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Freya And The Lycan King

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In a world masked with supernatural creatures, alliances and loyalties are tested when a young girl finds out that the ruthless Lycan king she is being forced to marry turns out to be her mate. But the imbroglio worsened when she found out that the very man she now considered a mate and a husband, had butchered her entire family years ago, and is responsible for her years of slavery. She fled, but fell into the hands of another man whom everyone thought had died years ago, and who stood a chance of being her second love. But when rumor has it that she is pregnant with some twins, the ruthless Lycan king would leave no stone unturned to have her back. Would she stand with the man who is next in line to become the alpha of the very park she had served years ago, or forgive the Lycan king for the misery he had put her through.

Chapter 1

Freya POV "Hurry up b*tch! You think I got the whole time in the world for this sh*t you are doing?" That's Evelyn, my half-sister. Being a half-sister would have been like she treated me like a sister—at least half the time—but that isn't the case. So far, all she has done is yell at me, pull me by the hair, call me all sorts of names, and ditch around the phone. Her fingerprints are still on my left cheek for trying to talk back at her—what a stupid thing for me to do.As a matter of fact, she lived to cause me pain. Every breath she took sent a shiver down my spine and her only source of pleasure was found in tormenting me; and it would be unfair to call her a half-sister. But since I was adopted by some wicked parents who were no different from her—they are worse—there isn't any choice than accept the cruel card dealt on me by the moon goddess. I rolled my eyes for what felt like the millionth time. That's the only thing I could do. Not much. In fact, nothing. Even at this, I still need to be careful. I wouldn't want to lock eyes with the contemptuous face she wore. My skin, although pale, was already littered with scars and bruises and I don't think it needs any right now. Besides, a few hours from now, I would be walking down the aisle with a complete stranger. Yes. A total stranger because my good-for-nothing adopted parents didn't see it fit to break the identity of whoever I'm marrying. But I have no problem with that. I am used to being treated like trash. Well, being a trash would have been better since they are left alone, and left to rot in the bins but that isn't my case. And Evelyn, rather than help me get ready for the unfortunate wedding, happening on an unfortunate day, all she has actually done is piss me off. But her words meant nothing to me unlike when they did some thirteen years ago. B*tch. I hissed and scowled at the face that carried two big green eyes. D*mn. My hair wouldn't behave despite trying to subdue it. I sigh with frustration to the reflection staring back at me. Maybe a ponytail would be better but considering I'm going to a wedding, I shoved the thought aside. Perhaps it should just dangle. And I brushed a few more times to make my non-presentable face look presentable. A wave of relief washed down my body. The hair looks good. So far, I look presentable. Evelyn kept talking to some goddamned lover on the other end of the line. Not like I cared by the way. I'm grateful she let me be, at least I got to do my thing without any fear of intimidation or control. I managed to subdue the hair that wouldn't behave. I've been dragged by it some hours ago by the same lady who is responsible for seeing me ready. My green eyes stared back at me from the reflection. Unlike when I was fifteen, they now glow more. It seems as if my age made all the difference. And the last is the light blue gown that dripped down my slim posture, the only thing I got for my eighteenth birthday which happened a month ago. I am not entirely sure if this is my God-given posture considering the fact that I haven't tasted anything for the past twenty-four hours. Thanks to Mrs Rex, the Luna, and assisted by her good-for-nothing daughter, who made sure I did the dishes and mop the floors before anything else. I just finished mopping the floors when Alpha Rex walked in. Looking p*ss*d as always, he then instructed his daughter who has always been a thorn in my flesh to make sure I get ready as soon as possible. Of the choices he had, and of all the ladies in Eastwood park, he saw it fit to pick Evelyn. And I think he did that on purpose. "I think I'm good," I mumbled. My ears could hear the b*tch talking on the phone with someone I guess would be Kylan, the guy who couldn't take his eyes off my body even though he is set to get married to a s*xy devil. Thank goodness for my wolf who had appeared the night of the full moon after my eighteenth birthday. And I snarled to make him back off.Even though it showed up late, I'm still grateful it did. At least now I have something to call upon whenever I'm locked up for making someone slip over as a result of my mopping, or when I get pounced on by Evelyn. I'm always her punching bag if she wakes at the wrong side of the bed, or if she had a rough day at school. Evelyn was still doing her talking so I didn't dare interrupt. Her duty is to make sure I don't delay whoever is waiting for me. Although she must see me outside after, her presence made me choke. But there is still one thing missing when I glanced around my reflection The bracelet. It's the only thing that followed me to Eastwood. And the rag I wore on my body. And of course the two bare-footed legs that carried me down here. I smiled when my eyes got hold of a scar. The dark spot, visible like it happened yesterday. I picked up the bracelet and smiled once more. Even though my life is miserable, there were still moments I could smile upon. And the first day I saw Evelyn is one of such moments, which only brought back the bravery of my five-year old self. The brave girl who had stood up to Evelyn that very night. The thing is, Evelyn has always been a thorn on my flesh from the very day I set eyes on her. I had wandered through the woods for hours