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For the love of the moom:The lycans destined wife

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On the battlefield, the Lycans were ruthless, possessed uncontrollable strength and fury. The Alpha of the Mountain Clan was a strong leader, but had his beloved companion destined by the Moon murdered by a pack of werewolves. He hunted them down and killed so many when he could, but some escaped, and then Aram returned and became the shadow of the Alpha he once was. Some time later, the elders offered him an opportunity to regain his position in the clan. A female, a member of the pack he was chasing, had been found alone and disoriented in the forest. An enemy clan of werewolves was in her possession and would like to hand her over to them in search of a truce in the conflicts. Aram was to take her as his wife and fearing rebellion, he accepted. In this way, he would subdue the wolf, showing that the Lycans were definitely more powerful. Lucine was a young woman who had already lived her private hell. Born into a pack of vicious, dishonest werewolves, she’s always lived as an outcast. When Lycan killed almost everyone, she thought she was free, but instead was taken by the survivors and kept as a slave at the mercy of her abuses. When she finally managed to kill them and escape, there she was being captured, and delivered as a slave again, but now to the greatest enemy of her clan. Amid a bloody feud between Lycans and werewolves, could fate bind two souls in a love story that could save their lives?

Chapter 1-The Decaying Alpha

Lately Aram hated the visit of his uncle, in fact, he hated any visit that came to interrupt his successful and satisfactory ordeal of pain and self-pity. Yasmina had left for life beyond life and he deserved all that suffering for he had not protected her. The Goddess Moon had blessed him when she placed her in his destiny, and he was not worthy of that grace. Sometimes choosing to stay alive was much harder than dying.

Now he would have to live the rest of his days under the weight of having been indirectly responsible for her death and with the pain of no longer having his destined Luna. To live his ordeal he only needed to be alone, which was very difficult since he was still the Alpha of that clan, despite having neglected his duties for months. He made no point of listening to the many lamentations of his uncle, who again came to bring news from the council of elders. The man told Aram that the elders were about to give up on him and were already looking for a way out of the situation.

“Aram, you need to react, the future of the clan is not a game. I understand you’ve been through a very bad situation, but you need to take back the command. For months you have not been interested in anything other than a bottle of booze. Everyone is commenting that the Alpha has succumbed to alcohol and tries to kill himself slowly. The people have many problems, they need guidance. Soon the winter will come and we will all starve to death. You know well what measures need to be taken to make sure that everyone has a way to support themselves in the colder months”.

Aram listened to his uncle in silence as he sat at the kitchen table with a glass of cheap whiskey in his hands. His beard was grown and his hygiene was not the best. He was the opposite of the Alpha that one day was. He spent most of the day drunk, unable to advise anyone, even less to settle the disputes of his guardians. He would need the help of the Moon Goddess if he had to engage in any hand-to-hand combat or become a beast because, since he wiped out almost the entire d*mn Boram clan, he had never transmuted or fought again.

“They don't need me, Uncle, they need another Alpha. One who can protect them. One who can protect his own wife”, he spoke with a voice full of bitterness.

“You’re their Alpha by blood’s right, everyone respects that. It’s been a long time and no one wanted to challenge you for leadership, but the situation is becoming untenable, you need to react my son. There are already rumors of people wanting to leave, whole families. Is that what you want? Women and children traveling through the winter with few supplies and at the mercy of attacks on the roads? Can you bear this guilt on your back?”

The truth was that Aram couldn't. Despite everything he still felt responsible for those people, he couldn't afford to lose anyone else. Especially after his revenge against the pack, where all the werewolves in the region were just waiting for an opportunity to attack a Lycan, or an entire village of them. When the winter was over he would decide what to do, but until then his uncle was right, he needed to react.

“I have something else to tell you”, said the elder, coming closer to him and putting a hand on his shoulder. “You know that you need to give the clan the strength to face the hard winter and regain your morale with them. I know a way for you to do this. A female member of the pack you’re chasing was found wandering in the forest a few days ago, she said she was the only one left. A group of werewolves is in possession of her, they would like to give her to you in exchange for a truce between the clans. I advise you to take her as your wife. You need an heir and a hybrid would become a very powerful Alpha in the future. The council approves this decision and thinks it is the best thing to do. Your revenge was bloody, Aram, if something doesn’t stop this, a lot of innocent blood will be spilled”.

For the first time he raised his eyes from the glass and stared at the older man with restrained fury in his eyes.

“Uncle, how can you even mention such a thing? I want this female, yes, but to destroy her as I did with the rest of her pack. I could never marry her”.

“Don’t be naive, she’s just a girl. She just recently turned eighteen and has nothing to do with the wolves who did that horrible thing. They assure us that she is harmless, just unlucky to be born into the wrong family”.

“Eighteen years old? But she’s little more than a child. I’m already thirty-two!”

Aram didn't want another wife, even less one who was little more than a girl. His promised one had died, there was nothing left for him in life. And the idea of marrying a she-werewolf, let alone one who belonged to the Boram clan, caused him nausea. He couldn’t live with himself if he did that, he couldn’t look in the mirror and respect himself.

However, the uncle was emphatic that he needed to regain his place and his power, he owed it to the people. The elders were already considering inciting a dispute for a new Alpha. Many deaths would happen and, at best, many people would leave the place for a very dangerous journey. He could not carry any more blood on his back.

He reflected that, at the moment, the best thing would be to accept the offer and make her his wife. He needed to remember that he was the mirror of the clan and everything depended on him. That union would add power to them and he could subdue a she-wolf, showing that the Lycans were definitely more powerful, making her pay in several ways for what her pack had taken from him. He drank the rest of the drink in his glass in just one sip and poured himself some more, which he also drank in a single gulp.

“Okay, I’ll do it, but I don't know if the pack will like it. I think this girl is going to have a hard time here. I don’t have much patience with children”.

The uncle smiled, relieved that he accepted the offer. This was the first step to regain control of everything.

“We’re counting on it! The idea is that she finds out quickly why she’s here. I’m counting on you to let her know every day how superior we Lycans are in everything, and I hope she learns that her situation here is one of subservience. You can be sure that if she just walks down the street, the people won’t let her forget it. You made the right decision. You can finish your revenge and we’ll have our trophy. But please Aram, go take a shower and change your clothes, you look more like a beggar than the great Alpha I know you are”.

The elderly man finished speaking and walked away, leaving him alone again with his much appreciated silence. Apparently those moments were about to end, very soon he would be a married man again, but this time not with the love of his life, but with a young she-wolf. The girl couldn’t have picked a worse time to appear. Soon she would find this out for herself.

Chapter 2-Just a girl

The girl arrived in the village one week after the agreement between Lycan and werewolves was signed. Aram sent his betas, who had better training in combat, to go get her. He was still not sure that the agreement was not some trap.

Szafir was Aram’s beta of trust, they had fought several battles and built together a stability for the clan. The friend was a wolf of honor, whom he could trust. If it was really a trap, he was the right person to identify and neutralize the attack. However, everything went smoothly.

When the group of Betas arrived at the indicated place to pick up the girl, their leader, Szafir, was very impressed with the aspect of the female that would be the new Luna of the pack. She really seemed pretty young and scared, it was obvious she wasn’t a welcome guest in that werewolf pack. She had her hands and feet tied and her mouth gagged. That seemed a little exaggerated, given the fragile constitution of the female. She went from one group to the other


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