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Engaged To The Gay Billionaire, Mated To His Brother

Engaged To The Gay Billionaire, Mated To His Brother

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“I DEAD SET AGAINST THIS MARRIAGE.” “What do you mean son?”. Luna Amelia asked the raging Damien. “I will not sit and WATCH MY BROTHER MARRY A GOLD DIGGER LIKE HER!.” Damien spatted. “Damien!” “Son!”. “Brother!.” ****** Lucy agreed to marry her werewolf billionaire gay best friend Noah who is bent on hiding his identity as a gay to the werewolf community. Everything was going according to plan until his brother Alpha Damien returned and opposed the wedding. He expressed his dislike for Lucy and swore not to allow the wedding to happen. Damien hated humans ever his fated mate who is a human stole a huge amount of money and then left him. Damien was bent on not allowing his brother to repeat the same mistake he did and so he swore not to allow his brother to marry the human who obviously was with his brother because of his billionaire status. But the more Damien tires the hate the human, the more he finds himself thinking and yawning for her. Damien couldn’t understand what’s happening. Could this human who is engaged to his brother be his second chance mate or was he falling victim of of her manipulation?.

Chapter 1 I want you to marry me

Lucy glanced at the clock on her bedroom wall and felt her heart skip a beat. It was already 7:30 pm, and she was supposed to meet her best friend Noah at the restaurant half an hour ago. Panic surged through her veins as she realized how late she was. With a burst of adrenaline, she sprang into action, determined to get ready and make it to the restaurant as quickly as possible.

Without wasting a second, Lucy dashed into the tiny store room she converted into her closet space, scanning the rows of neatly organized clothes for the perfect outfit. She pulled out a sleek black dress and laid it on her bed, ready to slip into it later. Her mind was racing as she mentally planned out her steps, prioritizing speed and efficiency.

Next, Lucy rushed into the bathroom, flicking on the lights and scanning her reflection in the mirror. Her shoulder-length brown hair was in a state of disarray, so she hastily grabbed a brush and quickly ran it through her tangles, attempting to tame the unruly locks. A few spritzes of her favorite perfume added a touch of elegance to her presence. The restaurant which Noah had asked them to meet is an Elite five star restaurant and so Lucy wanted to look her best to avoid embarrassing Noah.

Her face lacked its usual makeup routine, but she knew she couldn't afford the time for a full application. Lucy reached for a compact mirror and dabbed some concealer under her tired eyes, followed by a swift swipe of mascara to make her eyes pop. She added a subtle touch of blush to her cheeks, and with a final glance in the mirror, she deemed herself presentable.

Hurrying back into her bedroom, Lucy slipped out of her pajamas and into the waiting black dress. It clung to her figure in all the right places, and she couldn't help but feel a surge of confidence. She quickly fastened a delicate silver necklace around her neck and slipped on a pair of elegant high heels, feeling instantly taller and more put together.

As she grabbed her purse, Lucy's mind raced with apologies she needed to make to Noah. She knew he would understand, but that didn't lessen her guilt for keeping him waiting. She hoped he wouldn't be too upset with her for this unexpected delay.

With her keys in hand, Lucy dashed out of her apartment and into the evening air. The city streets were a blur as she hailed a cab, her fingers tapping impatiently on her thigh. It seemed like an eternity before a taxi finally pulled up, and she quickly climbed inside.

"Please, the Cornerstone Restaurant on Elm Street," Lucy said, her voice filled with urgency.

The cab driver nodded and maneuvered through the traffic, while Lucy anxiously checked the time on her phone. It was 7:45 pm now, and her heart sank at the realization that she was almost an hour late. She fidgeted in her seat, mentally rehearsing her apology to Noah.

Finally, the cab screeched to a halt in front of the Cornerstone Restaurant. Lucy hastily handed the driver some cash, thanking him, and practically leaped out of the car. She dashed inside, scanning the crowded room for Noah's familiar face.

And there he was, sitting patiently at a corner table, a small smile playing on his lips. Relief washed over Lucy as she made her way toward him, weaving through the maze of tables and people. As she reached him, she couldn't help but feel a surge of gratitude for having such a patient and understanding friend.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry," Lucy panted, breathless and apologetic.

Noah looked up at her with a twinkle in his eyes. "Better late than never, Lucy. I knew you'd make it. Now let's enjoy our evening."

Lucy smiled, feeling a wave of gratitude for Noah's unwavering support. She settled into the seat across from him, finally able to relax. She knew Noah won’t mind her being late but she hates being late or making people wait for her.

