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Fate: The Alpha King and His Unexpected Mate

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Marc is the 28-year-old Alpha of the Blue Moon pack, and also the Alpha King. Alpha to all Alphas. He took over the title 10 years ago when his father decided to retire. He hadn't found his mate and had started to forget about it. That is, until he meets Lexi. Lexi is the daughter of the Dark River Alpha. She has yet to turn 18, so she doesn't have her wolf yet. When multiple rogue attacks send her to the Blue Moon pack the weekend of her birthday, neither her nor Marc are prepared for what the Moon Goddess has in store for them.

Chapter 1


Ding Ding Ding

I rolled over, not even bothering to open my eyes as I reached for my phone. I rolled to my back before checking the text.

"You comin' to training buddy, or is Alpha too good for us?"

I rolled my eyes. If Daniel wasn't my best friend and Beta, I would be more annoyed at him. I checked the time. 6:50 am. Training started in ten minutes. Guess I forgot to set my alarm. I slowly climbed out of bed, searching for shorts and a t-shirt. I slipped into my Nikes, threw my phone in my pocket, and made my way to the pack gym.

As I walked in, I saw everyone stretching, with Daniel leading. Jared, my Delta and top warrior, was right next to him.

"Well look who finally decided to grace us with his presence!"

Daniel smirked as he had everyone break into pairs to begin training. I rolled my eyes and punched him in the shoulder. He laughed and squared up, ready to train. We were always partners. Since we were Alpha and Beta, we were a good amount stronger than the rest of the pack. Once we went a few rounds with each other, we went around the group, giving pointers where we could.

After about three hours, training ended, and the pack dispersed. I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge we keep in the gym. Daniel and Jared grabbed bottles for themselves and followed me to my office. I sat behind my desk as they took the chairs in front of me. I finished off my water and pulled my email up on my computer. I noticed an email from Alpha Joe of the Dark River pack. I skimmed it quickly. He asked for a meeting to discuss the issue of rogue attacks. There had only been three total so far, but we wanted to be ahead of any issue. The Dark River pack was our closest ally. Our pack houses were only about an hour from each other. My father always talked highly of him, and I had never had any issues in my five years of being Alpha.

"Alpha Joe wants to set up a meeting to talk about the rogue attacks." I glanced at the guys after skimming the email a little more.

"Sounds good. When does he want to meet? I can let my mom know so she can start making a list of things we need." I saw Daniel grab his phone, no doubt texting his mom. I had no mate, so my mom was still acting Luna of our pack. She just so happened to be vacationing in Hawaii with my dad, so Daniel's mom would take over those duties.

I checked the email again to see if he said a time.

"Looks like he wants to come this weekend. We can have them get here Friday and they can stay here for the night. Looks like it will be his family and the Beta's family." I read a little further and smirked. "How do you guys feel about a little party?"

They both looked at me curiously. Daniel was the one to answer.

"You know we never say no to a party. But what's the occasion?"

"It looks like the Alpha and Beta's daughters both turn 18. He asked if they could hold their first shift and run here. Why not just make it a little celebration? It's been a while since the pack has done anything really fun. Why don't you let your mom know to get stuff for an 18th birthday celebration? Tell her who it's for."

Daniel nodded as he started texting his mom again. I nodded and both men got up to leave. Once the door shut behind them, I quickly replied to Joe, letting him know we would hold a whole celebration for the birthday as well as the run. I told him not to worry, that my pack would take care of everything. I told him to arrive Friday afternoon and that the meeting would be Friday evening.

Once I hit send, I went to my room on the next floor up. I discarded my clothes and hopped in the shower. I let the warm water run over me. What would be the chances that two she-wolves turning 18 on the same day would come to our pack? Would their mates be here? Since Daniel, Jared nor I had found ours yet, it had me thinking. It had been so long since I turned 18 that I had started to give up on finding my mate.

Once I noticed the water was turning cold, I turned it off and got out. I wrapped my towel around my waist and proceeded to my closet to grab a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Since I didn't have any business meetings, I chose a casual outfit. I hated sitting in a suit all day, so this was my outfit of choice. I threw on my Nikes and went to the kitchen.

Our lead Omega, Jackie, was starting to prepare lunch. Jackie was around my mother's age and treated everyone like they were her own. Everyone loved her. She started as our head Omega about 10 years ago now. She lost her mate in a rogue attack and almost didn't survive the pain once she felt the mate bond break. My mom was by her side the whole time. She distracted Jackie with cooking, baking, having her help plan special occasions. Jackie was a force in the kitchen, so my parents offered her the position of head Omega. She was not technically an Omega by status, but she cried with joy and has been doing it ever since.

"Oh! Alpha Marc! I didn't even hear you come in! Laura told me about the birthday celebration this weekend! I have just the dinner and dessert in mind! Those girls won't know what hit them!"

I chuckled and kissed her on the cheek. "Be careful Jack, they may never want to leave once they taste your cooking."

She laughed before swatting my arm. I grabbed a water from the fridge before heading to my office. As I sat and tried to get through the 50 unread emails that I had, I noticed my wolf was eagerly pacing in the back of my mind.

'What's up, Max? Why are you anxious?'

'I don't know. Something feels weird. Not bad or threatening, I can't put my finger on it.'

I closed my eyes, pushing Max away again. I took a deep breath, trying to get a read on my surroundings. Nothing felt different. But now I couldn't shake this anxious feeling that something was going to happen.

Chapter 2


"Lex, let's go!"

I heard my best friend, Jess, yell from downstairs. We had fifteen minutes to make it to training. I finished my braid before running down to meet her. She rolled her eyes and held the door open for me.

"How do you look so perfect, just for training?" Jess rolled her eyes and laughed.

I looked down at myself. I was in black leggings, a green sports bra, and threw my hair in a braid because I didn't have time to brush it. I looked at myself in my phone camera and didn't see anything special. I shrugged.

"A lot of water. A shower helps too."

We both cracked up laughing as we walked into the meadow. We found her brother, Liam, in the middle of the group. We went to either side of him and started stretching with everyone else. Liam was a few years older than us and one of our pack's best warriors. Since I was the Alpha's daughter, nobody else really


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