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Fate Or Doom: Reborn As His Crazy Luna

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"I was overjoyed to receive a second chance from the Moon Goddess. Upon seeing you in my second life, I was ecstatic. However, little did I know you will be cause of my tears yet again." ... Eumerica, a human who was poisoned to death in her past life, was granted a second chance at life as an omega wolf in Axylia. Upon discovering that her soul resides in a wolf that has been mistreated and has also committed suicide, she was left feeling bewildered and devastated. When Eumerica could take no more of the abuse, she defied her pack's princess and stormed into the ongoing mating ball, where the unimaginable took place. She saw him again... the man who took her for granted. ... It was commonly known that King of the North was the notoriously vicious Alpha of the North. He was ruthless and callous, but he had no choice but to carry out his alpha role by going to the mating ball. He found his mate, unexpectedly.He did not, however, intend to return home burdened; he was simply there for fun. "I, the King of the North, reject you, whoever you are as my mate."In front of innumerable people, he rejected his mate without hesitation. However, he didn't expect what happened next."Who do you think you are to reject me? The Moon Goddess fated us and you just go, 'I King of blah blah reject you as my mate! I disagree!" When Eumerica is forced to confront the Alpha of the North in order to protect herself from abuse, what will happen? Even worse, being left with no choice than to accept a partner who shares the same face as the man who caused her death in a past life?

You found him


It's been exactly a week since I woke up in this strange World.

As I entered the hallway, my heart pounded violently against my chest. I held the hem of my dress and gulped down my spit to wet my parched throat.

Knowing how they didn't want me here, I chose to do this for my own good, hoping a good result would be yielded.

I recalled Mia's words: Having a mate is like having someone you would want to spend the rest of your life with, someone you will love dearly... Even if I've only ever loved one person in my previous existence, I want to feel those emotions again.

Stated differently, I desire to leave this pack.

The aroma of wine filled my nostrils, and I felt a little nostalgic seeing people dressed in suits and ball gowns.

I used to hate banquets, balls, or outings in my previous life. It was my maid who used to force me to attend outings and would make sure I dressed beautifully to avoid discontent from other girls who didn't like me.

I got married to the man of their dreams, so I understood their hatred.

"What are you doing here?"

I heard a voice, jolting me out of my reverie. Instinctively, I turned my head to the direction the voice came from, my legs almost trembling.

It was Princess Alia, the princess of the Blue Rain Pack.

"I asked what you are doing here in tattered clothes! Do you think you are allowed to enter here?!" With a glare in her eyes, Princess Alia asked.

I replied, blinking quickly as I gasped for air, "I... I am also entitled to be here."

Since I woke up here, I've never seen anyone as brutal as Princess Alia. Always acts kind, but she is really the devil hiding in plain sight.

"Entitled?! I don't care if you lose all of your memories, Rica! You will pay a heavy price if you treat me rudely." Princess Alia gazed at me intently, her words coming out with gritted teeth. "Do not aggravate me; go back to where you and the others are."

I was told that every person usually receives a mate from the moon goddess. You will, however, have fewer opportunities to find a mate if you are from a lower social class because you will not be allowed to participate in the mating ceremonies.

Waking up here was my biggest nightmare and the owner of this body was a pushover before she fell into the water to commit suicide.

I guess that is when my soul got into her body.

Despite being granted a second chance at life, I would never be a pushover and put up with being mistreated by pests.

"I don't want to. I'm not disturbing you, I just want to look around" I answered with a straight face, my expression uneasy to decipher. "Every maiden over eighteen is eligible to attend the mating ball, isn't it?"

Princess Alia's brows knitted into a frown.

Had it been this body's previous owner, she would have knelt and begged for forgiveness.

No... She wouldn't even make an attempt to step her feet into the venue of the mating ball.

"And you believe you are worthy to enter here with your dirty feet?" Princess Alia shot back, contorting her face into a hideous look. "Guards!"

The commotion was already diverting everyone's attention to us but the calling of 'Guards' made everyone who was not watching turn their heads.