Once Lucy caught her breath, she relaxed into her seat and looked at Noah with a mix of relief and gratitude. "Thank you for waiting, Noah. I'm really sorry I'm late," she apologized again.

Noah waved off her apologies with a warm smile. "No worries, Lucy. I knew you'd make it. Now, let's focus on enjoying our evening together." He picked up the menu and handed one to her. "Shall we order?"

Lucy nodded, grateful for Noah's understanding. She quickly scanned the menu, her eyes darting across the enticing descriptions of dishes. After a moment of consideration, she made her choice. "I think I'll have grilled salmon with roasted vegetables and a side of mashed potatoes. And maybe a glass of white wine to accompany it."

Noah nodded approvingly. "Great choice. I'll go with the sirloin steak, medium rare, with a side of garlic butter mushrooms and a Caesar salad. And let's share an appetizer of crispy calamari."

As Lucy signaled the waiter to take their order, Noah leaned back in his chair, his eyes sparkling with curiosity. "So, Lucy, tell me about your modeling job. How's it been going?"

A mixture of excitement and pride welled up within Lucy as she began to share her experiences. "It's been an incredible journey, Noah. I've had the opportunity to work with some amazing photographers and designers. The industry can be tough, but it's also incredibly rewarding."

Noah listened intently, his genuine interest evident. "That's fantastic, Lucy. I've always admired your passion and dedication. It's no surprise that you're doing so well. What's been the highlight of your career so far?"

Lucy's face lit up as she recalled a recent project. "One of the highlights was definitely the fashion show I walked in for a renowned designer last month. The atmosphere backstage was electric, and being on the runway, wearing those stunning creations, it felt like a dream come true. The applause and energy from the audience were exhilarating."

Noah smiled, his eyes filled with admiration. "I can only imagine how incredible that must have felt. You've worked so hard to get where you are, and it's amazing to see your talent being recognized."

Lucy's excitement was infectious as she continued, "Thank you, Noah. It's not always easy, though. The industry can be demanding, and there's a lot of pressure to maintain a certain image. But I'm determined to stay true to myself and carve my own path."

Noah nodded in understanding. "I have no doubt that you'll navigate those challenges with grace and authenticity, Lucy. You've always had a strong sense of self, and that's one of the things I admire most about you."

Their conversation flowed effortlessly, and as they awaited their meal, Lucy and Noah shared stories, laughter, and memories. The aroma of sizzling steaks and the clinking of cutlery filled the air as they savored each bite, reveling in the joy of being in each other's company.

As the evening wore on, Lucy realized just how lucky she was to have a friend like Noah. His unwavering support and genuine interest in her life brought her comfort and reassurance. She knew she could always count on him to be there, even when life got hectic. Heck not even her so-called family members have ever shown her support the way Noah does. To think they belong to two different worlds, he is a billionaire while is just an ordinary girl trying to make a name for herself. But he still chose to befriend her.

After finishing their meal, Lucy leaned back in her chair, feeling content and at ease. "Thank you for being so patient and understanding tonight, Noah. I truly appreciate it."

Noah smiled, his eyes filled with warmth. "You don't need to thank me, Lucy. That's what friends are for. Life happens, and I'll always be here for you."

“You wanted to discuss something with me?” Lucy asked Noah. The main sole of this dinner is because Noah had told her that he wanted to discuss something with her.

“Y - Yes!”. Noah answered nervously as he tried to look everywhere else but Lucy’s face. His behavior makes Lucy wonder what it might be because he usually doesn’t behave like that.

“Listen Noah, we are friends. Whatever it is, you can tell me.” Lucy assured Noah trying to make him feel less nervous.

“Lucy, I want you to marry me!”

Noah finally said after a minute of silence.

Chapter 2 why I want you to marry me

"Lucy, I want you to marry me."

For a split second, Lucy's mind froze, unable to process what she had just heard. She blinked in disbelief, thinking she must have misheard him. Her voice trembled as she asked him to repeat the words, hoping against hope that she had misunderstood.

Noah's expression softened, sensing her confusion. "I mean it, Lucy. I want to marry you."

Lucy's mind raced, trying to reconcile what Noah had just said with her understanding of their relationship. Noah was her best friend, and he was gay.

“What? Why?.” Stunted Lucy asked.

Noah took a deep breath, his eyes filled with a mixture of vulnerability and determination. He knew he needed to explain his reasons to Lucy, to help her understand the complexity of his decision. He wanted her to know the depth of his emotions and the weight of his responsibilities.

"Lucy, I want to marry you because... because I'm the second son of Alpha


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