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Fated to the Alpha Lycans

Fated to the Alpha Lycans

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The night she was born, the hospital was attacked by an animalistic creature who attempted to take her as his own. However, he was overpowered and didn't succeed but, the deed has been done already…he left his mark on her. Nineteen years later and now she is a grown-up who has decided to explore the world. Along the line, she met her fated mate. But somehow, the creature who had left a mark on her surfaced and claimed her as his mate also. Now Ava could find herself in between two worlds that crave for her and at the same time want her as nothing but prey. What does fate have installed for her?

Chapter 1: Did you just call me a pervert?

“Karina? Karina?”Xerxes shook the lady in his arms. Placing his blood-stained hand on her cheek, he hugged her to himself as he cried bitterly.

“I'm sorry Katrina…everything happened so fast and I…I..” he gagged in his tears.

“Stop crying, you look ugly when you do!” Katrina's voice bounced out, shortly followed by the cough of blood. Ascending her hand, she managed to wipe the tears off his face.

She smiled whilst crying before she spoke in a voice lower than before, “Although I won't be with you, make sure to take care of yourself.” a cough emitted from her.

“I love you, Xerxes.”

As a wide smile appeared on his face, Xerxes replied almost inaudibly, “I know Karina. I promise to take care of myself but you need to promise me something too.” he leaned closer to her.

“Promise me that you will be reborn?” with that he claimed her lips.


Nineteen years later•••

Standing in front of a gigantic painting, was Xerxes Mikaelson who seemed lost in thoughts as he stared oddly at the painting, having nothing but a scrunched facial expression.

“I see there are lots of thoughts going on in your mind huh? What are you thinking about?” A female's voice bounced him right out of his random thoughts.

Letting out a deep sigh and without turning back, Xerxes replied, “She has caramel-colored hair, accompanied by a flawless face and sparkling eyes. She is pretty and has a kind heart also. But...” he trailed off his words and turned around, fully facing the young woman in front of him.

“Why do I feel like I do not deserve her, Clarissa?” he let out a sad smile.

As though she had not heard what Xerxes had said, Clarissa pushed her blonde hair backward and placed her hands on his shoulder.

“It has been ten years since you last saw her, why don't you see her again?” Clarissa sighed and took her gaze to the painting. “She must have grown so big by now.”

Xerxes uttered no word but fixed her a burning gaze. Seconds passed by as he stared at her for a very long while. At last, he squeezed out, “I think you are right Clarissa.” He returned his gaze to the painting.

Her lips curled into a small smirk. “I am never wrong Xerxes.”


Arriving at the bus stop, Ava Evander was utterly dismayed to discover that the bus was filled already and could not contain more people.

Upon seeing the filled boss in front of her, Anger and distress swept through her that she could only hold her waist and let out a deep sigh.

It was her first day of college and she had woken up early to take the first bus. However the traffic was so frustrating that she missed it, and as if it wasn't enough she is going to miss the second bus and wait for the third.

Damn! Just thinking about it gives her an underserved headache. Just how the hell was she supposed to wait for another two hours for the third bus?

*I guess it's my unlucky day!* Sighing, Ava turned to walk away but before she could take a step forward, a voice spoke from behind.

“It isn't so filled up actually, I guess we could create a little space for her.” a young man uttered calmly, attracting the cold gaze of a few passengers.

His voice was deep and hoarse which gave off a mystical vibe.

“Come on! Don't look at me like that people.” he chuckled before he added even in a lower voice. “She looks like someone in a hurry and besides I know she is old enough to be your daughter.” she turned to the grannies beside him.

As though being spelled by his words, the passengers created a space for her. At that moment, Ava felt dumbfounded but only for a few seconds as she quickly snapped out of her dumbfounding state.

“What is the matter now? You don't want to get in?” the young man asked calmly from the bus, catching Ava off guard and leaving her speechless.

It was at that moment Ava realized that she still wasn't on the bus yet. Perhaps the whole scenario was just too good to be true.

“Of course not.” Was her automatic response. When she got on the bus, she thanked the passengers and all they could do was smile.

As the bus began to move, Ava softly slapped her forehead when the realization hit her that she still hasn't thanked the man who helped her yet.

Roaming with eyes around, she didn't get a glimpse of him and a sigh left her lips. Perhaps the bus was just too compacted overly enough to cover his features.

*I guess I will have to thank him when I get off* She stayed still on her spot, clutched tightly onto her bag as she looked right out of the window.

Minutes ticked by and Ava oddly felt a soft touch on her butt. Nonetheless, she paid no attention to it thinking it might be a mistake. After all, the bus was compacted and someone touching her, would be a mistake wouldn't it?

This time a few seconds ticked by and she felt another touch on her butt and this time was a light squeeze which caused her to flinch a little.

As a sudden fury inundated her, Ava turned around and met with the young man who had helped her earlier. He had a lollipop in his mouth as he stared back at her, having no expression on his face.

“Did you touch my butt?” Ava scoffed, “What am I saying?” she waved her hands in the air like she was shooing away a fly and questioned rather.

“How dare you touch my butt!” She hollered, attracting every passenger on the bus.

Disconcerted at her sudden words, Xerxes kept mum for a few seconds as he tried to process the words he had just heard.

“What do you mean? Because I certainly have no idea of what you are talking about.” he finally let out a few words.

Letting out a mellifluous laugh, Ava reached for her phone and replied, “Really? Do you want to play the *I don't understand the game?* Well you can but listen to me carefully...” she edged in closer to him and whispered, “I am going to make sure you rot in jail, pervert”

“Pervert?!” Xerxes scoffed in terror and disbelief. “Did you just call me a pervert?”

“You touched my butt and that makes you a pervert. Look around you, everyone here is an elder and you seem to be the only young person here. There is no other person here to commit an evil act aside from you.” she let out a throaty chuckle before she added,

“Did you help me get on this bus so you could mooch off me? So you could touch me all you want?”

The question got Xerxes dopey and for the first time in his forty-two years of living, he couldn't believe he was being accused as far as being called a pervert.

“Look Miss,” he pulled the lollipop away from his mouth and fixed her a burning gaze. Fury could be seen radiating in his eyes and Ava was fully aware.

“You are nothing but a rude and arrogant brat, who knows not when to respect her elders. Do you even know how old I am?” he sighed deeply and released his clenched teeth.

“I helped you get on this bus and instead of appreciating me for my kindness, you are throwing insults at me. What for? For touching your butt which doesn't even have enough flesh to knead? Do you have proof?”

Having heard what he had said, Ava released her balled fist which has already turned white from balling it for a long while. Her pursed lips parted shortly,

“You have no idea...”

“I am done talking to you.” Xerxes interrupted before walking past her, and getting off the bus in a hurry.

Chapter 2: The pair of red eyes

The parlor door was abruptly pushed open, revealing Ava who yelled effortlessly as she made her way inside,

“I'm home!”

She threw the bag on the couch and made her way to the kitchen.

“Welcome back Ava,” A lady with blonde hair smiled widely as she placed a kettle filled with water on the stove.

Reneging her gaze from Ava, she met with a pair of emerald eyes staring right into the kitchen, whilst standing a bit far from the kitchen counter.

“I see you brought a company,” The young lady said, not tearing her gaze away from the guest. As excitement swirled within her, she turned to Ava,

“Don't tell me you got a boyfriend already?” She teased chuckling, which caused Ava to almost choke on the glass of water she had almost gulped down.

“He is not my boyfriend Asha,” Ava disposed of the remaining content of water into the sink before placing it back on the shelf.

“He is just a friend ok? His name is Otto and he helped show me


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