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Don't Reject Me, Alpha

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Serry thought that her romance would be the same as the other werewolf couples. However, she seemed to be slapped by reality because her Alpha, hated her even rejecting her presence. Her struggle seemed to be in vain when the Alpha actually looked happy with another Omega. Her heart throbbed with pain to the point that it felt like she wanted to die. Did Serry give up on her destiny? Or is it even more painful when a big fact that Alpha keeps is revealed? Take a look at the love story of werewolves of different statuses who struggle in the bonding destiny outlined by the Moon Goddess.

Unwanted Omega

Rapid footsteps could be heard along the halls of Seattle University. Everyone who happened to be reading and occupying a chair there, as well as those who were crossing the passage, were silent for a moment and stopped the step abruptly.

They choose to divert their attention from the book they are reading or the hallway they are walking on to an alluring Omega woman with green iris who looks very charming. They really couldn't ignore an Omega who was a descendant of the Benson family.

With the fact that the descendants of the Benson noble family invaded the retina. They desperately endured the screech of admiration. It is true that the Omega of one of Benson's descendants does look different. The definition is beautiful, charming, and elegant. It should be the center of attention, even if only with its rapid swinging pace along the aisle.

What they are focusing on is no longer interesting at this time. Don't miss the figure of Serry Benson, the Omega woman with a perfect body. Pheromones are similar to fresh roses, and strawberry fruits simply pollute their sense of smell. The sweet but intoxicating scent was carried away by the wind as Benson's descendants stepped faster as if rushing.

Big smiles, then they didn't realize they had done so when Serry looked confused because she was the center of attention along with her fast pace. The charming Omega returned their smiles one by one with a sweet curve that added to the perfect level on her face. No doubt, the more admiration they feel.

Benson's descendants don't just have a perfect face and physique. However, her good manners and ethics when dealing with other people are extraordinary. Shows that the descendants of Benson do have royal blood within them.

Serry pursed her lips as the last person she came into contact with gave a brief nod before smiling faintly. Omega then chuckled before looking straight ahead again.

Unexpectedly, her retinas lit up brightly, and her chest cavity was almost bursting with pleasure. She didn't even realize she was biting her lower lip when the room she was going to look at was not far away. Only a few meters remained, so she took her steps so fast that she almost ran. Omega wanted to quickly get to its destination.

The wind that blew in the afternoon should have chilled her because it was now winter. In addition, she only wore a red short-sleeved shirt tucked into black jeans, without any jacket or coat. In fact, she didn't feel the cold that should have pierced her skin because all she could feel right now was an immense sense of longing, and intense joy filling her chest cavity.

Serry stopped in her tracks that very second as a very familiar scent invaded her sense of smell. The smell of melted chocolate, citrus, and lavender, which was very manly and charming, hit her nostrils even more as she closed her eyes. Serry chuckled before starting to slowly and carefully walk towards the room she was aiming for.

The male smell indicates that the presence of Alpha is getting closer to her. Her fate was not far from her.

Business class for outstanding students is the goal today.

Instantly, Omega in Serry squealed happily, danced until she fell, and laughed happily when she realized that the longing that filled her chest cavity and made the tightness come would soon be released. Three days without seeing a handsome, sturdy, and tough Alpha figure. Without knowing the news from her soul mate, it made her miss not playing. If it weren't for the rugby tournament that required her Alpha to take part, she wouldn't be so exhausted.

Serry approached the window with her lower lip still biting. Her steps slowed until she stopped in front of the wood-framed glass, which was now up to her head. The charming Omega took a shaky breath as her bright-green iris actually found her Alpha in the classroom. The Alpha was sitting on a chair in the corner and was talking to the man's best friend. Not forgetting the tome, as well as the laptop on the table that is constantly displaying a diagram of the movement of the stock chart.

Her Alpha, named Addy, was really up there. Maybe he is working on an assignment or compiling a proposal for a business competition that Alpha usually participates in. His charcoal black hair that typically fell over his forehead was now neatly slicked back to reveal his firm, perfect forehead, of course adding to his handsomeness. Occasionally, the iris of his blue eyes, as deep as the ocean, looks like it is seriously writing on the book.

In that very second, Serry closed her eyes. Feelings of mixed emotions fill the chest cavity. Longing, warmth, relief, and joy become one. The Omega in Serry refrained from running into her Alpha class, then lunged at her Alpha with her longing embrace. Serry had to be patient because her goal was to go to the business major building only to see Addy's face, which she had missed so much.

