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Fated To The Werewolf Huntress

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Having a perfect mate is obviously the greatest wish of every werewolf,but what becomes the outcome when you receive the direct opposite of such wish and fantasies. Damien Dark, the young Alpha prince of the red blood pack,in search of his mate inorder to attain the role of the pack's alpha right after his father's death. Fate plays an expensive trick of hers, mating prince Damien alongside Kara Dugan, immediate daughter to Kyle Dugan,leader of the black eagles werewolf Hunter clan. A hunter clan popularly known for their brutality and hatred towards werewolves. Hundreds of werewolf packs has fallen and gone extinct by their toxin blade's and so has the red blood pack earn countless attacks, losses and destruction from this clan, creating a formidable and everlasting hatred between both pack's and clan. Will Damien and Kara both accept their persuasive inner mate bonds, setting aside the long emminity harboured between both clans?. With both clans and packs permit their love, setting aside their historical hatred?. Also what becomes Kara's fate when her long hidden secret relating one of red bloods greatest loss gets unveiled. Will both lovers bond remain firm or brew up more wars and heightened hatred between both clans?. Will Damien result to killing her to please his pack or follow his instincts? With they both conquer such obstacle alongside thousands more?. Find out?

Chapter 1 the beginning

Fated to a werewolf huntress

Episode 1

Location: Royal cottage

Damien's POV

Mom and I both lean silently against the soft comfy white coloured sofa, staring both frightened and worried at empty space.

"No,no... no Kai" Mom whisper's, running her trembling palm along her stiff pale skin.

"Do you believe we'll emerge victorious?" she finally breaks the long akward silence.

"Honestly mom,I have no idea. We both know of black eagles hunter clan and their brutality,they are faster, more Swift and smarter compared to us werewolves. Dad and his army posses almost zero chance emerging victorious today" I tremble at my words.

"Moon goddess be with us" I mumble, staring directly towards my fidgeting mom.

For centuries,the black eagles hunter clan remained our pack rivals and enemies.

Both sides consistently engaged in numerous clashes and battles, desiring pulling each other towards extinction and elimination. The black eagles hunters are extremely and perfectly skillful,fast,Swift and agile, sometimes doubting our imagination to them being supernaturals and not mere humans.

Thousands of extinct werewolf packs had fallen,wailed and weeped by their silver blade's, pulling an alpha is nothing to them, signifying them one amongst the most feared and dreaded hunter clan respected by literally every packs and other Hunter clans.

Our heated rivarly once again commenced weeks after discovering one amongst their hunter dead and lifeless right before our pack borders, activating the long lasting hatred between both clans.

"Where the hell is Drake? His presence here is important!" Mom angrily inquires, pulling my thoughts back to reality.

"I actually ha....."

"Am right here mom, making my absence a big deal isn't much of a wise idea" Drake echo's, walking through the entrance door, having an akward,wierd and suspicious look plastered over his constant devious face.

Knowing Drake right from childhood,the akward and suspicious expression currently displaying across his face obviously signifies possible negative occurrence.

"Spill it out Drake,what's actually going on?, the current expression on your face reveals secretive informations beneath your sleeve's, spill it out Drake,you know am right" I exclaim, staring inquisitively towards his devious blinking eyes.

"That's the problem Damien,you know me perfectly well. It seems you a physic towards me alone, knowing my every thoughts and moves" he mumbles,smiling sheeplessly.

"Whatever Drake, what exactly is going on?" I inquire, staring deeply at his beautiful natural curly blonde hair and ocean blue alluring eyes.

Pulling bdown his sheepless smiles,his expression slowly morphs into a serious one.

"Dad's dead" he spills, feigning both hurt and ingenuie pain.

"You kidding right?" I question, unable to find the tinest truth within his statement.

"Of course not Damien, screwing with such news ain't fun,he was confirmed dead by the fellow warriors. They revealed he was murdered by a masked look alike feminine being,they resulted retreating seeing their alpha dead, their only source of strength and courage gone" he explains, leaving my lips hanging agape while mom whimpers in self denial.

"If still under doubt,his lifeless body lays right outside the royal cottage,he was brought lifeless by the surviving beta's" he adds, appearing and sounding unconcerned and unbothered.

"Trickster..." I accuse, super speeding outta the royal mansion while mom fidgets trailing behind me.

"Father..." I call,super speeding towards a pale lifeless body crowed by half the pack members.

Fighting my way through the resistant crowd,I finally come eye to eye before the lifeless body belonging to my dad.

