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Heart Of A Beast

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No one wishes to know who Damien was!, talking about the beast himself! The name said to fit him perfectly because it's the lack of human feeling he wasn't able to feel. Many haven't seen him but words traveled fast by those who had encountered him and made the narrowed escape which of course was purposely done by him, they knew once you do there is no going back! You surely are a dead being no matter what species you are. The aura surrounding him was powerful marking him out among all men, he was a cold ruthless and a heartless beast who ruled over Snowpack, marking it out as a danger zone for all other packs. Damien wasn't exactly like a everyday human you would wish to cross, he wasn't like any typical werewolf but half vampire, half werewolf and half demon. No one knew how he was that way but he had existed way before most of them. A pack of Alphas called the councils wanted him dead since they felt that he was more powerful than them and he could turn against them, they wanted him to join them, use him as a killing machine to get them more power but Damien wanted none of those which is what made him the most wanted creature alive. While others had soul mate, the beast doesn't and the councils find that a good thing because a mate would only make him stronger, others said the moon goddess placed a curse on him, others said he buried his mate under his basement or backyard. But they weren't about to give up, not when an interesting creature appeared and she happened to be the beast very weakness! Is she brave enough to tame the beast?

Chapter 1


The sound of my stupid alarm was enough to jerk me awake as it rang, again and again, feeling too lazy to even turn around, I lay down on my back facing the faded celling. *You did wonder where all the money that came from selling humans go to*

"F*ck" I cursed, immediately clapping my palm to cover my mouth, we weren't allowed to curse here, especially if you belong to the human category. Finally shutting my alarm off then I take a proper look at the time, I was relieved to know I had woken up early today meaning no punishment for me today, if I'm lucky to have enough energy to finish all my chores early, then I get to eat breakfast early. *yay!* I thought.

Living in an orphanage which is basically out of nowhere, all there is to see are just trees, grass, and a whole bunch of other stuff that form a forest. The orphanage is made up of all creatures you can find on earth, name it, they are here acting like they own the d*mn world! of course, they do.

The popular creatures with the highest status are the werewolves though they kept fighting over it, I think the vampire didn't like the fact that the werewolves were more important? then followed by the vampires, demons, witches, etc.

The human rank happened to be the lowest rank of all, I'm sure a slave level in a normal world, the position is still higher than the human rank which is unfair, we were sorely kept here to be fed, trained, and sold for money to keep things running at the orphanage for the other creatures, I once asked Madam Dena why the others aren't sold, and she came up with the excuse that humans don't mate. I didn't dare argue with that reality, I avoid anything that has to do with the other creature.

Humans are mostly sold off as servants sometimes worse s*x toys, once they leave, they never return and unfortunately, my eighteenth birthday appears to be tomorrow meaning I couldn't escape my fate even if I want to. I have no living relatives I know of or parents to run to, hell! I don't even know my real parents nor does anyone, they found me at the gate of the orphanage at sunrise and no one recalled who left me there and why.

I stared out of the window, taking in the wilderness view one last time, knowing I'd never see it again once I leave here, a lot of people could be sighted around, mostly the werewolves who had shifted and doing whatever it is that wolves do.

Warily I stare harder trying hard not to cry, the thought of being sold and enslaved by someone was killing me, my poor heart felt like someone is clasping the life out of it. There is no way I'm going to be any man's toy.

It was sickening and the idea made me shudder in fear.

I gulped back the tears that formed as the door of the bedroom unlocked, which I share with five other human girls who are still fast asleep.

"Rina?" Madam called giving me a small smile, the smile didn't touch her eyes I recognized that look, why did the others seem pleased about humans being sold? only a few of them are against the concept but they don't dare speak up, no one would want to go against the councils.

"Morning Ma'am" I greeted, bending slightly as a sign of respect.

"You're ready for tomorrow's auction?" She implored staring at me.

"I think not" I answered frankly, she's one of the people I don't feel frightened talking to, generally she's the only person who cares enough about us.

"You will be fine child" She stroked my cheek softly in a motherly manner and then retreated, I watched her leave blinking the tears away.*You will be fine* she had said, we all know it will never be fine. How can I be fine? I'm going to be sold off tomorrow for crying out loud and on my birthday!.


The day passed in a haze and around mid-morning we were finally permitted to have breakfast, I walked down the passageway to the huge dining hall we shared with every other rank.

Using mg long dark hair as a veil, I held my head down, I strolled past a crowd of people, I hate being the center of attention, bless my hair that's the only good thing I like about myself.

This made me smile forgetting my plight for a moment, I hope the monster I'll be sold to doesn't request I cut my hair.

I found a spot among the human rank and sat down eating quietly and since I have no friends plus it is better to be on your own than mingle with people. This is what we humans were taught the hard way.

"You don't mean it" One of the human girls beside me suddenly said, her face stricken in fear, while the others burst out laughing.