Serry really knows that the time she has with her Alpha is limited because of the man's busy schedule. She had to be patient and wait until her Alpha had plenty of spare time before asking him out, just like any other werewolf pair.

Serry chuckled at her silly thoughts. She begins to realize if a faint blush begins to invade her cheeks again.

She opened her eyes again, kneaded her full lips, and then looked at someone inside there with a million deepest feelings she had. The Omega then quibbled, saying her Alpha name in full longing tones.

“Addy Durant... I missed you,” she said softly, as light as the wind. Then she walked away from there with a smile painted on her bright red lips.


Addy growled low. The Alpha then buried his ocean-deep blue iris between his eyelids as a scent similar to roses and strawberries invaded his sense of smell. The man lowered his head deeply. Trying hard to hold his already stiffened body from running outside to get the scent.

The owner of the blue iris took a deep breath.

He was desperately recovering all the nerves in his body to ignore the Alpha within him, who was roaring with anger for not wanting to follow his wishes immediately. The alpha inside him actually told him to run out of the classroom to get that intoxicating scent. Told him to meet and lunge at his Omega with a longing hug, and then bring the Omega in for a deep kiss. However, he really tried hard to ignore the passionate desire.

Because he did not intend at all to meet Serry and never waited for Omega to be near him.

The alpha took another deep breath before exhaling slowly. When he opened his eyes, he found his best friend staring at him coldly, as if there were chunks of ice stored in his emerald green iris. Addy clenched his jaw as his best friend spoke emphatically.

“Your Omega was outside our classroom. Your destiny is waiting for you to meet her. Then why are you still standing here and not rushing over to her?” asked Jovial, the emerald green iris Alpha asked sternly.

Addy answered the question with a loud snort. He snorted in annoyance before turning his gaze to the unfinished workbook. His fingers again scratched black ink on the paper that contained many math numbers.

Addy preferred not to answer and didn't care when Jovial kicked the table leg, causing a very loud thud. Jovial doesn't accept it if Addy ignores his question.

“What's your problem, Addy? Serry is my best friend and the Omega most wanted by all Alphas in our territory. But why do you even ignore it? You will regret it if one of those Alphas can win her heart!” said Jovial, furiously.

“Shut up!” Addy snapped so furiously that his jugular veins popped out.

Jovial flashed a smirk as Addy looked up, staring at him angrily with a completely hardened face. The blue irises as deep as the ocean gleamed with anger at his words. Addy's hands were clenched into fists as if he wanted to smack them tightly into his fists.

“Why? You're angry because you don't like it when I bring up another Alpha who is really attracted to your Omega. Then why don't you go out? Tell Serry if you love her and want her. You're not a cowardly Alpha, are you? Is that really your stature?” exclaimed Jovian emotionally.

“I never wanted her to be my Omega. So, get out of here because I'm so sick of your mouth talking about it!” cried Addy angrily.

“Okay. Let your stupid brain take over. I have to find many ways to melt your stubbornness, Addy. I already reminded. If you regret it someday, don't complain about it. Just so you know, I will not stand by if you continue to hurt Serry. I could beat you up right now. However, I know Serry will be sad to see her beloved Alpha full of stab wounds." Jovial was so angry that his face turned red.

Jovial stood up from his seat. He didn't hesitate to kick the chair he was sitting on, and it bounced quite far. He wants to show that he is really upset about the stubbornness of his best friend. Jovial snorted loudly before approaching the exit with wide strides. Leaving Addy, who was closing his eyes with a million emotions raging in his chest.

The Fastener Symbol is Missing

“Serry!” Jovial exclaimed when he saw that Omega, the woman who served as his childhood friend, was already behind the walls of the business lab.

“Jovial!” cried Serry, a little surprised. The beautiful Omega smiled brightly as her best friend gently tugged at her elbow. Her bright-green iris lit up when she found a friend whom she considered to be her own older brother, giving a smile as warm as the morning sun. The Omega chuckled sweetly as Jovial ruffled her hair fondly.

“You want to meet Addy? Go to the business lab, he doesn't have any schedule after this.”

“Really? Addy has no schedule after this?” asked Serry, trying to make sure the information from Jovial was correct.

“Yes. It's evening now. Our course was completed two hours ago, and we were just relaxing while doing business practicum tasks,” replied Jovial, as his eyes fell on Serry's relieved face in front of him.

Serry's face is getting happier, and her smile is getting


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