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Entangled with the Alpha King

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Naely
  • Chapters: 150
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 67
  • 7.5
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After the mysterious death of her father, one of the Alpha kings, Rarity was enslaved by her older brothers and treated like a worthless servant. But on her 18th birthday, Rarity found her mate - the King of all Alphas, the most powerful being in existence. However, a surprising revelation staggers the development of Rarity and the king's union - her brother, Drake, is in love with Rarity.

Chapter 1


"Dad, give me a piggyback!" I giggled, hopping onto my dad's back while he was in the middle of chatting with some alphas.

"Stop doing that, Rarity! We are in the middle of a meeting," my elder brother, Prince Drew Armor, playfully scolded me.

I shrunk a bit, but I could not help myself; it was just too much fun! Thankfully, my dad came to my rescue, growling, "Drew, do not ever talk to your little sister that way, ever." He said it with such love and protectiveness.

I stuck my tongue out teasingly at Drew, and my dad laughed before gently flipping me onto his back. "Baby Rarity, I will happily give you a piggyback, and we can play all day together, but right now, I need to finish my meeting. Can you be patient and wait for me?" he asked with a warm smile.

I nodded enthusiastically, "Yes, Dad, I can wait! But I have something to ask you. I want to start training with…" Before I could finish, my dad interrupted with a knowing grin.

"Ah, my little princess with big dreams! You do not need to worry about training as an alpha just yet. You are already so special, and one day, you'll be a queen. All the werewolves in our pack and in the entire kingdom will happily protect you." He cupped my cheeks lovingly, and I felt so safe in his arms.

I beamed at him, feeling so lucky to have a dad like him. He always knew how to make me feel loved and cherished. With a soft kiss on my cheek, he said, "Now, be a good girl and wait for me here, okay?"

"Yes, Dad! I love you!" I said, hugging him tightly.

"I love you too, my sweet Rarity," he replied.

I loved him so much, even though I did not have much time to meet my mother. He had told me that she died when I was very young. I did not understand it back then, maybe because I was only 12 years old.

I just nodded, all I got from his words as I was a princess, and all I had to do was have fun, and my elder brothers and the pack should protect me.

My other elder brother Drake Armor said in an annoyed tone commenting on my father's words, "Your Highness, you are spoiling her so much. She needs to get regular training."

My father just roared and threw Drake with deadly gazes "she's your little sister, remember those words. You have to promise me that you will take care of her after my death." He stared a while at Drake, who stared back in confusion diverting his eyes to my brother Drew. Then both said in the same breath, "Sure father, we will obey your wish. Rarity is our little sister and our little princess. We will take care of her and protect her in our lives."

As my father gently stood up and put me down, I immediately noticed the pallor on his face, and it worried me. He did not seem okay, and it tugged at my heartstrings. My attachment to him was immeasurable; he meant the world to me.

"Daddy, what's wrong with you?" I pleaded with tear-filled eyes, my heart pounding in fear and desperation.

He tried to muster a reassuring smile, but it faltered, betraying the pain he was hiding. "I am fine, baby, do not worry," he replied, his voice strained.

I knew he was lying, and my gut twisted with worry. There was something terribly wrong, and it terrified me to see my strong and loving father reduced to this vulnerable state. The weight in his chest seemed to crush him, and I could feel his suffering deep within my soul.

"No, Daddy, you are not okay!" I cried out, clutching his trembling hand, hoping my touch would somehow heal him.

I glanced around at the Alphas, my elder brothers, seeking help or understanding, but they coldly pushed me away as if I were a nuisance.

Then, it happened"a heart-wrenching moment that shattered my world into pieces. My father's legs gave way, and he collapsed to the cold, hard floor. Panic gripped me as I watched him fall, his body trembling with pain, and I could not comprehend why no one was rushing to help.

I screamed in horror, "Daddy!"

Tears blurred my vision as I tried to reach out to him, to hold him close, to somehow take away his suffering. But I felt helpless, frozen in place, as if time had slowed down to torture me further.

"Daddy, please, someone help him!" I sobbed, my voice choked with anguish, but my desperate cries seemed to fall on deaf ears.

The Alphas around us remained distant, indifferent to my father's plight, and the world felt like a cruel, dark abyss.

I felt invisible, insignificant, in that moment of utter chaos. While my heart screamed for someone, anyone, to come to his aid, I was left to witness his pain and vulnerability alone. The weight of my emotions pressed heavily upon me, and it felt like the ground beneath me was giving way too.

As if suspended in a nightmare, I struggled to understand why nobody cared, why nobody rushed to help the man who was not just the king but the pillar of love and protection in my life. My father, who had always been there to lift me up and hold me close, now lay on the floor, weak and defenseless.

"Daddy, stay with me! Please, stay with me!" I pleaded, my voice breaking with each word. But he was slipping away, and I could not bear the thought of losing him. The pain in his chest seemed to mirror the pain in my heart, and I could feel every ounce of his suffering as if it were my own.

I cried out for someone, anyone, to care, to come to our rescue, but it was as if we were all alone in this cold, uncaring world. The room was filled with haunting silence, broken only by my heart-wrenching sobs and desperate pleas.

"Daddy, I love you! Do not leave me!" I cried out, my voice raw with grief, but the silence persisted.

In that moment of despair and abandonment, my world crumbled before my eyes. I felt like a helpless child lost in a vast, dark void.

The screams and tears echoed in my soul, reverberating with the agony of a heartbroken princess who felt like she no longer belonged in her own kingdom.

Chapter 2


The news of the king's passing came like a knife to my heart. They announced it so callously, as if I were an outsider, unworthy of compassion. The realization hit me like a tidal wave"my beloved father was gone forever.

In my desperation, I turned to my elder brothers for comfort, hoping they would be my pillar of support in this tragic moment. Instead, they turned into monsters, shattering my heart with their cruel words.

"He is not your father! You are nothing," Drew's venomous words stabbed me like a thousand daggers. "You are adopted, abandoned like dog shits in the forest. You are not a princess."

Their betrayal crushed me, leaving me gasping for breath as tears streamed down my cheeks like a raging river. How could they be so heartless? Weren't they supposed to protect and care for me, just like our father did?

The pain was unbearable as I stumbled back to my room, their harsh words echoing in my mind. "Liars, liars!" I screamed in a


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