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Fire Wolf Series

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For the sake of her family, she accepts to tutor Alpha's . She also becomes a part of the Werewolf academy. Her life was normal.......      Until, she comes face-to-face with Alphas's king, Dastien. She couldn't rein the tug. She feels at her heart in his presence and his absence, she couldn't take him off of her mind. She couldn't comprehend, why was this happening to her?      Emma knows the shifters' world is full of danger. She isn't made for it.       Dastien is the strongest werewolf, the Alpha, the king of Alphas, wants to keep his human mate safe.  He is in doubt. Should he accept the mating with a human girl, the true love bond that is created somewhere in heaven or should he choose someone from packs, a strong werewolf girl? He is aware of her emotions, love that he sees in her eyes, though Emma is unaware of her feelings and mating bond.     Soon, he must make a choice: Choose her knowing the danger lying ahead or lose Emma to let her live a normal life.

Chapter One

I advanced my hand with hot chocolate coffee. Ava smiled at me and grabbed it enthusiastically. We were sharing the same eyes inherited by our father, light grey eyes, her hair was blonde and straight. On the other hand, my hair was dark brown like my mother's. She didn't wait for me to sit down with her and sipped from it, "Um," She moaned, "I was missing the taste of chocolate." She took another sip, hungrily.

I nodded with a smile. Her smile mattered to me. I returned to the kitchen and looked at the second cup. I poured the steaming hot water into it. No one needed to know, particularly Ava.

I trudged toward the kitchen and put the cup back with a soft sigh. I grabbed the cloth and began to clean the kitchen counter.

It's my father's house, no splendid, no luxury, but a home. I don't know where he is.

I stopped rubbing the counter when a hand came before my eyes holding the cup. I glanced up. Ava was frowning at me, "I can't finish it alone," She said,

I usually stayed quiet. The argument wasn't part of my life, "Are you peeping in the kitchen?" I asked her.

Her frown broke and she looked at her feet, "We have enough food for a week and mom's medicine?" She asked under a soft voice.

I let out a deep breath. I put my hand on her wrist and pushed it away, "We have enough food and mom's medicine." I worked in a store.

She let out a breath through her mouth, "Thank goodness," She said, placing her hand over her chest. She looked at me, opening her eyes, "Now drink," She shoved the cup in my hand.

I pushed the piece of cloth away and gripped the cup. Ava thought. I worked for a local store. That wasn't truly a lie but not the full truth. I hoisted the cup up. We shared a smile.

"Go away! Go away! You monster! You can't take my kids away." A high-pitched voice came. Our smile disappeared.

I put the cup down immediately. Ava's face whitened in fear. She didn't wait and rushed out of the kitchen. I quickened my pace out of the kitchen to her room.

Ava halted in the doorway. I followed her gaze. Our mother was standing near the window and yelling, "Go away. They are my daughters. You took my son away." Her face contorted in anger, her eyes full of fear and glistened with unshed tears.

'I don't remember that we have a brother either. She never shares anything. We haven't seen our father. Only in the picture that's hidden under the piles of clothes in mother's cupboard.'

"Mom," I said out loud and darted my gaze out of the window. There was no one. I didn't remember my mother behaving like a normal person.

She looked back at us and pointed her index finger out of the window, "He came again." Her eyes were widened, almost round in shape, scared face, sweat trickling down her forehead.

I ran forward and took her in my arms, hugging her tightly, "There's no one, mom." I said to her softly.

"Of course, he ran away darling." She spoke as she was perfectly fine now. I gazed at Ava. She was looking at our mother in horror. I was used to her scared face too. She had grown up. She never stepped in the room when our mother yelled at night. We heard our mother but we never trusted her concoction.

I also worked for a coroner inquest. That was what I called him. My salary was enough for our food, mom's medicines and Ava's school. She was sixteen. I didn't want to tell her about my secret job, but she knew just a little. She was the only one in our house who could understand me. Our mother wasn't in the position to guide us.

I was twenty years old. If I had seen my father. I didn't remember. But I knew. Where did our mother hide his picture? He was a tall, blond hair, muscular man with light grey eyes, like mine and Ava. If I would have changed the colour of my eyes I would have. I didn't want to keep anything that reminded me of him. Whenever I looked at my eyes in the reflection. It reminded me of my father. He left her in his house when he knew about her mental health. He never came back. Our mother described him as a monster and asked him to leave us alone. She was scared he would come one day and took us away from her. 'I won't let that happen.'

"There's no one, mother," I told her again. She looked relaxed.

"I saw him. I shouted at him. Of course, there will be no one now." She looked normal when she said that. Her cheeks were red, a soft smile on her face, there was love in her eyes for us.

