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Dusk Princess

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I didn't call out again but his scent was still wafting over with the wind. I knew he was standing just a few feet to my left. I sat down on the deck and continued moon gazing. I was acutely aware of the presence of my mate just a few steps away. The sound of light footsteps came towards me slowly and I stiffened. He stood under the dim light of the deck and I could feel his eyes on me so I looked up. And met Hazel orbs that were a deep forest green. "What are you doing out here?" His voice was low but deep. "I wanted some fresh air," I mumbled but he seemed to have heard me. I was surprised that he talked to me willingly. He didn't answer. He just stood there and continued looking at me. "Are you okay?" I asked. "Why do you ask?" "Nothing. It's just that..." I hesitated and he raised a brow at me in question so I finished off, "You were gone for so many days and I was a bit worried." "Why would you be? It's not like what I do concerns you." He rolled his eyes. I tried to ignore the stinging sensation in my chest from his words. Tried... "But it does. You're..." I trailed off when I noticed the glare he sent my way, "my mate." I finished off. He growled at me and the next thing I knew, I was pinned against the glass entrance door as he strangled my neck. I looked up at him in shock as I reached my hands up to pry his off. His eyes were now a dark brown with little specks of gold in their vicinity. He looked angry. Really angry... "Don't you dare!" he growled as he tightened his grip, cutting off my air. I clawed at his hand. I could feel my heart pumping hard. I knew he wouldn't hurt me. My gut feeling, my instinct told me so. But that doesn't mean his actions wouldn't. "If you ever f*ck*ng dare to call me that useless word again, I will crush you!" He snarled. I shook my head slightly as I started feeling faint. "I-I-c-can-'t-b-brea-the..." I struggled as my eyes watered. That seemed to snap him out of it because he jumped back that instant. I leaned against the door and took in deep breaths, my hands automatically going up to my neck. He stood with his back facing me. His whole body looked tensed and his fist was clenched tightly while the other hand continuously ran through his hair. He gave me a side glance for a few seconds and then he was gone. I stood there dazed at what just happened. Did he hate the word 'mate' so much that he would even do this? Why? Was it from childhood? Or was it that he just doesn't like me?

Chapter 1


"Cass, help!" Elowen's cries were the first thing I heard as soon as I stepped out of the bathroom. My head snapped in the direction of her voice only to see a guard pulling roughly at her hair. The guy looked up at me and gave me a cocky smirk.

Must be new...the jerk thinks we are all helpless little queens. Willow, my wolf, snorted in my head making me smile a little.

His mistake. I said and without losing a beat sped towards him and hit him hard, sending him to the floor before turning to Elowen.

"You okay sweety?" I asked whilst pulling her into my arms and holding her tightly. I felt her shudder but she still nodded her head anyway.

Elowen was the youngest amongst the four of us. She just turned fourteen so she didn't have enough time to train before that excuse of an uncle ki-

Okay tiger, let's not finish that thought yeah?

"Cass, I'm scared...and worried about Leonardo, he's not back yet," Valeria said coming towards us from the balcony.

"I'm sure Leo is fine." I comforted pulling her into the hug, "And you've got me to protect you so don't worry okay?"

Just then, I felt the presence of the guard behind us so I relaxed my grip on my sister and quickly turned around and sent a punch to his gut making him double over. Without waiting for him to recover, I sent a roundhouse kick to his jaw which sent him flying to the floor once again.

I looked down at the guard who was now lying flat on his back while holding onto his probably dislocated jaw. He looked up at me with shock, anger, and shame.

The idiot probably thought we were weak... Willow huffed if wolves could even do that.

Again, his mistake.

"You must be new here so I'm guessing you don't know the rules of this place," I said simply looking at him.

"What rules? You're Lord Declan's prisoners and I'm a guard. I just thought of disciplining you a bit princess." The idiot said with a glare.

I rolled my eyes before staring down at him. "Listen here mutt, if you even dare to think about stepping foot into our quarters again, so help me goddess I'll personally eliminate any chance of you having children," I said, coldly looking at him while moving my foot pretty close to his family jewels. I made sure my voice mixed with Willow's and my eyes were pitch black.

The guard's face turned pale and he stared at me slacked jawed with his eyes wide. My sisters always say that my pitch-black eyes looked creepily like two huge black holes.

He must be frightened. Willow said sounding very smug.

We did just promise to physically make him a eunuch.

