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Fated Alpha's Second Chance Mate

Fated Alpha's Second Chance Mate

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What Elena Lockser wanted was to secure a job in Aiden Inc, which was her dream company to work for all the time. She encountered Aiden Crooks, the CEO of Aiden Inc, also the man she had been running from all her life as her interviewer. Aside from being the CEO of Aiden Inc, Aiden Crooks was also an Alpha werewolf and a single father. He never believed in second chance mate until he met Elena in his office. Will they get the true love they deserve when obstacles arise to drive them apart?"Shut up, I don't want to lose my temper here.""He shouted."Why are you detaining me here? Do you want to kill me? Who are you?""So many questions in a sentence." He tutted."Just tell me who you are and why are you keeping me here? I want to fucking know!""This is me, sweetness. You are fated to be with me. Don't forget that. You are to be my Luna!"

Chapter 1 Meeting the obnoxious Aiden Crooks



As if my day wasn't shitty enough because of how late I had woken, an idiot decided to splash me muddy water with his sleek red Audi.

So freaking irking!

I didn't envisage my first ever interview to be this exasperating and exhausting since I have never had a real job before. This could be my first job or not which solely depends on what would be the outcome of the interview at the end of the day.

Luckily, the bastard that sped by me had only splashed water on my legs which could be resolved.

I brought out the flask filled with water I always carried about and made use of some of the liquid in it to rinse my leg before stepping to the front of the company's gate.

My jaw slackened, and a smile brightened my face as I gazed at the magnificent glass-walled, seven-storey structure which stood in front of me.

Aiden Inc was situated in the heart of West Vale and it was hard to miss. It stood near another grand building which was used as a bank.

This side of the town, which was commonly known as District One by the locals, was filled with grand corporations which were owned by individuals or so, I was told.

"At last, I am in Aiden Inc." I breathed out, grinning.

The most reputable company in West Vale and the place I had fantasized about working in since after I had graduated from college with a first class in business management. It was a big feat as I wasn't that smart, to begin with.

I was ushered in by the concierge without many questions.

"Top floor." He murmured, pointing in the direction of the elevator.

Shutting my eyes, I stepped into the lift, and I counted at least, up to ten seconds as my stomach did a flip-flop at the twirling motion. I inhaled deeply, shoving down nausea that threatened to spill out.

Eventually, the elevator ceased and I stepped out with ten other people I didn't notice entered. They all had a brown envelope with them like the one with me and strode in the same direction I did.

I brought out a mint from the black bag with me and popped it into my mouth, before stepping to the receptionist area.

The soft clicking of heels sounded throughout the rectangular hall with glass mirror partitioning it as I walked towards the two girls who stood at the far end in large cubicles, not far from each other with the inscription receptionist boldly written on it.

Both had fiery red hairs, blue eyes and burgundy lipsticks on their full lips.

Both wore the same black coloured tight dress that showed their ample chest.

Though it appeared professional, however, it was revealing.

Still, I thought Aiden Inc was known for its strict dress code because I had heard from several individuals, Renee included, about how strict the interviewer was.

A wrong outfit would disqualify a person from getting an interview. Hence, the reason I was in this drab suit Renee had picked out.

Perhaps, it was a ruse to make the company appear decent since the two girls in front of me had dressed like they were going for a party rather than for work.

"How may I help you?" Red Haired one whose name on her badge reads Claire inquired.

A wide smile was painted on her lips as she stared at me. The other girl, Carol, was conversing with someone else and she appeared to be nicer than Claire.

They looked like twins for, both share similar features round face, pointed chins, full lips and a wide smile. The only difference between them was Claire's hair was slightly lighter than Carol whose own was a deep shade of red. Also, Carol's nose seemed a bit broader than Claire's or perhaps she had flared it.

Two sharp canines that resembled a fang pierced out of Claire's mouth as she continued strangely grinning at me. Her crystal blue eyes flickered to red for a brief moment or maybe I had imagined it whilst she assessed me as if she knew me from somewhere. She then went ahead to crinkle her nose and I noticed a vein popped out in her neck.

"Claire." Carol let out a low inhuman sound that sounded more like a growl then smiled innocently as I gawked at her.

Weird girls.

I did an eye roll, then listened to the direction of where the interview was being held. Even with my attentiveness, I knew I would get lost since I was bad at knowing places.

