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Fated to the Alpha Demon

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When the shiny sun touched Ava Kings skin, something very powerful shifted in her. Her perfected controlling life changed in a blink. She became different Prophecy foretold her being the one to save the doom that is to arise. Destiny played a role when the savior is fated to the doom. Something seems off, and off is what makes a destiny, a destiny. __________________ “I can smell you mate, and all I want is your blood.” The same deep scary voice have been hearing since said again, and this time dominance presence in his voice. Increasing my tensed heartbeat and making me more scared. “Who are you and what’s mate?….” My voice whimpered a reply, my whole body trembling under my blanket.


Fated To The Alpha Demon

(Collision of two different worlds)

Prologue (Opening Chapter)

“Push ma’am, push harder!” The midwife’s voice came out hard, her hands resting on the woman’s sweaty shoulders. “Arghhhhh!” The woman screamed with might, her scream rhyming with the thunder clap that sounded against the dark angry sky.

“Harder!” A midwife from below; underneath her private part said, her hands deep a bit inside the stretched woman in labor vagina, gently drawing out the baby’s small head. “Arghhh!” The lady in labor screamed with a hard breathe forcing out her mouth, at once pushing the little child out once and for all.

“You did it!” She stood up with the little baby in her hands. “Get me a knife to cut this off!” She instructed those helping her, her eyes never leaving the white haired little girl in her arms.

“She’s cute, I shall name you Aurora!” The lady on the bed said before shutting her eyes.

(Two years Later)

“Celia and Trevor St Claire! The Alpha request your presence right now at the Pack’s high court!” A guard shouted knocking hard on a woman’s door. She opened the door

breastfeeding a white haired little girl, her gaze meeting with the guard’s hateful gaze.

“My husband is not at home, shall I stand for both of us?” She said with a passive look.

“Tell that to the Alpha!” With that said, he turned his back walking away from her.

Celia St Claire sighed going back inside with distress obvious in her actions, she went on placing her sleeping already little Aurora in her cot gently with care.

Celia found herself in front of the Alpha, her hands behind her; fiddling with each other, her gaze glued downward. “It came to us as a shock that your child is indeed different, that she has been the cause of whatever is it that’s happening to us.” The Alpha’s voice deep like that of a bass sound, his face expressionless as he gaze upon a timid looking Celia.

“I assure you Alpha, she’s no different, she’s just a normal kid with a different hair.” She replied, still bowing her head and never looking up.

“And yet the bad luck suddenly befalling SHADOW MOON PACK seems to have started immediately after your daughter’s birth; two years ago, because no one since then ever gave birth again, neither got pregnant, and many more happening.” He said, the rest inside the court room giving a supportive nod.

“That cannot be said as a reason behind all this, just because she had a white hair doesn’t mean she’s the cause of this all.” Celia defended, finally raising her gaze to meet the Alpha’s.

“We’ve made a decision, and that’s you and your husband with your demon child are hereby banned from SHADOW MOON PACK!” He snapped his finger signaling for some guards, series of guards marched forward grabbing a hold of Celia, she struggled in between their hold begging the Alpha with tears streaming down her eyes as she was being pushed out.

Celia was escorted home, the guards helped pack her useful stuffs, sending her with her family out of the pack, and to the warmth of the woods.

It is just night, Trevor went in search of an animal to kill to prepare meat dinner for his wife and little child, and Celia staying warm beside the fire made by her husband with little Aurora cuddle up her hand. Aurora’s little hand move up touching her mother’s face; her eyes closing as a result of the touch.

Her eyes opened in a vision of strange beings destroying SHADOW MOON PACK; she isn’t there physically but in spirit, she witness her Alpha’s heart being ripped out by a red eyes tall guy with a demon figure.

“Is that a….?” She gasped opening her eyes back to Aurora’s hand still on her face, with her hair glowing. “Who are you?” She asked no one in particular, stroking the girl's glowing white hair as it began to cool down.

A/N: this is just a prologue or opening chapter as I called it, stroll down to begin reading the story. I assure you it one hell of story blockbuster.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1


“Ava! Are you done packing? Your bus is outside waiting!” My mom yelled from downstairs. The night breeze swirling through my body and my window to the left, I closed it after taking one more glance at the blissful sky full of bright shiny beautiful little stars; this is probably the last time I will be seeing it till God knows when ‘I have another holiday of course.

“Coming!” I retorted in a loud voice, so she could be able to hear me.

Don’t be surprise if I tell you that I Ava Kings have never felt the sun or know what it looks like before in my whole life. I might have seen or feel it before when I was a kid, but all the feelings and memories are gone now, I forgot what the sun looks like or how it feels even, I assume it’s always the shape of the moon.

I dragged together my luggage going out of my cozy room, I locked the door behind me going downstairs to meet mom. “I’m ready!” I said immediately I got to them, they both c


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