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Gwen Willis

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I didn't call out again but his scent was still wafting over with the wind. I knew he was standing just a few feet to my left. I sat down on the deck and continued moon gazing. I was acutely aware of the presence of my mate just a few steps away. The sound of light footsteps came towards me slowly and I stiffened. He stood under the dim light of the deck and I could feel his eyes on me so I looked up. And met Hazel orbs that were a deep forest green. "What are you doing out here?" His voice was low but deep. "I wanted some fresh air," I mumbled but he seemed to have heard me. I was surprised that he talked to me willingly. He didn't answer. He just stood there and continued looking at me. "Are you okay?" I asked. "Why do you ask?" "Nothing. It's just that..." I hesitated and he raised a brow at me in question so I finished off, "You were gone for so many days and I was a bit worried." "Why would you be? It's not like what I do concerns you." He rolled his eyes. I tried to ignore the stinging sensation in my chest from his words. Tried... "But it does. You're..." I trailed off when I noticed the glare he sent my way, "my mate." I finished off. He growled at me and the next thing I knew, I was pinned against the glass entrance door as he strangled my neck. I looked up at him in shock as I reached my hands up to pry his off. His eyes were now a dark brown with little specks of gold in their vicinity. He looked angry. Really angry... "Don't you dare!" he growled as he tightened his grip, cutting off my air. I clawed at his hand. I could feel my heart pumping hard. I knew he wouldn't hurt me. My gut feeling, my instinct told me so. But that doesn't mean his actions wouldn't. "If you ever f*ck*ng dare to call me that useless word again, I will crush you!" He snarled. I shook my head slightly as I started feeling faint. "I-I-c-can-'t-b-brea-the..." I struggled as my eyes watered. That seemed to snap him out of it because he jumped back that instant. I leaned against the door and took in deep breaths, my hands automatically going up to my neck. He stood with his back facing me. His whole body looked tensed and his fist was clenched tightly while the other hand continuously ran through his hair. He gave me a side glance for a few seconds and then he was gone. I stood there dazed at what just happened. Did he hate the word 'mate' so much that he would even do this? Why? Was it from childhood? Or was it that he just doesn't like me?


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