"Follow me." A gorgeous blonde ordered as she stepped towards the cubicle.

The only blonde I had seen so far. Unlike the two red-haired, She donned a pale blue gown with cap sleeves, a sweetheart neckline which modestly highlighted her cleavages, and it reached below her knees. Her blonde hair was in a high ponytail and her eyes, a crystal blue smiled kindly.

I returned the smile, then scrambled after her as she moved. Surprisingly, she had a long stride despite her petite frame and she moves quite fast too.

Our journey to the interview room was silent and the blonde was somewhat nice as she had told me to refer to her as Ellen.

My eyes surveyed several of the applicants that sat on the long bench outside the office door waiting for their turn to be called in. Most were red-haired and dark-haired, I was the only blonde present aside from Ellen which I didn't mind. Also, I noticed the lack of male applicants which wasn't weird as it had been boldly written that only females were needed.

When it got to my turn, I stepped into the dimly lit office. The telltale sign of nervousness I do exhibit clammy palms and nausea wasn't present, rather I shivered at the coldness the room exuded.

I blinked twice before my vision got accommodated to the room's dimness. A chandelier hung above the room but it did little to brighten it. Still, I could make out the presence of a two-seater at the side, a floating bookcase stood beside it and two potted flowers were at the four corners of the room.

A man sat behind a writing desk, he was facing the only window in the room and did not seem as if he noticed I was inside.

He didn't turn, neither did he say anything to acknowledge my presence.

Was this what he did to the other applicants?

No surprises, as the dark-haired girl with expressive brown eyes before me had shot me a, 'I wish you all the best look.'

I counted to thirty seconds, then decided to break the silence when he didn't.

"Good afternoon, sir," I said out of formality whereas all I wanted to do was slap the phone he was staring at away from his hand.

After waiting for another thirty more seconds, another thought came to my mind and I cleared out my throat because he didn't respond to my greeting.

"Don't do that anymore." He grunted, yet didn't turn.

You didn't reply to my greetings. What else did you expect from me was the retort at the tip of my tongue but I swallowed it.

"Start talking." He ordered, still facing the window and his phone.

I stepped a bit closer and he inhaled sharply.

"Don't come nearer." He growled, tensing up. He ran a finger through his already tousled hair making it messier.

Dear me, I never knew my boss to be this grumpy.

I halted, rolling my eyes and smoothened the nonexisting crease on my skirt. "I can't just start blabbing. You should ask me a question. I mean that's the reason I'm here, right?"

"Your hair colour." He rasped.

"What?" My brows furrowed as I stared at his messy brown hair which was illuminated by the light from the window.

"What's the colour of your hair?" He repeated.

"Blonde and that isn't even an interview ques..."

"We already maxed out on blondes and I don't want another airhead." He said, cutting me off.

"Excuse you?" I let out an exasperated sigh at how he generalized all blonde-haired girls.

I was done with people that behave as if the world revolved around them.

"You know what, I've been having a shitty morning because of trying to arrive here on time. If I had known the person in charge of this interview was an idiot, selfish and a bastard, I wouldn't have bothered!"

"You are a self-centred, egoistic, pompous man. I don't freaking care if I'm using the same adjective to describe you because that's what you are!"

"I'm sure you wouldn't know how stressful this is since you only need to sit behind a freaking desk to question whoever came in!" I ranted. I didn't stop there though, for I was pissed at his nonchalant attitude towards me.

"This company is highly esteemed because of how considerate the interviewers are, but you, you are..."

The swivel chair he was on swirled at my outburst and his head lifted. My hands went to cover my mouth and I gulped down the rude comments threatening to spill out as azure orbs collided with mine.

Good, gracious, it's him!

My heart ceased beating as my gaze fixated on the man in front of me. He even looked more gorgeous in person than in the numerous pictures I had seen of him.

His angular face tilted whilst surveying me. My skin prickled as he lifted his hand to the five o'clock shadow on his cheeks and he smirked. A dimple peaked out making me weak to the knees at how it added to his beauty.

It was rare to see people with dimples on their cheeks, especially men and I was a sucker for it.

Ugh, I shouldn't be thinking about his cuteness rather at how tragic my life would be in the next moment.

How could the person I had been running from be my boss to be and the freaking interviewer! No wonder he had been uninterested and obnoxious, exactly how I had classified him before today's meeting.