The guard quickly got to his feet, tripping in the process, before beelining for the door like his butt was on fire.

"You okay?" I asked Elowen once again and she smiled up at me.

"I'm fine Sis."


"Yeah...thanks." She mumbled making me roll my eyes.

"Hey now, none of that okay? It's my job to protect you." I said, leaning towards her and gently rubbing her head. She dropped her head, refusing to meet my eyes.

"What's wrong Elo?" I asked quietly but she only shook her head.

"Elowen. What?"

"'s all my fault. If I wasn't so weak...I..." She stuttered, looking up at me with a teary gaze.

"Elo." I said, softly pulling her towards me, "It's not your fault okay? You just turned fourteen. You were meant to start training when this happened."

The poor kid must still blame herself because she was left in the panic room along with her mom while we were out fighting.

Normally, wolves start training by the age of ten. That was so we would be physically fit by the time we shifted into wolves for the first time when we turned sixteen. But for Royalty, it wasn't necessary to start by that age as we were learning different skills, languages, and etiquette. Combat training started at age fourteen for us.

"Yeah but-"

"Shh, none of that now okay? How were you supposed to know that this will happen? You're not a witch are you?" I asked making her giggle before shaking her head.

"Yeah Elo, it's not your fault. You've got Leo, Cass and I to protect you." Val said with a little smile.

"Uhuh, so don't worry okay?" I added with a smile.

"Okay." She replied before leaning into my hug. Just then, the door opened making me tense up but soon eased when I caught a familiar smell.

"The idiot must be new," Leo said as he entered the room.

"Yeah, the mu-" I started but stopped when I caught sight of his face.

"What happened?" I gasped in surprise as I took in his black eye and bruised jaw. Leo was the best fighter I knew. He was trained personally by my dad and the leader of the empire's soldiers who was a hellhound.

Hellhounds were sort of like werewolves. Only five times our size in both strength and well, size. They were eternal, or at least have a longer lifespan than us which was something because a normal wolf could live to the age of at least a hundred and fifty. Not to mention that our age was way slower than people.

The fact that Leo was no ordinary wolf but a wolf with Alpha king blood, it was safe to assume that I was a great lot shocked that he was hurt.

"Jasper." He said simply.

"Ah, that explains it," I mumbled. Jasper Valtor, our cousin was the only wolf apart from my father and Sir Finn that I knew could keep up with Leo. Even I had a tough time keeping up with him. And I was the best female boxer in the land.

Sir Finn and Dad did train him along with Leo.

Yeah, and his b*st*rd father repaid them like this.

At least he's been neutral since Uncle Lunatic started this whole attack thing.

Uhuh, until Leo's face happened. I rolled my eyes.

I doubt he left him much of a choice...


"So I guess that means you were caught sending out a messenger falcon." I thought with a frown.

"Yeah, Uncle Crazy saw me. The f*ck*r couldn't get one on me so he made Jasper do it." He rolled his eyes.

"Watch your language," Val said with a glare before looking at Elowen.

"I didn't hear a thing." Elo raised her hands.

"Sorry," Leo said sheepishly.

"So what now?" I asked.

"Honestly, I don't know." He sighed, running his hands down his face, "Our only hope is the meeting happening in three months. Maybe we can convince one of the kings to help. But I'm not even sure if we'll be allowed to attend."

I nodded carefully at what he said. The meeting was where the Alpha Kings met to keep the relationship between the four countries cordial. My dad was usually the one in charge of that. The fact that Uncle was in charge made me wonder whether the event would even take place more or less us being able to attend.

Wonder how Uncle Lunatic is going to take care of it.

Probably going to leave it to Jasper, I swear the dude has it rough.

Well, he does have a crazy for a father so... Willow muttered making me shake my head a little with a small smile.

D*mn right.

"Why is this happening?" I heard Elo say under her breath. I was about to answer when Leo beat me to it. He picked her up bride-style before turning around and making her cry out.

"Leo! Put me down!" She laughed. I let out a small laugh as I watched them. A few seconds later, he put her down before lightly stroking her cheek.

"Hey, don't worry about it. You just have to make sure you stay out of every one of the guards' way. The only males you can talk to are Jasper and I. Let me and Cass do the worrying." He said softly looking at her.

Elowen nodded before hugging him tightly, "I miss Mom and Dad." She muttered making all of us freeze.