"The beast is nothing to laugh about!" she disputes, and this causes everyone to be silent, and I? I was terrified as f*ck! Why would someone mention the beast over at breakfast just to ruin everyone's mood?

"Yes, I saw his shadow then I heard a growled the beast was within the premises last night," The girl said again tossing her hair.

This startled me to the core, If the beast was here as the girl had declared then he might attack us!. Plus I have had a lot of rumors about him, it is said that he feeds on virgins and I happened to be one.

I was so afraid right now. I looked around the crowded hall and then sigh, at least I'm not the only one afraid of what the girl just declared openly.

Even the Madams look so fearful, this might save me from the auction happening tomorrow.



"You have a mate" Drake had notified me.

What should I make of that? I've always speculated on the fact that I don't have a mate since I searched for like, thousands of years hell! rumors maintain the idea that I had killed and eaten her, when in fact I have no knowledge that I have a mate.

Now I got one, I should be satisfied right? Instead, I'm more anxious. What if the council members find her before I do?

*Mate* Dokata my wolf whispered in my head, I could almost picture him wriggling his tail in passion, and Damon my demon grumbled in displeased.

People aren't that terrified of me but the beasts in me and what they are capable of, my bloodthirsty vampire, all he wishes to do is kill, feed on blood, and bent all his frustrations on people cause we don't possess a mate.

Dakota the most vicious wolf ever known in history, well that was exactly what Drake my best friend told me, he happened to be a wizard and knows a bit too much as my Demon confessed.

Damon, Dakota, and Don are the three beasts inside of me, but in all that is done beware of Damon; the demon who emerged from hell, you honestly wouldn't want to cross him.

*Yes Mate!* Don mumbled in approval of what Dokata had said.

*You pussies* Damon snapped again, obviously enraged by the way things are going, Damon doesn't care for anyone and he won't, I have always been afraid, he might take control of me and kill our mate since he's excluded because Demons don't have a mate.

After what Drake had informed me, I wandered off into the forest in my human form refusing to listen to the idiots arguing inside me.

When suddenly a familiar scent hit me, strawberries it was enough to distract my attention, I shifted immediately turning into a huge brown wolf with gold edges then dashed off, a werewolf would recognize the scent of his or her mate anywhere.

Once I got closer enough, I switched back to my human features not caring if anyone saw me around, I shouldn't be here knowing well that happened to be the Council's orphanage.

My wolf howled in my chest, my vampire thirst for blood at the realization of what was happening, and my Demon, was calm like he doesn't give a f*ck. Like I said Damon doesn't care about anyone except me.

*How dare they kept our mate from us* Dakota growled loudly this time.

*Go in there and kill them! I want them dead* Don ordered.

Tomorrow is the auction, from what Drake explained to me.

Tomorrow I'll make my move and this time if the Councils try to stop me..... cruel smile grace my lips. I shifted and darted back into the forest.


After what the girl said, I thought it was going to create a distraction enough to prevent the auction from happening but I was wrong, an order came from the councils this morning authorizing that the bidding takes place no matter what.

Right now I was clothed in a flowery dress indicating I was a virgin which meant my price would be pretty high, I felt sick. I and several other human girls my age were dragged out of a truck.

Many businessmen were seated scanning us, I kept my face down as we strode to the arena where the bidding would take place.

One of the council members stood up to address the crowd and said blah, blah, I couldn't pay attention to him even if I wanted to, my whole life is about to turn into a nightmare, A man can't my attention as he moved toward the auditorium, his aura was strong, everything about him screamed danger, a gasp left my lips when his emerald green penetrating eyes met mine.

His eyes were cold, his jaw was strong no doubt a God himself had to his time in creating him, I felt like I had died and gone to heaven, I mean what could an angel be doing here on earth?

At that moment, I couldn't help but wish he buy me instead, I redden looking down at my feet. Suddenly everyone gasp finally catching sight of him, he was so much taller than most of them with broad shoulders.

"Beast?" One of the council elders shuttered startled, dropping the microphone he was holding.

Beast? He is the infamous beast? but he looks nothing like a monster, all the same, I don't want him to buy me! I wanted to run away.

"I will take the girl in white" He requested, his deep husky voice causing me to tremble, tears clouded my vision, the beast wants me!.





Chapter 2


Just like me, everyone has a shocked expression on their faces, the rest of the girls were looking at me pitifully, the council host stood a bit taller while conducting himself like the presence of the beast doesn't unnerve him.

Right now I cared less, I was stunned *the beast want me* Now I see why we have been told to be careful of what we wished for.

"Then you will have to contest for her just like everyone else " The council host replied motioning around.

The beast sneered at the response given to him, everyone was petrified of him and he knew that, from the look on his face, he seems to take pleasure in it.

"Why should I pay for what mine?" Ignoring the host, he twirls to look at me, his eyes softening, He proceeded to stare at me for a few minutes before extending his hand to me.

Afraid of what my fate would be if I went with him, I step back, a sob fleeing my lips.

"Let's go little


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