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Suélen R. Noguez

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On the battlefield, the Lycans were ruthless, possessed uncontrollable strength and fury. The Alpha of the Mountain Clan was a strong leader, but had his beloved companion destined by the Moon murdered by a pack of werewolves. He hunted them down and killed so many when he could, but some escaped, and then Aram returned and became the shadow of the Alpha he once was. Some time later, the elders offered him an opportunity to regain his position in the clan. A female, a member of the pack he was chasing, had been found alone and disoriented in the forest. An enemy clan of werewolves was in her possession and would like to hand her over to them in search of a truce in the conflicts. Aram was to take her as his wife and fearing rebellion, he accepted. In this way, he would subdue the wolf, showing that the Lycans were definitely more powerful. Lucine was a young woman who had already lived her private hell. Born into a pack of vicious, dishonest werewolves, she’s always lived as an outcast. When Lycan killed almost everyone, she thought she was free, but instead was taken by the survivors and kept as a slave at the mercy of her abuses. When she finally managed to kill them and escape, there she was being captured, and delivered as a slave again, but now to the greatest enemy of her clan. Amid a bloody feud between Lycans and werewolves, could fate bind two souls in a love story that could save their lives?


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