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Heat And Rut (Alpha Lycan And His Omega Tiger)

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(From 'When His Wolves Sing' comes another epic tale) "What Is Fate, Alpha Of Alphas?" Fate: In the heart of the training grounds, the Alpha of all Alphas stood, his presence commanding and his aura crackling with electricity. With his black hair billowing behind him like a cape, he fixated on a mysterious figure that materialized before him. As his eyes transformed, reflecting the colors of his father's Wolves, his Beta's urgent question fell on deaf ears. Without hesitation, he aimed his wolfsbane arrow at the target, his wolf battling for control. Against the pleas of his inner beast, he released the arrow, piercing the heart of his prey. The aftermath left him shattered, consumed by guilt and sorrow. But Fate had more in store for him. As he knelt, broken and weeping, his Lycan roared within him, demanding answers. The Alpha Of Alphas, rising to his feet, faced the lifeless form before him. Tears streaming down his face, he addressed his Beta, speaking softly of the cruel twist of fate that had befallen him. Forty years without a mate, only to be granted one by the Luna Goddess herself-a fierce Tiger, and not just any Tiger, but his sworn enemy. And then, a voice emerged from the shadows. A child. Fate just got a whole lot more badass.



The full moon blazed brightly in the night sky. The wind blew softly, rustling through his hair, rippling the grass in its wake. The soft hum of cicadas filled the air, adding to the peaceful sound of the forest at night. He took a deep breath, enjoying the cool night breeze and calm nature that accompanied it. It was a rare moment to be outside and feel the crisp air on his skin. A few seconds longer he stayed still, listening to all the sounds and scents of nature around him. It was one of his favorite times. The Full Moon. He couldn't wait to let his wolf out, to watch him run, hunt, and kill, it was all too exhilarating.

He felt his Lycan stirwithin him and a smile tugged at his lips. "Come, brother. I need you out tonight." His words were said almost like a whisper, but his intent was loud, and clear in his mind. It was an invitation, a sign to come out. "It's our favorite night." He whispered again, letting his voice travel further into the darkness. His fingers curled as the familiar sensation of warm fur began to spread throughout his body. "Let's run, brother." the words had barely left his mouth when he began to shift. The change was instantaneous, from sitting still to running without a care in the world. His clothes melted away, falling to his feet as he stood in only his underwear. He felt the chill of the night air against his bare legs, itfelt good.

"Hello, brother." Rafa roared and Conri chuckled comfortably from within. "Do you think this is the night we finally find our Mate?" Rafa said as he tasted the grounds with giant feet, his claws digging into the rocks of the earth and snapping them apart.

Conri sighed, he always asks the same question every other night of the full moon. As the third Lycan in six hundred years, he would say even his first shift shook his fathers to the core. He has never seen them more afraid. Now while his sisters and fathers stood on all fours, he stood on two legs, towering over them all, his eyes glowed brightly with a mixture of his fathers wolves and they were all Alphas. The great full Luna symbol was embedded into the large space of his back, having less fur the Luna glowed brightly on his back, and once the Elders gathered to behold what the twenty-year-old had shifted into they lowered their heads in submission to the Alpha Of All Alphas, even his Fathers and their proud beaming Demigod Omega, his mother.

They know he was their son and they trust that he wouldn't harm them but Conri saw the fear in their gaze and that night the Elders began casting calming potions for the Lycan which he drinks every morning before he left his bed and at night before he falls asleep. Rafa was wild, angry, aggressive, fierce, and never takes no for an answer but thanks to the spells Rafa is somewhat tamed.


Now while Rafa took all the wicked traits, Conri tends to be more gentle, kind, loving, protective, and rational but every now and then he would find himself slipping into his wolf and they would become one, for now, the spell has kept them from going full savagery.

Without a Mate, both beast and man have become restless, their dosage of calming potions increased yet day by day Conri knew the potions would become defective no matter how much they upped the dosage.