I hadn't even linked his name together with the company, rather I was preoccupied with how I would win the job and the question anyone in charge would ask.

Not only that, I was sure I had lost my chance at this job because of the insult I had hurled at him. Indeed he was arrogant and insensitive as I termed him to be.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" His thin lips stretched out in an amusing smile. Possibly, he was enjoying how irritated I was.

His eyes reminded me of the "forget me not" I adore so much and it glinted as it trailed me from head to toe.

"You can't run from me, didn't I warn you?" He smirked.

He had indeed informed me in his numerous messages that filled my phone and I despised that he was freaking right!

"I don't want your job anymore!" I flung at him, stepping to the door. I twisted the knob violently, however, it was locked.

I swirled back to him, he still relaxed in the chair behind his brown desk and he didn't make a move.

"Open this damned door,” I screeched.

"Or what?" He murmured, quirking a slender brow. He lifted his body from the chair and I became aware of the huge difference in our height. He took a step away from the desk towards me and I took two back with each step.

His nostril flared when he was a few metres away, his blue eyes now turned icy as he scowled. I trembled as my core tingled under his scrutinizing gaze. His pupils dilated and he tilted his head upward, sniffing.

Please touch me, I'm all yours and I'll be good. My subconscious shrieked and I slammed down the annoying voice.

What was wrong with me and my stupid thoughts?

I should be running out of his office this instant since that was what I had been doing, to flee away from his presence. However, my feet seemed stuck to the ground and I could only helplessly stare at his gorgeous face and sinful lips.

"I'll scream rape." I blurted out.

I should think before talking next time I grimaced whilst making a mental note.

He tossed his head back and chuckled at my assertion. His Adam's apple bobbed up and down as he laughed and oddly, I found it sexy. My cheeks reddened as my eyes drifted to his parted rosy lips.

"No one would believe you." He snickered.

"Just watch and see!"

"Love, All my employees know you are my betrothed except perhaps the new ones to come." He stated.

How is that possible!?

We didn't know each other, haven't gone on any date and today was my first time seeing him in person. How would anyone know I was given to him to pay a frigging debt I knew nothing about.

"Aside from you being traded to me which they didn't know of. They, however, know we will be getting married in two weeks." He asserted.

Getting married?

Startled, I gaped at his face, hoping to see that he was bluffing. But, no trace of amusement was on his face as he stared back. Also, he seemed rather pleased at my dismay.

How could he set a date that I wasn't even aware of? Or was it because he had every right to? Since my father had given all my rights to him and didn't even care to let me on, on the development.

"I'm not getting married to you, you-you sick pompous dumbhead! I don't want anything to do with you. You can choose from your numerous workers to f*cking wed." I raved, yanking the knob with force.

I swerved to him again, huffing after some minutes, "Just open this damn door already!"

"Fine, but you can't run anywhere. If I were you, I'll accept my fate since it's the best choice and thing your family has offered you." He pointed out.

His words stung as they hit home. Did he know I wasn't acknowledged as the daughter because I wasn't directly from his wife?

He should because he didn't sound as if he was fooling around and I didn't turn to see the expression he had on his face.

I darted out of his office, stopping only at the elevator and the exit double door.

Claire smirked at my distraught expression.

"We hope to see you next,” She sing-songed at my retreating back.


A very nasty one, just like her boss.

I flagged a taxi down, hopped into it and thought of the other alternatives I had on getting a decent job here. I was going to do it even if that was the last thing I saw myself doing. I would pay the debt that led me into this mess, so I wouldn't marry him. Though it looks impossible, I was sure I would pay him off.

Chapter 2 Attraction at first sight


“Is that all?"

The girl whose name on her tag reads Kate asked. Her eyebrows puckered and a small smile played on her lush lips. Her brown eyes darted here and there as if she was frightened I would pounce on her any moment from now.

People often have that expression whenever they come close to me. Except for people that knew how harmless I was.

Perhaps, it was my six feet, two inches height or the scowl I often sport on when I noticed girls were throwing suggestive wink my way.

Whichever it was, I didn't care.

What I loathed the most was conducting interviews with any applicants interested in the company for Her welfare because the people I frequently leave in charge most especially, Ellen, was too soft-hearted and tends to be very sympathetic. Thus, accepting the wrong people.

It had always been like this since I opted to take care of the family's business. I was the oldest of five children, making it a good choice to take the rein o


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