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Ember’s Mate

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Ember’s parents die before her 18th birthday. Ember doesn’t know her parents secret. Ember is a werewolf that has alpha blood. Her wolf Adeline awakens on her 18th birthday. Adeline can sense their mate. Ember leaves her tragic life behind searching for her goddess given mate. 20 year old Sander is the Alpha of the Sapphire Crescent pack. His wolf Shadow sensed their mate the day she turned 18. After two years of searching for his mate Sander had given up hope. The night of Ember’s 18th birthday Sander had a dream vision of his mate. Adeline could hear Shadow calling out to them. Ember packed as many belongings as she could and started her search for her golden eyed Alpha. Adeline became Ember’s only friend. Weeks into their adventure Ember is branded a rogue by Grey the beta of Sapphire Crescent. Grey’s wolf Reign recognizes Adeline as Shadow’s mate. Grey doesn’t trust the fiery tempered rogue wolf. He knows she is hiding something. Ember’s past still haunts her even though she left all those heart breaking memories behind. Will her mate ever understand the trauma she went through? Or will her mate brand her as a murdered? Will the goddess bless her with happiness? Or will her mate reject her once the truth of past comes to light?

Chapter 1 The Dreams

Ember jolts upright in bed. She’s drenched in sweat and shaking. The screams of her dead parents echoing in her memories. She’s had the same dreams every night since the death of her parents three months ago. Nothing about the night her parents died made any sense. Her parents were beloved by everyone in their town. Then one night she heard her father on the phone with an unknown man. They were arguing about something but she couldn’t understand what the argument was about. Two weeks later three strange men showed up at their house demanding that her parents come outside. That’s when she heard their screams.

Ember shook off the feeling of dread she felt every time she thought about that night. The dreams had become more frequent in the last couple of weeks. The night her parents died was exactly three months before her eighteenth birthday. In two days she would be eighteen. She looked at the clock by her bed. The digital screen read 3:30 am. No point in going back to sleep. She got up out of bed to run herself a hot bath. As the tub was filling her mind wondered to happy memories from when she was a child. Her parents were always so happy and life was always filled with laughter. While she daydreamed about better times the bath tub came threateningly close to overflowing. Ember jumped out of her daydreams to turn the water off.

She drained some of the water out of the tub before getting in. The hot water embraced her like a warm hug. She missed her mother‘s hugs most of all. As her body began to relax more memories flooded her mind. More memories from the night her parents died. She could hear the men calling for her parents to come outside. They were calling her name. They were demanding her parents bring her to them. Why did these men want to see her? Why did they come in the middle of the night to a small town where everyone knows everyone? Why did they kill her parents when they refused to let the men see her? She was left with more questions then answers.

As she was trying to figure he answers to all these questions she remembered something her mother had said to her earlier that night. Her mother told her that everything would become much clearer after her eighteenth birthday. What secrets were her parents hiding from her? Why did she have to wait until she was eighteen to find out? As she pondered these thoughts the bath slowly kept getting colder. She quickly washed her once the bath had gotten too cold. She dried herself off and got dressed into comfortable clothes. After she was dressed she made her way to the kitchen to make herself something to eat. As she passed by the living room window she felt like someone was watching her.

She had been feeling like someone had been watching her for the last week or two but anytime she looked out the window no one was there. Little did she know that hiding in the bushes a man was watching her every move. She makes her way to the kitchen. The sound of her stomach growling at the prospect of food. She rummaged through the refrigerator looking for something to satisfy her hunger. She finally settled on yogurt with fresh cut up fruit. While she’s eating she glances at the clock on the stove in the kitchen. The digital screen read 4:40 am. She still had plenty of time before she headed off to work.

Since she had turned sixteen she had worked at the corner store in town. The owner of the store was a quiet older gentleman that had salt and pepper hair. He had shockingly blue eyes that lit up every time he smiled. Her days at the store were filled with stories of his granddaughter. Ember couldn’t help but smile every time he told her a new story or showed her a new picture of his granddaughter. One particular day at work he got a phone call from his daughter telling him that they were coming to visit later that week. That was the first time Ember had met his granddaughter. She had the same shockingly blue eyes as his but with hair so blonde it was almost white. Ember had fun playing with the little girl. The young girls mother and grandfather talked away while Ember kept a close eye on her.