His heart appears missing,bladed out by a silver blade. Only a perfectly skilled hunter possess such skill and bravery to perfectly and successfully blade out the heart of an Alpha.

Drake was right. He's dead!!!.

"Dad..." I whisper, crashing heartbroken to my knees before his cold lifeless body.

"Impossible,this can't be!!" I cry, unable to endure the screening emotional and physical pain, allowing the salty tears run down my chins.

No, Kai" Mom whisper's, running her trembling hands along his firm coarse and whitish coloured skin before bursting into tears, shielding her lips amidst tears.

Titting my heartbroken gaze upwards, the recent submissive eyes belonging to the present pack members collide against mine.

"Alpha" they all echo, crashing respectfully to their knees.

Two days later

Damien's POV

The cool silk surfacing breeze melodiously whistles past my ear and it's lobes, sending cool tingling sensations down my spine.

Despite the winds cool and alluring temperature,it obviously seems unable hiding the sadness and negative emotions surfing within it.

Feeling lost and dumbfounded,I lean against a tree, watching four pack members all in black coloured attires pull dad's casket closer towards his already dug grave located accurately at the centre of the cemetery.

In accordance to our pack laws and tradition,alphas and prestigious well known pack members usually are set ablaze after death, signifying their hasty ascension back to Zeus and the gods but normal classed werewolf are buried similarly to humans.


"He was a good man, alpha and leader,he cared about the walfare of everyone including the less previledged,he ruled and fought with and for honour and dignity, he's the perfect alpha any pack and beta would always desire and request,he certainly was the best" beta Lucas concludes, battling the tears continuously threatening to fall down his eyes.

Pulling my red coloured hurtful gaze towards sobbing mum visible in a black coloured Bobby gown and wrapped within the grasp of her best friend Lydia,huge sighs laced with obvious confusion escapes my dry coarse lips.

"Alpha, your speech and final respect" dad's beta, Lucas whispers audibly into my ears, pulling me from my neutral fantasy towards the fierce boring and expectant eyes of every werewolf present.

"Am sorry but I'll pass,I seriously have nothing important to say,other important relative's can but honestly I can't" I exclaim, earning painful sighs from everyone present.

Feeling tired and depressed watching various relative's both far and near air their final respect,I once again lean solemnly against a dead leafless tree,twingling with it's branches while scanning the cemetery in search of Drake and as always, he's seems outta sight, nowhere to be found.

Drake before mom and dad always has been viewed and classified the bad child amongst us both, which certainly he is. He's a dark heartened alpha prince, brutal and scary. He once single handedly wiped the council of prestigious werewolves who pledged against his non mate fiance,outbreaking a fierce battle between him and dad.

His black coloured huge alpha sized wolf having a deep scar running along it's left eye posses a frightening appearance, instilling genuine fear within his opponents.

"Damien..." Beta Lucas calls,earning my bothered attention.

"Its time" he whispers, head slightly bent,earning anguish filled nods from me.

In accordance to the red eagles tradition, an alpha after death is always set ablaze by his immediate eldest son,and me being the eldest amongst drake and I,setting dad ablaze seems my current responsibility.

"My most dispised moment regarding this burial ceremony" I mumble,grabbing hold an already ablazed branch from Lucas.

Staring at his coffin dipped already six feet's into the ground,a tear drop unexpectedly escapes my eyes.

"Be with me father" I mumble,right before dumping the flamming branch on the highly flammable coffin coated with petroleum, setting it all ablaze, heightening mom's continuous and undying wails of pain and anguish.


Hours later

Damien's POV

Watching everyone present slowly desperse in duos,trio's and groups,I stand lost, staring helplessly at the remains ashes,floating towards the sky amongst the black smoke emitting dads burning body.

Thoughts of me ascending the alphas throne without adequate preparations and guardiance from dad clouds my thoughts,slowly drowning me into the ocean of confusion.

"Alpha..." Beta Lucas calls, placing cold chilling taps against my shoulders.

"May I have a word with you?" He requests,earning slight nods from me.

"Am all ears Lucas" I reply,carefully taking a seat on a broad tree stump.

"You and I both have knowledge of the next line of action, right alpha....?" He inquires, lengthening the word alpha while crashing to the ground besides me.

"Yes beta Lucas,I assuming the seat as the alpha of the red Moon pack" I reply amidst sadness laced sighs.