It worries them.

Smiling, he responded to his wolf's question. [ I think we are cursed to roam the earth alone.] A warning rumble vibrated from within and Conri smiled. [ I know you do not fancy my choice of words but look at us, the Luna Goddess has forgotten about us isn't it obvious.] Rafa frowned. He understood Conri, after all since the new Tiger Clan moved into the neighboring town they've been in constant fights, if they weren't harassing their omegas they are claiming lands that don't belong to them or killing their warriors. The only one who can stop them and keep them afar is Conri and that is because he is the Alpha Of Alphas. The Lycanthrope they all feared.

At age fifteen both his sisters found their first shift and while he was excited to have his since they were triplets, he didn't shift. He thought something was wrong with his wolf. Troubled, he constantly pushed his Fathers to help him find a cure to ensure his wolf was well and after all, was said and done, he realized that there was nothing wrong with him so he was left with no other choice but to wait until his wolf was ready to come out. Well, that would take another five years. At age eighteen both his sisters once again found their Mates and here he was left alone, again.

Who said the Goddess hasn't abandoned them.

Left them to wander Mateless for the rest of their existence.

Well, at least he has his Lycan, he isn't so alone as he was when he hadn't shifted.

As for a Mate...

"I want us to have our Mate, it will make us very happy," Rafa whined, a little pout formed on the Lycan's face. As a Lycan, he has a shorter face, looks less wolf-like in appearance, and has far less fur than the other Werewolves. And seeing that pout sitting on his Lycan's face was priceless. Even a vicious Beast like Rafa can be cute sometimes. The thought made Conri smile.

A howl roared from Rafa as the Full Moon took its place and he felt his wolf stretch his paws, feeling the fresh air on his face and the wind brushing against his fur. He could smell the prey as well as the other scents of the land. His senses heightened as he began his usual hunt. He heard the rustle of leaves from behind him and grinned. The chase is on. He leaped forward, his teeth bared, ears twitching as they picked up even the faintest of movements, and his growls filled the air. The sound caused the animals to scatter, some fleeing back to their homes.

Usually, on a night like this, all the Packs gathered around and hunt together, then share a feast with the others at the end of the night but he is the Alpha Of All Alphas and the Lycanthrope which means, he doesn't share hunt and most definitely does not share his prey and when Rafa runs, he's very competitive and would hurt any Werewolves who dare tries to outrun or get in his way so to prevent a disaster from occurring, he hunts alone, feasts, and returns home to celebrate with the Pack.

Not even his Fathers would dare run with him on a night like this.

He turned his head and watched as the deer fled down the path they came from. The prey had given up on fleeing and instead tried to flee from the angry predator chasing after them. It was futile however as the wolf was quicker than any Shifter had any right to be. With a howl he jumped into the air and pounced on his prey, sinking his fangs into the meat. The bucks went limp as blood gushed down their throat, filling his mouth and nose as he drank the sweet liquid greedily. He growled happily before tearing off the rest of the animal's flesh.


Chapter: 2. OMEGA IN HEAT.


A faint cry distracted him from his happy feast and once his eyes went in the direction his ears pointed to, a sudden smell wafted his way. With a snap of his jaws, Rafa turned towards the source and met nothing. The scent was strong; it was of wood fires and fresh herbs and it made his nose and his blood roar. Abandoning their fresh kill the Lycan sniffed the air, his sharpened nostrils picking up the scent of an omega, an omega in heat, alone on a full moon hunt night, and even worse she is releasing her pheromones in great amount that any Alpha could hurt her if they were nearby.

Fur prickled across the Lycan's spine in response to the thought, making him growl low in his chest. He was furious, angry that an omega would venture on such a hunt on their own, and enraged that they would go on a full moon hunt at all, unprotected and completely unaware of the danger they were in. He has given specific instructions that Omegas shouldn't be left alone unprotected. Ome


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