chapters: 25
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 157
  • 7.5
  • 💬 1


Centuries ago, a new race of supernatural was born; the Heathens. Who were humans with god and demon abilities. Seeing how powerful and mighty they were, they aligned themselves with the human race and sought to ‘cleanse’ the world of monsters (other super naturals), so as to remain reigning supreme and the only supernatural race. The Heathens have successfully wiped out most of the supernatural races but, one race remains...The Wolves. Contrary to their counterparts, a prophecy was foreseen which declared them a formidable enemy against the Heathens. In their attempts to wipe them out, a new age of heroes assembles to make a last stand. An unlikely partnership: of sworn enemies, gods and humans. It was true after all: desperate times did require desperate measures. As always, even in the middle of war, love does find a way to sprout. The Wolf’s Alpha and Omega, are destined to get married but love triangles envelop the heroes. The Omega, Louise Evergarden, is in the centre. Who will she end up with? So different they are, however, love knows no bounds.


Amidst the rubble and ruin, atop the charred wastelands that were once fields of rolling green, a woman is heard singing. Her tunes and melodies are those of macabre......

Lo! Thou art steadfast and strong, our beloved Aragorn hath fallen and the city lies in ruins!

How the mighty have fallen!

The streets wreak of rot and are red with gore!

All hope has forsaken thee, and the children hide as they waiteth their saviour. Who will saveth thee?

Who will save both man and beast ? Maybe the mighty Alpha and his warrior Queen Omega? If only it were so, maybe the beggars would have ridden the horses and the geezer’s words would have been wrong. Victory was rest assured but now, all hope is lost. If the only the duo hadn’t.......

A shriek is heard from the midst of Aragon, capital of the Wolf lands. The maidens cry and gnaw their teeth, for the sons and daughters of the moon are no more!


The sun was bright and warm in the blue, cloudless sky. The air was sweet and balmy, garnished with the scent of lavender, lilac and jasmine that grew in the vast fields. At that time of the year, the rolling fields of Neverland were the place to be. In a nutshell, summers in Neverland were filled with grownups working in the fields along with the playfulness of children, immersed in their carnivals of delight and jovial merry; their voices mimicking distant flute noises. On that fateful day, all was warm and sundry when suddenly, the sun and sky were darkened. Just then, in a split second or even less, all the warmth vanished and a freezing cold, blanketed all of Neverland. Soon, purple feathers began falling from the skies.

For a moment there, everyone stopped to look up. The air had become heavy and timid, even a pin drop could be heard.

“Look mommy, it’s snowing!” A child chortled, nagging it’s mother as it picked one of the feathers, “but mommy, this isn’t snow.”

“It’s them, run for your life!” A voice shrieked.

Suddenly all the uncertainty that had engulfed the people, vanished and all was left was the desire to stay alive. Cries, screams for loved ones and rampaging footsteps, erupted as everyone ran to save their skin.

“Humans of Neverland! We come in peace,” a thunderous voice began, “we promised to protect you and rid you of the monsters but, it has come to our attention that you, inhabitants of these lands are harbouring wolves among you!”


Heathens, was what they called themselves. Humans with god and demon blood flowing through their veins. They were strongest and mightiest of all super naturals that walked the earth. Their unparalleled power and vast legions, made them a force to be reckoned with as even the gods and demons, feared them and stirred clear of their path. Legends say that they got their power from drinking from the Well of Covenants, but the essence of their true power is still unknown to this day.


A legion of Heathens had assembled throughout the Neverland sky, and were looking down at the citizen who were running toward their shelters. Harriel, Queen and Commander of the Heathen legions, looked down and contemplated their futile efforts to escape.

Shaking her head, “Need I remind you that, those shelters of yours can’t protect you from us. Give up the wolves and we’ll forget this heinous insult!”

None of the citizens seemed bothered by her words, as they continued advancing toward their houses. Harriel, felt angered by them that she ordered her legion to swoop in and annihilate every living thing in Neverland. The legion, swooping in as they brandished their swords, began slicing every body they could lay their eyes on. Soon the town was filled with shrieks and cries of it’s citizens as the Heathens led the massacre. Everyone including women and child, were not excused from the double edged blades of the Heathens.

Harriel was silently observing the genocide her Heathens were carrying out when suddenly, she felt unease. A cold shiver ran down her spine. Something was off, and she could feel it. Something was approaching them, she could sense it. She decided to fly up and take a look.

She could catch their scent from a mile away. It’s them, this was a bloody setup!She thought flying higher for a better view.

There in the distance, a huge cloud of dust rapidly approached them and in the midst of all that dust, a pack of maybe thirty to fifty wolves was approaching.

“They seem transformed. But, wait, it’s not a bloody full moon! Which means the Omega....she’s among them!” Harriel hollered, grabbing everyone’s attention.

“Leave those pesky humans alone! Let’s focus on them,” she said pointing toward the dust, “get ready, this was an ambush! And remember, we kill the others except for the Omega. Now, on my mark. Attack!”

Dust rose to the sky as screams and growls filled the air. The battle was fierce as both sides were giving their best. The Heathens exceeded the Wolves in number but still, that didn’t pose as a threat to the Omega’s power which flowed within them. This gave them an immense source of energy and strength, which levelled the battle field. Harriel, from up in the sky, watched the battle advance and how her legion was being slain by the Wolves. Concluding that their loss was inevitable if she didn’t join the battle, she decided to fly down and unleash her battle Queen prowess. A novelty she kept hidden away, only used at the most desperate of times. This was one of those scenarios.

With one swoop of her sword, Harriel had slain half of the Wolf pack. The remaining half, seeing their comrades laid to waste like a couple of ants crushed under a foot, they began retreating but, Harriel couldn’t let them be.

“I’m not Queen for no reason,” her voice thundered in pride and menace, as she flew above them.

It was not long before the battle ground was tainted red. Red with the gore of Heathen and Wolf alike. Harriel began rummaging the Wolf corpses, looking for any survivors.

“Tell who she is among you!” She demanded every time she came across a dying Wolf.

Her efforts bore no fruit as most died before they could admit anything. She happened to come across a few that swore to die with the truth. They endured her torture to the very end. “Bloody hell!” She spat, after questioning as she tortured another Wolf to death.

She can’t be dead,she thought, this was too easy . Harriel gathered up her remaining legion and together, they advanced toward the Wolves attacking point. As the last of the Heathens left Neverland, no stone was left standing upon another. The streets were dead silent, literally silenced with the death of any living thing. All that was left, was the swooping of vultures, settling for the rotting flesh.

In the midst of all that rubble in Neverland. An injured Wolf soldier awakened . Her along with a passed out Wolf child, claw their way into the Forest of Gildrah. She’s on the verge of death but, the Wolf child was more important, and that she knew. She had to be strong and persevere to the very end, and accomplish her mission.


Lo! A soldier runs across the Neverland fields

With Hope held tightly behind her back, for she is the only one strong enough to fight for their lands.

To the forest she must reach! For there she might find refuge.

Refuge from the wrath of the Heathens, for by their hands, her comrades were wiped out.

What will become of us, she thinks, do we have a chance to emerge victorious? Will the Omega lead our kind to victory?

Onwards she goes, with one foot inside the grave but, she mustn’t give up least the bloody Heathens find her! The child of hope.

She can see it now, just some distance ahead!

She feels her awaking on her back as she enters the forest.

“My Queen, The Omega you’re-“ she says before collapsing.


She wasn’t sure of how long she’d passed out, when she’d awakened. She was in the midst of a clearing surrounded by a forest that stretc


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