Similar to all existing werewolf packs, eldest alpha amongst the alphas son's is destined to claim and ascend the alpha leading throne right after the death of their father.

"Yeah Damon but with us yet to uncover our moon goddess chosen mate, ascending that throne sounds impossible and we both are no strangers to the implications of being unable to provide a moonly mated Luna" my wolf Ryder cuts.

"Shut up Ryder" I mumble angrily, hoping to hush his blading voice rather he presits, sounding worse compared to before.

"Oh,how I'll love to feel our unbreakable mate bond,sniff in her beautiful furs,run my hands along them,view her beautiful face daily and most especially mate countless times with her, strengthening our unbreakable mate bond" he memerize, drowning further into his ridiculous love fantasy and imagination.

"Scumbag..." I curse, returning my diverted attention towards beta Lucas.

"You're right your highness, you assuming the seat as the pack leader seems our next line of action but with you currently unable to provide your moonly mate, taking such bold step appears impossible" he further explains.

"Told ya us being unable to unveil our mate will be an obstacle towards claiming the alpha throne" Ryder chuckles, earning low snarls from me.

"Go to hell Ryder" I mumble inwardly, painfully ganshing my hardened fangs.

"What's your solution Lucas, what the plan ridding this so called obstacle?" I inquire, anticipating a healthy solution.

"I truly am sorry alpha Damien but in this case, an alternate solution dosent stand,the only solution known to us both remains constant, find and retrieve your moonly mate and in less than a week,the alpha's throne and crown are both yours" he responds, making me sigh in defeat.

"And the solution seems the obvious problem with no solution Lucas, I've searched and tilled every crook and Crane within this pack,all in search of my unknown mate but all to no avail, I currently am devastated and confused" I grumble,leaning my heating head against my mashed knees.

Getting up his feet,an expression explaining both hurt and remorse clouds his face,inplanting negative thoughts and guesses within me.

"Once again am really sorry alpha Damien because my hands are tied, just like I recently mentioned, the only solution is presenting your moonly mate else your younger brother Drake is presented the throne if eventually he presents his moonly mate before you" he explains.

"Being really honest alpha Damien, I desire you emerge the next alpha for the red blood pack, Drake is an irresponsible leader and alpha Prince and him occupying the alpha throne sure is unhealthy for red blood pack and its entire citizens" he adds.

"What really are you driving at beta Lucas?" I question.

"What am I driving at?" He chuckles.

"I desire you emerging the next alpha Damien, you certainly are the perfect option for that role, you posses the perfect qualities and leadership skills capable of leading our pack and lasty, you've trained for this your complete life,since being so tender, you've aspired emerging the throne after your dad,ruling over the werewolves and leading them to numerous victories has been your dream so please avoid letting such dream slowly desperse away without getting accomplished, do not allow a single mate restrain you from accomplishing your dreams alpha Damien please, push further and uncover your mate,push harder and I bet you victory is assured" he persuades,staring pleadingly at him.

Affected by his continuous pleads,I steadily pull to my feets,staring deeply into his pleading, hopeful and anticipating eyes.

"It ain't a promise Lucas but I'll put in my best, I'll push further and return home my mate,mark it down" I assure, brightening his once gloomy expression.

"Also, thanks a lot for the hope giving speech,its truly appreciated" I blury,stretching forward my palm for a handshake which he hastily grabs.

"For starters,I'll advice searching outside the parks bounday,an unexpected miracle may occur" he whispers, placing slight taps against my shoulders before dispersing slowly outta the cementry while smiling broadly.

"I'll put it into consideration Lucas, I sure will" I mumble,viewing his backside slowly disperse the cemetery, leaving behind my slightly brightened up self.

Chapter 2 first encounter

Episode 2

The next day

Damien's POV

Heading further into the beautiful evergreen forest, I drown myself into nature, gradually becoming one with it.

Sniffing in petals of numerous leaves and flowers, I moan in absolute undying pleasure, heightening my eyes and ears sensitivity, reframing the chipping, buzzing and clapping sounds of various birds,insects and tree leaves into numerous tunes.

"Told you taking a walk outside the packs boundaries isn't a terribleidea" Ryder states, enjoying every bit of the cool tingling and whistling wind.

"I only agreed to this as a medium of clearing my head off the pressurizing traumas associated with being next in line for the alpha throne" I respond.

"Just yesterday, few hours after dad's final burial, numerous pressures from the council of elders came flooding into my desk demanding presence of my moonly mated Luna. It's been barely twenty four hours after fa


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