After they had left Ember was exhausted. Her boss thanked her for watching his granddaughter. He let Ember leave work a little early so she could go home and rest. That same day is when her father had received the phone call that would cost both of her parents their lives. Two weeks later her parents were gone. The day after her parents died she went into work. As she walked into the corner store she heard the distinct laughter of a young child. Standing by the counter was her boss’s daughter and granddaughter. She nearly burst into tears seeing his family so happy and laughing. When her boss looked over at Ember and saw the tears in her eyes he knew something was wrong. His daughter took the little girl by the hand and left immediately. That’s when Ember broke down into heart wrenching sobs.

Her boss couldn‘t believe what she was saying. Ember’s boss sent her home with a full days pay. He told her if she needed anything that she could call him at anytime. Since her parents had died her boss began treating her more like a daughter. He would bring over food for her. He gave her extra hours so she could pay for all of the bills. His daughter even had Ember babysitting her daughter a couple days a week for extra money. Her boss’s kindness helped her start to heal the wounds that were left the night her parents had died.

Once the memories had faded, Ember realized that she had finished eating her breakfast. She washed all the dishes and put everything away. The clock in the kitchen read 6:30 am. She had to be at the store at 8 am. She went back to her bedroom to grab clothes out for work. After she grabbed her clothes she brushed her hair. Once her hair was brushed out she braided it into one long single braid. The tail of the braid ended right at her waist. When her hair wasn’t braided or pulled up in a bun it fell down her back like a waterfall. Her hair fell just below the curve of her butt. Her hair was strawberry blonde but in the summer it turned almost a coppery blonde color.

She had emerald green eyes and pale skin. She had some freckles on her nose and scattered across her cheekbones. She was tall but slender with some curves. She looked just like her mother did when she was her age. Ember finished getting ready for work. Once she was dressed she made herself lunch for work. She had a ten minute walk to the corner store. She got to work a little early to help get everything ready to open the store. Her boss gave her a quick hug and a smile. He gave her the next two days off from work so she could visit her parents grave and have some time to enjoy her birthday.

Work went by quickly. They were busier then normal because school was done so all the kids came in to buy snacks and hang out in town. Ember liked when work was busy because it kept her mind off of her parents. Ember checked the time. She couldn’t believe it was 6 pm already. It was time to close up for the day. Once the last of the kids were out of the store they could finally lock the door. Ember left work at 7 pm. She stayed behind to help clean up. Her boss was always grateful when she stayed to help him clean up the store. She made the ten minute walk home. As she was walking the hair in the back of her neck stood on end. She looked around but didn’t see anyone following her. She tried to shake the feeling away but it wouldn‘t stop. Once she was inside her home she locked the door. She made sure all the windows were locked and all the lights were on in the living room, kitchen and her bedroom.

The uneasiness she felt walking home stayed with her. She went into the bathroom and drew herself a bath. Maybe she was just overly tired and overthinking things. Maybe a hot bath would help. She was still on edge when she got out of the bath. She knew something wasn’t right. All of her worrying would have to wait until the morning. She got herself into comfortable clothes for bed. She quickly ate something for dinner. Her mind was too distracted to focus on her food. Once she was done eating she went and laid in bed. No sooner had she laid in bed she was asleep. Her dreams drifted to happy childhood memories but that never lasted long. Soon the nightmares would start. She would wake up in a cold sweat with the sound of her parents screams echoing through the night. Would the nightmares end once she turned eighteen? Or would they get even worse? Ember’s dreams faded to black and the nightmares took over once again.

Chapter 2 Ember Meets Adeline

Ember wakes up soaked in sweat. The nightmares still echoed in her foggy mind. She glances at the clock. Her vision blurred for a split second then cleared. The time was 5 am. At least it wasn’t 3:30 am like last night. This is the most sleep she’s gotten in the last couple of weeks. Pure exhaustion was why she had gone to bed so early. Ember debated whether or not she should get up out of bed or try to go back to sleep. While she was debating with herself her eyes began to feel heavy. Within minutes she was sound asleep. Even with all the nightmares her body was relaxed. She felt like she was floating on a cloud. She slept so soundly and peacefully that when she woke up again she was disoriented for a moment. She looked at her clocked and realized that it was after 5 pm. She slept the entire day away. In less then 24 hours she would be eighteen. Just thinking about her birthday made her both happy and sad.

She wished her parents were here for her birthday. Her mother would


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