Among all the people here, were people from big packs, high places, and people who are not to be trifled with.

Princess Alia was clearly attempting to flaunt her strength and her ability to command her pack.

I don't know why but instead of feeling ashamed, my determination fueled more.

I refuse to walk out of this hall and resume my life as a slave.

"Take her and throw her into the Dungeon for disobeying me!" Princess Alia said, a hint of pride mixed with rage in her voice. She turned to the people who were already watching with curious eyes and bowed her head. "I apologize for the disturbance; everything is under control."

I let out a scoff and rolled my eyes in response. The Guards were about to drag me mercilessly when I shouted. "Don't you dare touch me! Princess Alia has sent me to the Dungeon before, so I know my way there."

Speaking aloud enough for everyone to hear, I could see the emotions blazing in her eyes as I said those words.

Before she could mention another word, I turned around, walking out with my face blank.

My hands were sweaty and the racing of my heart seemed to increase more.

As I was about to reach the entrance, I turned around swiftly and ran with full force.

"Grab her! Don't let her escape or the Princess will take our lives!"

I ran deep into the venue, my breaths coming out in jagged huffs. All I wanted was to find someone here, not to be bothered by the guests' staring.

I sincerely don't want to stay here anymore.

As I was about to turn into a corner, I felt my head hit something sturdy, making me lose balance and stagger to the floor.

At that precise moment, everything went silent.

My head ached instantly, fragments of images and unknown memories finding their way in.

That is how things have been since I woke up here. I kept seeing snippets, not the entirety, of the owner's memory.

The air hung heavy with tension as I sat on the floor frozen. The sound of my own heartbeat reverberated in my ears as if the surrounding environment had dimmed.

And then, like a beacon cutting through the darkness, a deep, alluring voice pierced the silence, sending shivers down my spine.

"Are you visually impaired?"

The words cut through the air like a knife, sharp and commanding. But it wasn't just the words themselves that held power; it was the voice behind them. It was deep, resonant, with a timbre that seemed to vibrate through my very being.

It was the kind of voice that could make your heart skip a beat, that could command your attention without even trying.

My eyes, unable to resist the pull of that voice, slowly lifted from the ground and landed on the person standing before me.

Clad in black from head to toe, he exuded an aura I couldn't decipher. My eyes were glued to his boots and I dared not look at his face.

His boots were polished to perfection, the leather gleaming in the dim light.

Without thinking, without even questioning why, I found myself rising to my feet and moving towards him, as though drawn by some invisible force.

I ran behind him and whispered softly, almost pleadingly, "Please, save me."

He turned to face me, his massive frame dwarfing mine.

When my gaze locked with him, I felt as though a shockwave had suddenly shot through my veins, causing my mouth to drop open and my eyes to widen in shock.

Coldness seeped from his eyes as he stood before me, taller than anyone I had ever seen, with his familiar crimson slanted eyes that drew me in.

"Crown... Crown Prince?" I muttered shakily under my breath, my leg weakening and my eyes widened.

With chills down my spine, I watched as his crimson eyes turned purple and a growl escaped his lips.

"Mate!" He gave a nearly roarous growl.

And just then, I picked up on a slight whisper. "You found him!"



The sky was heavily dotted with brilliant stars in the pitch-black darkness. The full moon was shining among the glittering stars, brilliant and releasing various forms of energy: happiness and sorrow, light and darkness, and good and evil.

The high priest was standing on a rock in the pitch-black night, his mouth moving some strange, inaudible words, his eyes closed.

The bell rang abruptly, shocking the priest to the point where his eyes briefly flickered open.

Letting out a deep breath, he closed his eyes again, transforming into a deep brown-colored wolf.

He growled and released a resounding howl. Whether it was painful or not, it was only the high priest who could tell what he saw.

Axylia is a unique world with many mysteries, secrets, and supernatural beings that are concealed from the everyday world, in contrast to other worlds.

Though they all inhabit the same world,


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