when I stumbled upon a door that swung open. Someone had finished preparing dinner when I came into the kitchen. And my five year old self who hadn't tasted anything for hours did nothing but devour the food. Evelyn snuck up behind me and attempted to swing a huge stick which would have left me dead. But my instincts were quick, and my left arm came in the way. Even with the pain on my arm, I gave in, a fight that saw both the dishes and the other kitchen utensils flying around. Starving, and thinking I was going to receive some sympathy, Mrs Rex came in and ordered the guards to lock me up, but that was after beating the unknown girl who had tempered her daughter. I found myself in the dungeon where I starved for days. I later got to know that the food I devoured was meant for the alpha, and I was being punished for the delay. Perhaps, the alpha was also starving like myself. Who knows? But that seems to explain the cruel treatment I got within those stinking four walls. But that was thirteen years ago. I smiled while hanging the blue thing on my check. I can only smile now but all those years of being locked up couldn't do the favor of taking my life. I should have been dead after all the beating and bruises but for some inexplicable reason, I'm still breathing. Perhaps the moon goddess had plans for me, which I'm about to find out. "What the hell are you smiling at?"I clipped when her voice rang out. I didn't even realize she was done talking on the phone. The memories must have carried me away, and I'm now back to her world—a world of pain and misery. "Nothing. Nothing at all," my respectful tone came forth. This isn't the time to cause any trouble. Or attempt to start a fight if I must not ruin my dress. But if only she could look through my mind, I would have nursed some pain. "Don't fool yourself around. Getting rid of you has always been our pleasure but I'm sure when he finds the lowlife he's been married to," she paused and swayed her waist to where I stood, "I bet he will kick you out," she yanked. She sounded more like Evelyn this time. I expect nothing less from the girl who hated me with all her guts. I don't remember stepping on her toes, nor do I remember getting under her nerves. Just like her mother, she seems to hold me responsible for her lost-but-never-found brother.I hissed silently, not minding her words. But the thing is, no matter how unfortunate they seem to be, I'm not about to apologize for some blurry events in history.But Evelyn… Well, she is right. The funny thing about my situation is that I don't know who I'm getting married to. As a matter of fact, I knew nothing about the marriage, at least until last week's Annual Alpha's council meeting which I was made to serve. I shivered when Alpha Rex called me to the sitting room. All my thoughts hinged on some wrongs committed during the ceremony. The last I checked, I was careful enough to not bath anyone with wine. Neither did I accidentally step on someone's toes while serving nor mistakenly offend the wrong person. But I felt relieved when they started talking about some marriage—glad that I'm not about to receive a beating. They never disclosed the groom's name or the identity, neither was I given the choice of accepting or rejecting. But I knew getting rid of me was worth more to them. Even though I turned eighteen months ago, I couldn't explain my feelings. I don't know the stranger that wanted a slave for a wife, and neither do I know if he is just blind. Of course there are other girls in the park. But why me? The question remains. Maybe the stranger needed another slave, and he happens to have gotten a very cheap price to pay.If there is one thing I've learnt in my thirteen years of being a slave at Eastwood, it is that it's always wise to keep my mouth shut—right or wrong. This very act has saved me a lot of pain and beatings but when they do come, they always compensate for the normal days. 'Happy' would be the proper word but I don't remember being happy at Eastwood. Perhaps I would be better off being a slave to the new stranger who wanted me for a wife. Anywhere but here, would be better. And I just can't wait to rid myself from this godforsaken park. My weightless body jerked forward when Kara shoved me from behind. "Move! You should thank goodness someone saw you worthy to be a wife…at least for now," she taunted. My mouth kept mute as my ears listened to the shrill voice coming from the lady who enjoyed tormenting me. My wolf barked within but I managed to keep it down. This isn't time for trouble The door swung open and my heels came to a grinding halt when a figure registered before my eyes. It's a familiar face, only that my spine aches whenever the dark eyes stare. Even though I can't see the hair, I knew it fell just below the shoulders. But none of that mattered when she barked. "Get your *ss out here! We've been made to wait for you!"A shiver ran through my spine as usual. My palm became moist on a very cold winter morning and that's when I realized it's going to be a long walk. My trouble just got started when the real devil kept staring at me. By some luck, my nose and lungs functioned but her eyes s*ck*d the life out of my soul.

Chapter 2

Freya povI have no vivid memories of my mother. The memories were fuzzy whenever I tried to recall. I clearly don't remember her face or what she looked like and over time, I stopped trying. It's a bottomless pit trying to recall people who never truly registered in memory. Or maybe they did register and the years of slavery erased the whole thing. But the one thing I know for sure is that my mom—the woman who gave birth to me—is nothing compared to the devil trailing my footsteps. A shiver ran through my knee when I took the first step. Trouble. A ticking time bomb waiting to explode as she trailed behind. I, on the other hand, shuffled forward like a lost dog who just got found by its owner. Well, I happen to be the lost dog in the case, and Mrs Rex, would be the owner. "Move faster!" she yanked, spanking my back. I expect nothing from the woman who hated me with all her guts. Nothing but pain, which now coursed


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