The death of our parents was something none of us had come to terms with. We never were given the chance to grieve them and move on. I guess we all just locked it away in our subconscious minds. We were aware that they were gone but the truth of it hadn't fully hit us yet.

"We all do baby. We all do. But you've got us. We just have to stick together." I said, coming from behind and hugging her. I turned towards Val and motioned her to come towards us.

For a few minutes, we hugged tightly, settling ourselves with each other's familiar smell when the door suddenly opened.

"Who is it gonna be this time?" A voice we were all too familiar with said from behind us. Turning around, we came face to face with Ryder, the head guard of Lunatic's security team.

"You still doing this?" Leo snapped staring at him. He only shrugged and said he was, 'just doing his job.'

"You know, all this can stop. Just surrender to His Majesty and Princess Cass, and marry Lord Jasper." He said easily. Like he did not just ask us to betray everything we stood for. I could feel Willow growling in my head and scratching at me to let her out.

"You insane or are you just naturally stupid?" Leo asked with a raised brow making me smile.

Ryder just raised his hands in submission and only said "Don't hate the guard, hate the Master."

"Whatever," Leo said before moving towards him to which I quickly caught his arm to stop him.

Let me handle this. I mindlinked him.

What? No Cass. You went the last time. He said, looking down at me with a frown.

Yeah so? Just let me handle this. We need you strong and healthy for when we take back the kingdom. Can't have a dead king.

You can always be queen. He said lightly making me snort.

Sure. And burn the whole palace down. Thanks but no thanks. I'm more battle stuff. Besides, I didn't get the right training.

I don't feel comfortable with this Cass. He sighed.

Oh please, you know I'm no ordinary wolf. I'm a white wolf, remember? I can handle this. Willow's healing is also kick *ss. I said confidently.

Are you sure?

Hundred percent. Oh, and Willow said you're being a pain and to trust her to handle this. I chuckled making him smile.

Hey, I'm just doing my job. I never thought a time would come when I'd hate the idea of becoming king.

I've got this Leonardo. I'd rather this than them take mine and my sisters' innocence. That's for our mates to take. I said softly.

"Well?" Ryder said a little impatiently.

"Let's get this over with," I mumbled. Val and Elo called out behind me but I didn't turn back. I was scared that I would break when I saw their faces. I needed all the focus and mental strength I could muster right now.

I followed Ryder down the hall and towards the basement cells. We entered one of the rooms after lowering the stairs.

"You know, I'm starting to think you're sadistic," Ryder said as he strapped me to the silver chair. I let out a hiss as my back collided with the silver. I could feel it burning the skin of my back and arms.

Silver was the only thing that could do any damage to werewolves. When silver touched a wolf, it was like they were skinned alive, soaked in hot oil, and then set on fire.

Yeah, that's bad.

The only other thing that I knew was fatal to werewolves was wolfsbane. But it was illegal so I wasn't worried. It touched us more than silver does. Terrifying, I know.

"Says the guy whose job is to hurt people." I greeted out. You would think I would be used to the pain by now.

"Touché," he said while going to the table on the far left side of the room, "as I said before, marry Lord Jasper and surrender to His Highness."

"You say that like you're not asking me to go against my parent's teachings and abandon my mate," I said simply.

"Chances of you finding your mate is as good as keeping a vampire and a wolf in the same room and expecting them to act civil." He shrugged as he came towards me with a syringe filled with silver and some bowl in his other hand. "That and your parents are dead."

"Watch it!" I growled in response but he only shrugged again. Leaning over me, he shot the silver liquid into my neck, and immediately, I felt like my body was pulling itself apart from the inside out.

Chapter 2

I bit my teeth as I tried to endure the pain and as I was starting to get used to the pain, I felt a sharp pain on my feet making me hiss out loud.

Looking down, I cringed at the state my feet were in. The skin was falling off and the red that was showing looked sharp and angry. We once tried to rebel but we were only five people. Elowen couldn't even fight. Lunatic had total control of the palace, all my parents' trusted aids suddenly left and all the guards were new faces. I didn't know how he did it and Leo and I couldn't help but wonder whether there was a behind-the-scenes master who was using Lunatic as his tool.

I could feel Willow trying to shoulder as much of the pain as she could while telling me to hold on.

"Well?" Ryder asked but I just stared at him.

"Oh well." He said before blindfolding me.

"What the hell are you doing?!" I asked nervously whilst pulling at my chain only to curse as the silver bit into my skin.

He only ignored me an


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