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Fantasy Werewolf Empire

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Step into the enchanting world where Cornelius, an ordinary gamer, is thrust into a realm of magic and transformation. Transmogrified into a wolf-like being, Cornelius, once the carefree son of a Lupine tribe chieftain, dreams of escaping his destiny and living a normal life. However, fate takes an unexpected turn as Cornelius's father meets his demise in battle, forcing him to assume the mantle of chieftaincy. Determined to be an ordinary soul in an extraordinary world, Cornelius faces the challenges of leadership head-on. Armed with an unconventional advantage, Cornelius boasts, "Luckily, I've got a cheat code!" As he navigates the complexities of being a Lupine tribe leader, he must reconcile his dreams of normalcy with the reality of his newfound responsibilities. Amidst mythical creatures and the weight of leadership, Cornelius strives to fulfill his destiny while keeping his unique advantage under wraps. Will he succumb to the pressures of becoming a chieftain, or will he carve out a new narrative where the land itself bows to his rule? Join Cornelius in this whimsical adventure where dreams clash with reality, and an ordinary gamer discovers that sometimes, having a cheat code is the key to mastering the magic that surrounds him. Get ready for a tale where laughter, fantasy, and destiny converge in unexpected ways!

Chapter 1

An extensive, eastward expanse of mountainous forests stretches for thousands of kilometers!

There lies a small encampment, where dozens of warriors clad in armor stand in formation, awaiting with utmost vigilance.

At the core of the assembly of warriors, a young man reclines lazily on grass taller than an average adult.

Upon closer inspection, this young man is no human!

He possesses fluffy, large ears, and while his visage resembles that of a human, his black nose is wolf-like, with two sharp, gleaming fangs at the corners of his mouth!

Especially striking is his hair—white with deep blue hues, reminiscent of a lion's mane!

A lycanthrope!

Indeed, this youth is not human but a member of the wolfman tribe among the orcs!

The youth is not human, and naturally, the dozens of vigilant warriors surrounding him are not human either!

At this moment, a figure nearly three meters tall sprints out from the deep forest.

Instantly, the wolfman warriors rise, but there is no panic. After all, the towering figure swiftly arrives and kneels beside the young wolfman, reporting, "Reporting to the young chieftain, we have located the wolf pack three miles away!"


"So quickly?" Covenas immediately sits up from the ground, picks up the curved knife beside him, and brushes off the weeds on his body.


No, it should be Zhou Hao. Two months ago, he was enjoying a trip to the Shenlong Shelf with friends, only to inexplicably find himself in this world!

Moreover, he transformed from a pure human into a just-coming-of-age wolfman.

Nevertheless, to his relief, he became the young chieftain of the "Silvermane" tribe, the chieftain's adopted son!

Although the Silvermane tribe, with just over two thousand wolfmen, is not the strongest among neighboring tribes, it is certainly not the weakest.

For Covenas, unaware of the tribe's strength, at least his entry into this world didn't involve begging.

As the young chieftain, he naturally has to become stronger!

Because in this world, there are deities, and even mages, warriors, thieves, knights, and a series of other professionals.

Upon first hearing about this world, Covenas was nearly ecstatic, as a seasoned rogue arriving in such a world would inevitably go mad with excitement!

Of course, becoming stronger is not so easy; at least, he has experienced the difficulties of cultivation in the past two months!

Today, he arrives at the outer periphery of the forest called the Blackwind Mountains, mainly to capture a few direwolves!

Being a wolfman!

Direwolf cavalry or even more advanced Frostwolf riders are the ace cavalry of the wolfman tribe.

The Silvermane tribe has direwolf riders, but not many. Primarily, there are no new populations joining, and the tribe's direwolves have already started inbreeding, resulting in many direwolf cubs dying before reaching a month old.

Secondly, they cannot afford it. Currently, including mother wolves and cubs, the entire tribe has just over a hundred, and ninety percent are male direwolves, belonging to his adoptive father's direct direwolf riders.

And this wild direwolf pack, he discovered it more than a month ago by chance.

Because the Blackwind Mountains extend for thousands of miles, containing many magical beast groups, including legendary magical beasts. For Covenas, this is like walking into a dragon's lair; he is not stupid and won't seek death!

If it weren't for this direwolf magical beast pack constantly lingering on the periphery, he wouldn't take the risk.

"Including cubs, there should be more than a hundred and twenty!" the wolfman guard respectfully states.

"Not bad in number, but the leader is only a third-tier direwolf. It's quite strange!" Covenas remarks.

