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Gael, The Alpha

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Gael was betrayed by his brother who stole his beloved bride days before the wedding. The great Alpha Gael enters into a desperate chase after the fleeing couple, and manages to find Anne, the younger sister of Lilian the omega who was promised to Gael since birth. Omegas are extremely rare and very valuable, so Gael forces Anne to marry him and give him an heir. To protect her family, Anne agrees to marry and give Gael children. Since his sister left her 4-year-old nephew Leonard with her, Gael would kill the boy if she didn't agree to marry and pay off her family's debt. Their love grows gradually, little by little Anne discovers that Gael is not just a bunch of muscles. Anne will have to be firm and go against the other women Gael has, demanding that he be hers alone. Anne builds her omega nest while Gael courtesy, bringing her small gifts to compose their place of love. Anne goes into heat and they have three days of lots of love and affection. However, Usher, Gael's brother, upon learning that he kidnapped his wife's sister and his son, returns and tries to rescue them, but Anne is already pregnant with Gael and with Usher's meddling Gael feels betrayed again and promises revenge The plot is full of small misunderstandings, which causes a lot of discord, with the right to jealousy, quarrels, possessiveness and a happy ending.

Chapter 1

Anne Scarlet

The sound of the trees swaying in the wind outside was not as terrifying as the two huge men looking at me, thrown and tied to the floor of the van, I was trying to calm my little nephew down, he was only a little boy of four years old in all this confusion.

I was coming home from work, and when I got home two huge men, almost six feet tall, were tearing the house apart, breaking everything we had.

"Who are you, why are you breaking our stuff?"

"Where is Lilian? "

One of the men held me by the shoulders and threw me against the wall:

"Where is that b*tch Lilian?"

"I don't know, I swear I don't know, my sister hasn't been here in months."

My little nephew shouts, hitting the man who was squeezing my neck:

"Let my auntie go, you big man!"

The man looked down, and said laughing "look guys, a little flea." The man lets go of me, picks up my nephew and throws it at the wall.

The other man gives a laugh and says "Be careful Vincent, this child may be Lilian's son, but he is also Usher's son and if you hurt him for real he will want to kill you, not to mention it is forbidden to kill puppies".

Vincent laughed out loud "Usher is an old, powerless, broken wolf there is no way he can face a young, strong Alpha like me."

" Well, if we kill Usher's son, maybe Gael will give us a prize "

" Please leave us alone, my sister is not here, and I don't know where she is "

A third man came through the door, he was big like the other two but a little older, tired looking, and with a peaceful countenance, not as fierce as the other two.

"Put these children in the car, Gael wants the omega alive and well, you don't want to go against the alpha's wishes do you"?

They came towards me, I put my nephew behind me, grabbed a bottle from the floor and tried to defend myself, but what can a small and thin girl do against three giant grown men?

"Stand still or we will kill you both here. "

They held me down and tied me tightly and took me to the van.

Little Leonard looked desperate and I looked at him as if to say "It's going to be okay, stay calm".

I don't know how long we stayed on that road, the heavy rain and darkness made everything worse, the car left the main road and took a dirt road and went deeper and deeper into the forest.

It was early evening when the car stopped and the men opened the van door, took us by the arms and threw us into the middle of a courtyard.

The place looked like a small village, people looked at us and in a short time they were all around us.

A man bigger than the ones who had brought me here came out of a hut, he held me by the hair and made me look into his eyes.

The man was at least seven feet tall, with big hair, and very muscular, his eyes were light brown, his eyes turned gold.

"Is that Lilian's sister?"

"Yes, Alpha" The older man said.

The huge man looked into my eyes again, his eyes were amazing, and as soon as they crossed mine they changed color.

"Where is Lilian?" The man they called the alpha asked me and I replied:

"I don't know, I swear I don't know!"

"That child is her son with Usher"

"Yes, it is"

The man growled at me, and showed his huge teeth.

I was so afraid that I let out a thin, weak groan, but I remembered that my little nephew depended on me to stay alive.

A strength rose within me, and I growled back at the gigantic man.

He stared at me for a while, baring his teeth, and I did the same, bared my teeth at him.

Out of nowhere he started laughing, and so did everyone else around him.

Then he said:

"One thing I have to tell the little omega has courage, give her a bath and give her clean clothes".

I then said:

"Please let us go, I don't know what my sister did to you, neither I nor the boy are to blame, please let us go".

The man turned back towards me, held me by the throat and brought his nose to my neck, I saw the hair on his arm shivering, he then said in my ear:

"Your sister was promised to me, but she ran away with my brother Usher, I paid dearly for her, for lupus omegas are rare as blood diamonds, and since she ran away from me, you will take this pledge as my omega and give me an heir."

Chapter 2

Anne Scarlet

They took me to a hut, the place had a bed, a table and a bottle of water, they put us inside, hours later a little lady came to us, brought clean clothes and food.

I asked the old lady:

"Please let us go, help me".

"When the Alpha says he can, but apparently that will never happen, he wants you as a companion, and you better accept your fate, you have no other way out."

My stomach was burning, I knew that my sister was always running away from a powerful man, but I never imagined that someday this could reach me and my nephew Leonard.

The woman comes close to me, looking into my eyes.

"Are you really Morgan Scarlett's youngest daughter? Of course you are, you have your mother's eyes."

"Did you know my mother?"

"I did, and how I did, your sister Lilian came to life by my hands, here in this very cabi


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