I smiled back at her. I love her. She was our world, "It's sleeping time, mom." I spoke tenderly. I glanced around and held Ava's gaze. She wasn't looking terrified but her face was tense. I beckoned her to come inside. She looked at our mother and plucked a step inside in hesitancy

Mom was looking calm now. This happened suddenly. The doctor couldn't tell us more. I couldn't sell our house. I couldn't afford rent. This house made things easier.

Ava stopped next to me.

"How was your day?" Mom's smile broadened as she rested her gaze on our faces.

"It was ok, mom. A lot of customers came into the store today." I couldn't resist smiling back. It put a burden on my soul that I lied to her.

Shifting on her feet, Ava stopped in front of us. She didn't answer her. She looked at our mother for a few more seconds, "Mom," There was hesitation in her voice, "Are you ok?" She asked. Her gaze was painful.

' I won't forget that time when we cried hugging each other.'

Confusion flashed on her face. She cupped Ava's cheek, "Of course, how was your school, Sweetie?" Her broad smile returned on her face.

Ava returned the smile and embraced mom from the second side, "It was fabulous, mom. I'm part of the cheerleader's team."

She was practising to be part of the team from the starting of the classes. I was glad for her.

I slipped away, "Where are you going?" Mom's eyebrows puckered.

"Nowhere, mom." I gestured at the bed.

Mom frowned, "Yes! Yes! I'm going to sleep now." She said and slithered under the blanket, "He won't come now. Not at least for a few days." She muttered to herself, looking out of the window.

"To whom do you talk mom?" Ava asked.

"Ava!" I warned her. I didn't wanna prolong the matter. She always asked the same question whenever she got the opportunity. We were not getting any answer from her.

Mom flattened her lips like always, "There's nothing you should worry about, my princess." She looked at us. Her smile didn't waver like always when she beheld us. Sometimes, she behaved like a queen and treated us like princesses. Was our father any king?

Who knows?

Mother wasn't going to tell us anything about him. I didn't want her to ask. It could worsen her health. I didn't ever want this.

My phone vibrated in my pocket. I touched the pocket of my pyjamas. Ava followed my gaze. There was only one meaning of it. Mr Morris needed my help.

I yawned in a fake way, "Good night mom, Ava. See you in the morning."

"Good night, sweetie." I heard mom and footsteps behind me.

I spun after reaching out of mother's room, "Stay with mom." I chided her and shoved the phone out of my pocket. I opened the message. There was an address.

"Where are you going?" Ava asked.

I was still looking down at the display, "Somewhere, in the wooded area." I muttered under my breath.

"What?" She squealed.

My eyes snapped at her, "Lower your voice," I glanced at her back. Mom was holding the photo frame of us three, "I have responsibilities that I'm holding." I shifted on my feet.

"I know. What will I tell mom? You know. I can't handle her alone." Ava complained.

My gaze was on our mother. She was drifting off, "You can do this. She won't wake before sunrise." I rushed to my room.

Mr Morris never appointed me for hard tasks but simple ones, carrying his file, writing everything he speaks, bringing his coffee and carrying his files.

"Alright," A small frown formed over her forehead as she followed me, "I'm not responsible for anything." Her gaze narrowed at me. Her expressive face screwed up into a tight knot of annoyance.

I know. She's scared. I'm too. But we need food on our plates every day. my hard-earned cash was enough for us now. My job is important to me. It's not a boring job to work with an old detective. He could have picked me as caretaker of his house. I applied for a caretaker job but I got this.

I embraced her, "I trust you," I whispered in her ear.

Her tensed body relaxed and she curled her arms around me, "Come soon."

"Sure," I plucked a step back. I grabbed my old bag from the wooden chair and slid one strap over my shoulder. I hurried to the door.


Opening, I shoved my hand in my pocket and took out the small key. I glanced back before climbing down the wooden stairs. It creaked under my weight. I wasn't heavy.

Ava locked the door. I unlocked my bicycle and climbed on it. It was affordable. I reread the address he had sent me. It was somewhere in the middle of the woods. It would take me longer than I imagined.

Taking a deep sigh, I reached my feet for pedals. Sligh bending ahead, I began to ride the bicycle.

I wasn't scared of the dark. The moon was half in size and followed me over my head. There were a lot of things to be scared of, like dying with hunger, seeing my sister's broken face when her dreams would remain uncompleted, seeing my mother on the hospital bed.

I was planning to tell Ava about my secret job. I did. I told her not to ask for the details of the cases. It wasn't always good. She never did after. Keeping them secret was a part of my job.

I stared at the wooden house. I slowed m


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