A pack of more than a hundred direwolves is not small, but the fact that the leader is only a third-tier direwolf is perplexing!

Regardless of the oddity, he won't let go of such a good opportunity!

"Everyone, prepare. Follow me immediately!" Covenas doesn't hesitate, giving orders to the fifty or so wolfman warriors around him.

These wolfman warriors are all towering figures of 2.8 meters, a gift from his adoptive father. These fifty-odd adult warriors constitute his personal guard, a rare occurrence for the tribe. After all, the entire tribe, even at its peak, has only seven to eight hundred adult wolfman warriors. His adoptive father allowing him to recruit fifty-odd personal guards is extremely difficult to comprehend from his perspective!

After all, which emperor would allow his son to have a private army?

Especially with such an exaggerated proportion!

Although he doesn't understand his adoptive father's actions, he naturally won't refuse!

Each of these fifty-odd individuals was personally selected by him, all elite warriors.


Soon, with Covenas diving into the jungle, the fifty-odd warriors follow closely behind.

Covenas and the fifty-odd wolfman warriors are not ordinary orcs. Covenas is already a fourth-tier warrior, and the other wolfman warriors are at least second-tier warriors, so their speed is impressive.

In just a few minutes, Covenas and his group are less than two hundred meters away from the direwolf pack!

"Everyone, be careful and spread out, try to capture mother wolves and cubs!" Covenas quietly instructs, and soon all the wolfman warriors understand and stealthily spread out.

The reason for capturing mother wolves and cubs is primarily for breeding, especially the cubs. Training them from a young age will be highly suitable for wolfman warriors.

Capturing adult direwolves requires some effort in taming, but with beast tamers in the tribe, he is not worried!

However, the success rate of capturing adult direwolves will be greatly reduced.

"Young chieftain, look, that's the leader wolf!" a warrior points cautiously to Covenas.

Covenas takes a glance!

"Magical Beast Name: Direwolf (Leader)

Level: Third-tier

Attribute: Wind

Skills: …………"

Soon, the information about this leader direwolf appears in his mind!

"This leader wolf is so weak. If we capture it, perhaps we can bundle the entire direwolf pack!" Covenas suggests.

"Fetch the advanced beast-capturing net for me!"


The wolfman warriors quickly hand a beast-capturing net to Covenas.

Covenas looks at the advanced beast-capturing net in his hand. This advanced net can capture fifth-tier magical beasts, more than enough to deal with a third-tier leader direwolf!

The direwolf pack a few hundred meters away has not sensed the danger around it. The cubs are still playing with the mother wolf, and the leader wolf is still lazily resting on the ground.

Suddenly, a figure leaps over the tall trees and, in the blink of an eye, arrives above the leader wolf. At the same time, figures appear from all directions.

The leader wolf instantly stands up, about to howl, but a large net descends from the sky. The leader wolf tries to escape, but the net falls too quickly, as if carrying a thousand

-pound stone. It instantly covers the leader wolf.

At the same time, beast-capturing nets fall on cubs and other direwolves.

"Don't waste your effort; this net is not something a mere third-tier magical beast can break free from!" Watching the leader wolf tearing and even shining wind-element magic on its claws, attempting to break free from the beast-capturing net, Covenas says as he jumps down from the tree near the leader wolf.

Just then, several direwolves that had luckily escaped the net viciously charge at Covenas, apparently trying to save the leader wolf.

"Humph, a group of second-tier wolves attacking instead of running for their lives. They're seeking death!"

Covenas throws a punch, and one second-tier direwolf that is charging towards him is sent flying with a miserable cry.

At the same time, Covenas's feet turn into afterimages, and two direwolves pouncing from the sides also cry out miserably as they are sent flying.

Chapter 2

Not only did a warg attack Cornelius, but there was also a considerable number of male wargs beginning to assail the surrounding werewolf warriors. However, it was only a group of second-tier wargs; despite the threat, livestock is still livestock, and surely no werewolf warrior would collaborate.

Soon, a large number of wargs were pitifully howling; the werewolf warriors were taciturn, refraining from dealing fatal blows. Though taming these adult wargs takes time, once tamed, a warg rider emerges—a boon for strengthening the tribe's power!

"Hmm, you, this creature, are wounded?" Suddenly, Cornelius crouched down. The beast net was fiercely biting into the head warg's abdomen, which was now blood-red, with wounds torn open by other magical creatures, bleeding profusely.

Although the head warg continued its frenzied biting, Cornelius could clearly sense the creature's aura weakening.


Cornelius shouted, and in


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