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"I was overjoyed to receive a second chance from the Moon Goddess. Upon seeing you in my second life, I was ecstatic. However, little did I know you will be cause of my tears yet again." ... Eumerica, a human who was poisoned to death in her past life, was granted a second chance at life as an omega wolf in Axylia. Upon discovering that her soul resides in a wolf that has been mistreated and has also committed suicide, she was left feeling bewildered and devastated. When Eumerica could take no more of the abuse, she defied her pack's princess and stormed into the ongoing mating ball, where the unimaginable took place. She saw him again... the man who took her for granted. ... It was commonly known that King of the North was the notoriously vicious Alpha of the North. He was ruthless and callous, but he had no choice but to carry out his alpha role by going to the mating ball. He found his mate, unexpectedly.He did not, however, intend to return home burdened; he was simply there for fun. "I, the King of the North, reject you, whoever you are as my mate."In front of innumerable people, he rejected his mate without hesitation. However, he didn't expect what happened next."Who do you think you are to reject me? The Moon Goddess fated us and you just go, 'I King of blah blah reject you as my mate! I disagree!" When Eumerica is forced to confront the Alpha of the North in order to protect herself from abuse, what will happen? Even worse, being left with no choice than to accept a partner who shares the same face as the man who caused her death in a past life?


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