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  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: IyusraN
  • Chapters: 125
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 440
  • 7.5
  • 💬 9


Who would have expected Milla's life to take a 180° turn after accepting her state of being a lycan on a full moon night? She is in the heat of the moment, having to deal with Kenneth. The Alpha who managed to make her submit overnight. Instead of falling in love, Kenneth bites Milla for the common good. But his feelings begin to change when Milla meets Cottingham. He wants to protect Milla at all costs. Will Cottingham succeed in getting revenge? Will Kenneth and Milla make it through everything to become true mates?

Chapter 1

"Are you getting crazy, Milla? Get away from me!"Darius had brandished his knife in front of his face, trying to get his daughter to move away. He really couldn't believe what was happening before his eyes. His daughter was trying to tease him, roaming all over his broad chest until it ended at his groin."You want to kill me with that knife, Dad?"Milla's face changed. Her bitchy face that so desperately wanted her passion fulfilled for the naïve Milla she had always been. She looked down, then started the drama.Of course, Darius was restless. He put down the butcher knife he was holding to make black pepper meat for dinner. Then he approached Milla to apologise."Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you, Milla. I was just worried. You came in suddenly, teasing me like a b*tch. It bothers me, Milla. It really does."Milla looked up, gazing passionately into her father's wide eyes. Her face changed again, like a female lycan thirsting for blood."I'm sorry, Dad. But I don't know why I'm like this by myself. I'm just trying to get more attention, to get something that I want."Milla finishes her sentence with a sigh after fondling her own ample breasts. She moved again like a seductive dancer, trying to make her father change his mind as she squatted down, then lowered her hands from her chest to her thighs.Milla almost rips off the bone-white T-shirt she is wearing in front of Darius when her father grabs both her hands. She rebels, trying to tease again."What are you doing, Dad? Come on. I know you haven't brought a woman to bed in a long time. We both know there's something about being a grown-up in this, Dad."Darius continued to lead Milla away from the kitchen. He pushed her to sit on the sofa in the living room, then pointed his right forefinger angrily."I know, I'm not married. But that doesn't mean I can f*ck anyone, Milla! You're my daughter! How could I f*ck you, Milla!"Milla laughed. She had stripped off her T-shirt, throwing it in a random direction as she showed off her firm breasts while continuing to tease."Everyone knows that I'm just an adopted daughter, Dad. Why prolong the matter? I have what you want, Dad. Besides, I don't mind losing my virginity to a great man like you. A great man who raise me since seventeen years ago."Darius shook his head in disbelief as he turned round. He had been pacing back and forth while thinking of some solutions to his daughter's madness."Listen to me, Milla. I've thought of you as my daughter for a long time. I'm not a man without a conscience. After all, you are my girl. Whatever your status, I don't want to cross that line. Therefore, please put your clothes back on and go to your room right now, before I lose my temper completely!"Milla chuckled while smiling softly. She squinted when she saw her father's flirting gesture. Milla got up, moved closer, and hugged Darius from behind while pressing her chest against his back."Dad, please. I know you want me to. Can we just ignore it for now? I really don't know what's going on, but clearly, I need your touch on every inch of my d*mn body, Dad. What do you think?"Darius let out a long sigh, then turned his head slowly. He smiled as he nodded faintly. "Let's get to your room."A delighted Milla immediately pulled Darius up the stairs. Her smile was beautiful, and her gestures were trying to be seductive."How shall we start, Darius? Shall we play under the shower so I can show you all my d*mn power?"Darius quickly grabbed Milla, carried her up to the second floor, before dumping her on the bed in his daughter's room. He pulled the key out of the inner door."Oh, Darius. You like playing rough, huh? Well then, you can pat me down, drive yours deeper and a little bit longer with your full power.""Lemme teach you a lesson!"Milla immediately widened her eyes as Darius backed away, then closed the door quickly. Not to forget, the sound of the lockdown made Milla knock on the door to rebel."What are you doing, Darius?! This is not what I want! Open the door, Darius! You said you would solve my problem!"Darius, who was rattling his waist in front of the bedroom door, just nodded slowly. "The problem is that neither of us should cross the line, Milla! Stay in the room and think well about your attitude that is more akin to a b*tch!"Milla sighed in annoyance. She hit the door hard again. "You can't do this to me, Darius! Come and open the door before I play with myself to fulfil what I want!"Darius go away and ignore her. He went downstairs with a long sigh. "I'm going crazy because of Milla's sudden change in behaviour. I almost lost my mind completely if I didn't realise sooner that we shouldn't cross the line."From the first floor, Darius could still hear Milla's screams banging on the door. Occasionally, he would pause in front of the living room sofa."How is this? What's really going on? Hanh, I have to call her. There must be a cause that what's wrong to change Milla."Darius immediately contacted Iris Hanh, Milla's best friend at the academy. Luckily, his call was answered immediately."Who is this? I've no plans to waste my time with anyone else tonight.""It's me, Hanh. Darius Stone.""Oh hi, Mr Stone? Is there anything I can help you with?"Darius sat on the sofa, massaging his temples lightly. "Did you see Milla being approached by an unknown man? I mean, a stranger?""Of course not. No one would dare to approach Milla, whose body looks bigger than even the average teenage boy, Mr Stone. But why do you ask me like that?"Darius nodded vaguely, confirming Hanh's statement. "So here it is, Hanh. Milla suddenly changed. She said she was hot. You know, she's trying to—Ah, forget it, Hanh. Sorry for bothering you.""Does Milla feel hot, but her hands are sweaty, Mr Stone?"Darius frowned, then got up and headed for the kitchen. He glanced at the T-shirt he was wearing. Sure enough, there was a wet mark on the trail of Milla's hand that had been groping earlier."You're right. How do you know? Did any of her male friends give her a drink, Hanh?""Since the last hour, Milla has been feeling strange, Mr Stone. Occasionally, she'll sigh when her seat feels uncomfortable. But, is she okay?"Darius nodded. "Of course she's fine, literally. But—""Most likely, she's in the mood, Mr Stone."A shocked Darius could only blink. He was almost evasive when he let out a long breath. "She was only 17 last month, Hanh!""And she's old enough to get what she wants, Mr Stone."Darius closed his eyes, frustrated. He chose to lean against the wall with his head up."Can you give me a the other solution than giving her a man at random, Hanh?"

Chapter 2

"Are you serious, Anne? What the hell! I'm going crazy when getting advice from a snot-nosed girl!"

Darius scolded Anne loudly. He was really desperate because he kept hearing the roar from the second floor.

"Hahaha, I'm sure that advice really made you die in front of girls."

Anne's teasing at the end of the call made Darius even more annoyed. He immediately punched the sofa cushion that had been in front of him. "She asked me to teach Milla to play solo to get satisfaction. I'm going crazy! Do young people today no longer recognise a relationship that, you know, I—"

"Listen to me, Darius. Not everyone thinks the same as you. Especially a girl Milla's age. Lemme give you some advice. You just need to find a stronger man. Give him alcohol or some kind of sleeping pills and give them to Milla. I'm sure Milla will get things sorted out soon."

Darius shook his head as he gently massaged


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